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    operative , dont even try assasin.Dont care about nerf , it's not a big deal for operative.

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    operative atm

    thumpthump dead SKILL CRUISE CONTROL

    dunno what they'll be like after the nerf tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blimey View Post
    operative atm

    thumpthump dead SKILL CRUISE CONTROL

    dunno what they'll be like after the nerf tho
    Against players who have a bit of expertise and know how to use their defensive cooldowns, we should never win. We only win if we crit every single spell or if you do something wrong.

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    Ops have bigger burst than assassins in general. Still, being ganked by those classes give you enough time to turn and fight back. Plus, for your information, both classes are heavily gear depended to do enough damage to burn in one stunlock
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    i lvled jedi shadow to 30 and didnt like pvping on it at all. now iam having a lot more fun with operative (yes! imp reroller!). from my perspective it does a lot better. and offtopic bright side - operative's arc is more interesting too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalantia View Post
    Don't bother, you're not going to be able to get the drop on leveling player characters out in the world. With only a couple of exceptions, shared planets are instanced.
    The only shared planets that are separate is Taris and Balmorra. All of the others are open for both sides, you just have to go out of your way to their mission locations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazertrooper View Post
    people would be so pissed off to get knocked off the balloon i bet.
    Oh God. This is the ultimate troll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asharia View Post
    Contrary to popular belief, Ops dont win 1v1. Unless they're attacking a low level, and stacking all sorts of buffs.

    Since the biochem changes and the 50s only bracket, Ops no longer kill people during the stun. Once you trinket and create a gap, you win. The Ops can never get to you, just run away and throw whatever ranged dmg you have on them.

    Imo, sorc/sage would be a better 'ganker'. They have everything. High dmg, heals, lots of CC, crazy mobility.
    My Op gets people to 20% for the duration of my stun. After that they have no chance realistically.

    Stealth is the best PVP weapon out there... it does more damage than any ability you could have. They don't see you coming. You're fighting other mobs. Or they're just not ready for a PVP encounter in general.

    Minding your own business out in the world, the operative/scoundrel, have the biggest hard hitters and the biggest WTF! effect possible. I mean if you are expecting it you can get away like you say, but realistically that's never the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assassination13 View Post
    Oh God. This is the ultimate troll.
    Bioware already does that to people

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    In lesser gear operatives are better, in full pvp gear assassins are better. Assassins scale with gear rly rly well, in full champion gear they can open with a 6k - 5k - 5k, imagine what they could do in battlemaster gear

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    Assasin ofcourse, the natural backstabber.

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    Btw, intelligent people don't use the baloon. They bring a mate with knockback and get up on the sandcrawler that way (it works - i've done it. Youtube it. Duel, get the angle right, and get your mate to run through you and jump, and hit knockback, and they will land on the bottom lip of a sort of slanting part at the side of the sandcrawler, same direction the balloon approaches from. Even better, if they are powertech, they can pull you up after.)
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    Assasins are owning Lvl 50 PvP atm
    At least on my server -seems to be 5-6 in a BG everytime

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    Operatives have the better burst. Assassins/Shadows have good utility and some burst as well, though if you want quick hit and runs I'd go with Op.

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    As a vanguard assassins don't phase me nearly as bad as ops do atm. Im still not uber geared though (400 expertise)

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    One thing everyone seems to have forgotten are companions. If you're going to gank someone who's out there leveling, they're going to have their companion out and you can have yours. By far the best way of winning in that case is to nuke down the other player's companion and he'll be stuck fighting "2v1": if he tries to kill your companion, you get free DPS time while he also gets damaged by the companion and wastes resources on him, if he goes after you you'll be gaining the extra damage or healing from your companion.

    If you get the jump on the other guy, it's very easy to burst down a companion with almost any class, especially since you can take a burst DPS companion with you and open at the same target. Companions also don't have player defenses like resolve.

    An operative would be the best class for this as no companion can take their stealth opener, especially if the burst is helped by a DPS companion.

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