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    Shadow Damage Confusion

    So this week I spent level my priest 81-85, bought the 377 blue pvp gear to do the new heroics, Managed to grab some gear through lfg and lucked my way into getting a few pieces while I did 8/8 DS lfr. As I continue to do heroics even with my new gear, while I admit not all enchants/gems are top end my dps still seems shitty. I unfortunately don't have any raid logs at the moment but I do like 25-26k in a heroic, which I could see if I was just playing incorrectly at this ilvl; but even running my gear through Simcraft seems to put me at 26.9k.

    I guess I'm just trying to figure out what the issue is. Is shadow just that gear dependent or am I just ignorant about something. To be honest I guess I expected to be a little closer to my normal dps on my mage and dk that are in a little better, but similar gear.


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    Multi-DoT where you can, that will make your damage shoot up.

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    I know this, but that means nothing on a Patchwerk style fight to which dps is generally measured.

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    The closest thing to a Patchwerk style fight in the current tier would be Ultraxion, so I guess you can just maximize things by making sure your DoTs will last the duration of being out of phase+cast time, or re-apply beforehand. I believe a Macro to Shadow Word; Death + Extra ActionButton could also help. Using Dispersion whilst you're phased out to ensure you don't waste as much time DPSing can also help, if you do need mana.

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    What do you expect to be doing with 377 blue PvP gear? I think 26K sounds not too shabby when you are in pretty awful gear. Not to mention that I have no idea what buffs were present for the encounters you were doing.

    To give you some comparison, I don't get DI or 10% sp or 5% spell crit and I can do about 33 to 35K on ultraxion and I'm in 395. So if you're in 377, that seems roughly right.

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