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    [H] <Stuck On Uldaman> 6/8H 10 man 9:30-12:30est LF Tank

    Current potential recruiting needs:

    1 tank with DPS offspec: Recruiting the player, not the class.

    1 DPS: Elemental Shaman or Enhancement Shaman would be ideal, but as always, we care more about the player being a fit than the class.
    1 Healer: Holy/Disc Priest would be ideal, but as always, we care more about the player being a fit than the class.

    Qualified applicants of all classes and specs will always be considered.

    <Stuck on Uldaman>
    Uldaman EST PVE
    Raid Times Tues - Thurs 9:30 - 12:30, Mon 9:30 - 12:30 (Mondays optional)

    <Stuck on Uldaman> was formed at the start of Cataclysm. The guild was started by a group of in-game friends who were all hardcore raiders. Our PvP wing includes exceptional players and multi-time Glads. We are working to create a less frustrating and low drama raid environment. We no longer have the time or desire to raid 30 hours a week. We are seeking like minded and experienced players.

    The intent was to create a guild that could progress in 10 man content without being full-on hardcore. Additionally, we will not carry bad players. With three raid nights a week, it is just not possible. Simply put, we want to clear content and do it in a reasonable amount of time.

    We kill content on our own time schedule but everything will die in hard mode. Various members killed all vanilla, BC and Wrath content while it was current, and obviously all Cataclysm content as well.

    Application by vent interview or, if you prefer, written application at http://stuck-on-uldaman.wowstead.com/. Speak to Bose or Jojothewhale in-game with any questions or for an interview. Feel free to ask anyone in guild for an Officer if none of us are on our mains.

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    Still looking for a tank, capable of kiting on Spine.

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    Still looking.

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    Weekend bump.

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    Need a tank who can kite on Spine. Once kiting is down the fight is dead so come join us for the end of DS.

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    Good morning - any tanks out there who know how to kite?

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    Oh hello there.

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    A tank. Kiting slimes. Get some.

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