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    Yes, it's really really needed. My action bars are 100% full on my operative and I don't have space for everything. I have to click stims in my bags, I can't bind individual crew skills... it sucks.

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    The game is fun, and they are indeed working on the bugs. But sakes alive, apart from the faction imbalance going unlooked into, no customization will be the thing that kills this game. The default is awful. I play on a large-size screen, and the way stuff is now hurts my eyes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Khanjin View Post
    I can't bind individual crew skills... it sucks.
    Um, crew skills are already key-bound, just like in wow. Ctrl-1, ctrl-2 etc
    Quote Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
    I can see the downside to a lot of them...
    I think it's more like, since they don't exist, you can't use them. If they were possible to use, you'd never use this pos layout. No one would.
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    I ran out of bar space at level 30 on my smuggler. Granted that's using the whole left sidebar for my companion, but there's a couple of abilities I like to toggle on and off, and if they allow you do use a bar for your companion, then you should be able to. How completely retarded is this game that they don't give you enough buttons for your abilities. My account is now longer active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenzing21 View Post
    I think it's more like, since they don't exist, you can't use them. If they were possible to use, you'd never use this pos layout. No one would.
    What I meant with that was that I can see the downside to a lot of the addons I normally use in WoW, how the developer are forced in to certain design decisions because of the addon, how it makes like so much easier to play the game that some of it's basic difficulty is removed and so on. Not saying I'm against added functionality to the UI (some like scale and movable elements are already fixed waiting to go in from what I could see in a promo vid), just that I can see why they are careful of adding to much or allowing addons the same way WoW has.
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    This was one of the issues that caused me to take a hiatus from the game for the time being. I still don't understand how things like macros and UI customization got glossed over during the production of SWTOR, you could easily say they are staples of the MMO genre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandpab View Post
    I don't really agree that there needs to be more action bars, but it would be nice if there was a way to position the bars and the unit frames where we wanted, and to be able to scale all the objects on the UI.
    It's on the way. In case some of you haven't scene this yet I'll link the video for upcoming features the next big patch.

    Although they don't make mention of more bars, it does seem that you will be able to move and adjust them and scale them how you want. I would like to see at least one or two more bars added though, since I like to keep my companion bar up, leaving me with one less. I think it would be an oversight on their part to not add more bars while they are adding this feature since so many people have issues with it.
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    i'd be happy with even minimal macros. i don't care so much that i can't chain abilities so much as being able to do a simple modifier on the keybind.

    something as simple as /use [nomod]ability1;[mod:alt]ability2
    would double my storage space, let alone mod ctrl and shift.

    but yeah, as a jedi guardian, i could seriously use some ability consolidation.

    i am curious how some of you megabind tho. my left hand rests on 1,2,3,4 and i can easily reach ` and 5 as well as q,w,e,r. with my thumb resting on left alt that gives me 20 keybinds i can handle easy. my right hand is ALWAYS on the mouse to be able to move fast (mouse tilt is bound to strafe). i am out of room for abilities vs keybinds and i am only 38. i *think* i can add d and f and be able to reach easily to give myself 4 more. *maybe* s with my middle finger. ring finger to 'a' would be clunky but perhaps.

    i guess i did buy this g700 with the idea of learning to train myself to use those extra buttons someday. no time like the present.

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