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    Guy rages about swtor

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    Lol Francis is so funny.

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    Oh, it's Francis. What a surprise.

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    people complain about everything.

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    Give a guy a leg he will want a arm. Nothing is perfect. Even if you made the perfect most awesome, balanced, graphically mastered people will still complain.

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    Just Francis, nothing to see here folks move along now..

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    Except francis does those rage vids on purpose.
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    Shit is this guy for real or is he joking? He's heading for a heart attack in his condition if its real.

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    you know that's a gag right? this is the same guy who did that act when he didn't get his beta invite....

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    Quote Originally Posted by FruitBat69 View Post
    Shit is this guy for real or is he joking? He's heading for a heart attack in his condition if its real.
    It's acting all his videos are raging.
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    Francis is my boy lol I love it when he gets his 2 lightsabers lolol hilarious beyond belief

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    I love boogie, he makes some pretty awesome videos. Also, this is the guy who had that pretty viral video of his wow account getting hacked and be bashed his keyboard. His stuffs pretty hilarious.

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    idk WTF this guys is talking about, all his points were pretty bad. bitching about dual spec between Marauder and Juggernaut?. bitching about nobody wants to heal cause its hard?(healer here and im loving it.)..... thats as far as i got before i closed the window.

    so im not sure if he is just trolling or actually being serious.

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    I know this guy is joking. Francis is one of his characters........

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    lmao Ive never seen this dude before I was rolling

    I love how easily he gets winded

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    Once I read the comments were Francis, I didn't even have to watch the video. But I will anyways!

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    Frances hilarious yet again

    P.S. He brings up some good points by the way, even though his video is meant to be over the top

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    What's funnier than the video are people think Francis is real. Where have you been for the last several years?
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    So Francis is upset that he quit WoW for a different game and it didn't have all the features that WoW has? You would think he would take a few seconds and make his bed before doing one of these videos, or maybe he messes it up purpose to go with the basement dweller image he is going for?

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