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    Hyjal and Black Temple updates

    The Attunement page is now updated with the Black Temple attunement.

    I also created all the boss pages in the left menu, only the loot tables are available for the moment, some items are missing (when they're not available on wowhead mostly), it will be fixed asap. I'll list the movie ... well, soon.

    Menu also include both instance maps, the Black Temple medium resolution map is used, if you want to get the other resolutions they're still here (and I probably won't link them anymore, save the URL somewhere) :

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    Re: Hyjal and Black Temple updates

    They removed the attunement requirements for The Eye and Serpentshrine Cavern.

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    Re: Hyjal and Black Temple updates

    But ... But ... I used so much of my love to write them

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    Re: Hyjal and Black Temple updates

    I feel the love, Boubouille...but...it's not your time.

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    Re: Hyjal and Black Temple updates

    We got Pendant of Titans from reliquary of souls a few days ago.
    I dont know if it also drops from Mother Shahraz, but i dont think so

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    Re: Hyjal and Black Temple updates

    woot for the movie

    *grabs popcorn*

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    these where the days

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    This is one hell of a bump. :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strafer View Post
    This is one hell of a bump. :S
    Best bump ever imo. Black Temple was a fun raid. I miss those days. And Mount Hyjal too. When Ret was absolutely OP after 3.0 hit (I think it was 3.0. Anyway, it was the patch that combined healing spell power and damage spell power into one and nerfed all the BC raids), I remember going back into Hyjal on my ret pally and going from the worst dps in the raid to the top dps lol. Great memories.
    Quote Originally Posted by Azidonis View Post
    Anyway, their egos, or "epeens" (electronic penises) aside, here are a few links that may help:

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