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    I don't know if it's an individual server issue, but I sure hope the few dailies not working on Ilum and Belsavis are fixed.

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    This is what you get to eat if you buy the game in its first month.
    MMOs in their first month suck.

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    I also like how they have yet to tell us what these "issues" are. Like someone before me said, I got a feeling they aren't telling use the specifics of these "issues" in case they can't fix them or screw them up even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazomir View Post
    This is what you get to eat if you buy the game in its first month.
    MMOs in their first month suck.
    weird i thought we were into the 2nd month now.... seeing as i was charged

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    I'd feel more sympathetic to some of the annoyance if I didn't think that this thread would be filled with just as much complaining if bioware had informed people by sending a masseuse as a courier to tell you and give you a free massage.
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    Sounds like repeatedly looting a chest from a Raid boss, and being able to bring more than 16 people into an Operation is a pretty game breaking exploit, that needs to be fixed immediately. I am however quite unhappy about the timing of this patch. If people exploiting the loot in raids was the reason they had to do emergency shut down, I hope some bans go out.
    hey dude newsflash, it was from the 24, it already happend.

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    Sorry that Bioware is having maintenance when it isn't convenient for you.
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