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    Use your brain and ask before needing. Simple really. And its easy to know which stats are for each class. "This guy might need this, better ask before mindlessly hitting Need!"
    This. Furthermore, a lot of people have companions that need the same stats. In the group I usually run with, the companions we all use most ALL want cunning, so me hitting need while others greed is, well, greedy.

    As a result we agreed this: if you need you need, if your pet needs you greed, if you don't need you pass.

    Anyway, ask your group. No servertranfers or crossrealmshit to clear you of a ninja reputation.

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    The answer is no but the point should be moot.

    Bioware should clearly have included a roll between need and greed just as Blizzard always should have had for offspec.

    Need/Offspec&Companion/Greed. How hard is that?

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    gearing up 5 companions, hellofa lot of material for massive amounts of grief and agony it seems. well if you like to grief people that is...

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    Well you could just go Wow style and go MS and OS .. companion OS obviously.

    Thats how i (we) do it.

    I mean if there is a dps that needs gear MS and u can also use it to increase stats of your companion .. the dps (ms) should get it ofc.

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    If no one in the group needs the item, then yeah, imo it's fine.

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    I always ask, if i can roll and thats if no one needs it for themselves. But if your a sith on a rp server you can claim its just being in character

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    I'd ask the group first before needing for my companion. Although, I believe companion needs trump general greed rolls anyday.

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    I always roll greed.

    If a comp can use it and I win, awesome. Otherwise I just gear them up with pvp gear =)

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