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    Combat seems a lot more fluid...

    Is it just me or the combat a lot more responsive now since the maintenance?

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    Only played 2 pvp matches but I didn't noticed anything huge, the patch before had more improvement imo.

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    Noticed a slight improvement in using Deadly Saber (off gcd skill), but I wrote that off to placebo.

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    They didn't change anything about the combat during this maintenance, OP, unless it was a stealth change.
    The only thing stated in the patch notes that they did was:
    "Improved service to reduce the number of player disconnections to the character selection screen."

    The change you're most likely experiencing was in patch 1.1.0b, which was implemented on the 24th:
    "Significantly improved the delay when activating player abilities, particularly when in lower framerate situations. This allows for improved ability responsiveness in hectic combat situations"
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    No changes were announced this maintanence. Doesn't necessarily mean nothing happened, but I doubt it.
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    The changes helped me, i dont got ability delay anymore. think its the one who got released early this week.

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    I haven't noticed anything different. Combat feels the same to me.

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    Nop, if anything it got worse for me. Force shroud now won't go off 2/3 of the time, up from 1/10 or so, same for my 'trinkets'.

    ALSO under high FPS circumstances (50-60), btw.

    And they DID say they changed some issues that caused ability delay in the notes.

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    Abilitys seem to respond beter, but i noticed that my companion passive function doesnt work with 1 click .. i have to click it few time to get m to follow.

    But overall characters respons great .. thats the beauty about this game and can make it big ... good responding and fluid controls.

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