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    Totem Macros

    Hey guys, im not that great with coding/macros so I thought someone on here might be able to help me out, basically im looking for a macro that casts a certain totem if another is on CD, as an example I'll use searing and Fire Ele totems, so Im looking for a macro that'll drop a searing totem if the Ele is on cooldown, and it'll drop the Ele totem otherwise. More than once I've gimped myself by accidentally dropping Call of the elements(searing) while the Fire ele was still up >.<.

    If this is possible I'd love if someone could point me in the right direction.

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    This is not possible to accomplish with a macro.

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    I'm sorry but really... I cant see the time where this would come in handy?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mushroomkin View Post
    I'm sorry but really... I cant see the time where this would come in handy?!
    Its just more for convenience really lol.

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    One simple-ish fix to your greater issue is just to remove any Fire Totem from your Call of Elements layout. Then when you use the Call, it just replaces the other three and doesn't affect whatever Fire totem you have down.

    For the longest time, I've been using Dominos for my bar addon, and specifically using the Call bars to manage my totems, using Call of Elements as my actual totem summon, and using the other two as space for easy-to-click buttons for other totems or for situational swaps; my Strength of Earth and Stoneskin totems, for instance, one would be in my Call of Elements, the other in one of the other two, just so I could drag one to the other if raid buffs changed. This was, in retrospect, a terrible idea. I was removing my option of using the other two Calls. I've just gotten Flototembar and Bartender (I had other issues with Dominos with alt-keybinds for some reason that I didn't want to spend possibly hours diagnosing when usual suspects failed and Bartender 4 worked just fine in about 30 seconds of setup), and the combination should remove any similar issue, letting me have one four-totem call and another without the Fire totem slot filled.

    This will be advantageous because with my old (bad) system, I just ran without a Fire totem on any fight where I'd have the same issue you describe, I'd need two GCDs to re-drop my full 4 totems. I was managing this by trying to change it out every fight, but it'll be easier just to have a second keybind for the second totem set and never worry about that again.

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    Indeed, as Endus said. You can just use different Calls set up with Searing Totem + SoE/Stoneskin + Healing Stream/Tranquil Mind + Wrath of Air/Windfury (depending on raid buffs) and another with Fire Elemental + Earth Elemental + Water + Air, and a third with some other buff set up if you want.

    I personally just use those 2. Cast the first one pre-fight, replacing Searing in combat, I then use the second when I want my Elementals. I then use the first call when Elementals are running out to place Searing + my Earth buff back down (or I just cast Searing on its own if I dont need the earth buff, as a single totem has a lower GCD than one of the 3 calls), and only use the first call again to refresh my air and water totems. If you summon your Elementals in a call, not only is it more DPS because you dont need 2 globals to summon them both, but it also refreshes your Water and Air totem too so you won't need to refresh your totems early and accidentally overwrite your Elementals.

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    You have three calls to work with, so there's a lot of freedom in totem popping, as long as you don't waste any of them on lazy things like having one setup with Wrath of Air and one setup with Windfury. I use one setup for Searing + HST + buff totems, one to pop both elementals, and one to refresh Searing Totem and Healing Stream Totem.
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    Macros aren't allowed to check if something is on cooldown.

    Try to use:
    /castsequense Searing Totem
    /cast Greater Fire Elemental

    or something like this should work. BUT it will place a searing totem if you press it twice (after global cooldown is finished). There is nothing in the game to protect your fire elemental from being replaced by a searing. I have never really looked at this as a problem since I play enhancement, but I don't think there exists any macros/addons which can protect it either.
    So this macro could possibly reduce your actionbar usage by 1 less button, but you will still have the same problem.

    Just click your elementals if you're enhancement
    If you're elemental, why don't you just bind your elementals and click your shitty totem?
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