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    SWTOR Healing problems.

    Has anyone else noticed that healers in SWTOR get an unusual amount of arggo when healing? When I'm in a group as soon as I cast 2-3 heals I get almost all the arggo from any mob the tank isn't actively hitting. Does anyone else have this problem or is just me? BTW I even get arggo when I use my arggo reducing ability too which is why I'm baffled.

    On top of that not having macros sucks. It's already a challenge sometimes too heal and then having all the mobs attacking the healer because arggo is unusual high doesn't help this games healer problem all that much >.>

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    healing seems fine to me(operative healer), im lvl 50 and done almost every single FP and Op and i dont have that problem. when ever i pull agro i just pop my shields or agro dump and its back to normal.

    so maybe your tanks are not every good or u are using your big heals way to much and pulling unnecessary agro.

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    AOE tanking in SWTOR isn't all that great, but that's what Guard is for. Ask your tank for it. Other than that you really shouldn't get aggro, then it's a tank issue. I've tanked, and I'm being tanked for now, also in hardmodes, and the healer does NOT get aggro.

    Work more with marks and make sure the tank does not focus having aggro on normal or even strong mobs; those should be prioritized by the DPS. It's okay if a dps has aggro off those, with half a brain and their cc abilities and fast nukes this should be NP at all.

    Good luck!

    PS. I also heard they're gonna give tanks more AOE threat, though I can't find the source right now.

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    I usually run with tanks from my guild, and I don't grab aggro unless my tank misses a mob. The few times I've pugged, this hasn't been an issue either.
    That being said, I can easily heal tank off my companions when need be, so we do pull a fair bit of threat.

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    The two situations healer aggro should be an issue are:

    Early game before tanks get a threat "stance" especially if you as a healer are DPSing whilst healing.

    The tank doesn't bother to tag mobs. Whilst you may get hit once or twice by regular mobs, any more than that means both the tank and the DPS aren't doing their job(DPS should be focusing down weaker mobs unless they are strongs/elites CCed)

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    If your heals are pulling aggro then your tank is failing. Simple as that. I ran a few flashpoints with a mate who recently made the switch from WoW to SWTOR and he is still struggling. He is used to being able to run in and mash one or two buttons without worrying about threat/adds and in SWTOR, at least at the moment, he can't do that.

    If you're stuck with a bad tank I've found it's much easier to tell them to just tank the strongs/golds on aoe packs and tell your DPS to smash the weaks. It will make your job much easier even with terrible tanks.

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    Guard is NOT for healers. It has a 15 yd range and it's best suited for a melee DPS.

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    I think your problem's more with tanks than your own aggro. A single hit from a tank should keep a mob occupied a long while and when you know what you're doing, you can tag them all up pretty fine. Also, most mobs that are too spread out for a tank to grab are easily killable, so your DPS should just be burning them down in the first few seconds (hell, in pre-50 flashpoints, I usually killed those off as a SI tank with a stun>tumult just to get rid of them)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EviLm0nk3y View Post
    Has anyone else noticed that healers in SWTOR get an unusual amount of arggo when healing? When I'm in a group as soon as I cast 2-3 heals I get almost all the arggo from any mob the tank isn't actively hitting. Does anyone else have this problem or is just me? BTW I even get arggo when I use my arggo reducing ability too which is why I'm baffled.
    Yea threat is ment to be an issue in this game. Similar to WoW before vengeance or the 500% threat buff. The tank will have to do more then a single aoe (will have to "actively hit") to keep threat off a healer...

    But at the same time, the dps can tank appropriate focus targets without as much issue (getting one shot) as in WoW.

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    In mid level instances like Cademimu, I take more damage as healer than the tank usually. With so many ranged enemies that you encounter, I don't see how a tank charging in is supposed to pick them all up before I need to cast a single heal. And the instant I cast that first heal every single untouched ranged mob turns on me, sometimes it's up to 4 guys at once, just like that. Then it's a game of keeping myself alive moreso than the tank, or having to LoS them, which can be a whole other problem when you're supposed to be healing teammates.

    I generally find tanks don't care too much about picking up every mob. At least it's nice when DPS get the extras so I can concentrate.

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    Healing as a BH mercenary is a little annoying as i instantly get aggro from kolto shell on the tank

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    Seems more like it's just healers getting that initial agro because the tank hasn't hit it yet. With nobody else on its agro table yet it's going to attack the healer. It's just tanks that need to pick them up quicker.

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    I always get aggro from ranged mobs while healing. Seems like tanks had it easier in other MMOs for holding threat

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    I know the urge is to heal the tank the minute his health dips below 100%, but I find it much safer for myself if I wait until he's at least put a hit out on the mobs. Also, if you notice a lot of mobs shooting at you, you can try LoSing them so they run closer/towards the tank. As someone who also tanks, it's not a matter of the tank being bad. There are a lot of ranged mobs that don't get caught in the tank's initial aoe when they charge in. Depending on how fast I pull and whether my aoe taunt is on CD, I have to spend at least a few GCDs taunting/grappling/hitting the ranged mobs that I haven't been able to hit initially. And those will shoot at the healer if a heal goes off before that happens. Ideally though, you'd run with some DPS who aren't braindead and will target the weak ranged mobs while the tank ensures priority aggro on the strong/elite mobs so the healer is never a target even on the initial pull.

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    Guard has a 30 yard range and it is great for healers when people start max/min dps then dps will get but lower levels heals>dps, As long as you're not healing a ton at pulls and your tank does not "tag" you will not pull.

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    Guard's application has a 30 yard range, Guard's protection has a 15m range. I know it's counterintuitive, but it's how it works.

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    Heh maybe i should read the tooltip, i generally dont notice when it falls off i am bounty hunter tanking and unless its a boss or a big guy i generally just stay in flame range. My brother is heals and uses revel and we 2 man the flashpoints so i have not delt with dps aside from revel who btw is a beast dps. Being able to pull and charge and range taunt/ range dps makes it really easy for BH to hold ranged threat. Death from above is also a great way to pull ranged.

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    Ive tried a little bit of healing as BH, and i found that aggro has alot to do with how skillfull your tank is, ive tried running around in panick trying to get out of sight of mobs trying to kill me instead of the tank, and ive tried healing tanks that had mobs stick to them like they where covered in crazy glue. Tanking seems to take alot more skill in this game than most people are used to, and that leaves a huge gab between people who can tank and people who cant. basicly tanking is not about being a punching bag anymore, and more about being the guy who can piss off and control mobs more than everyone else in the group.

    My first reaction when trying BH healing was "PEWPEWLAZERHEAL!!!!"

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    Just dont try to keep them topped off, no Trash hits insanely hard that you need to constantly spam heal them from the first second they engage the mobs to keep them alive.The only trash ive found moderarly hard hitting is the groups of mandos in FE and the acklays in EV, and after a bit of gearing they get much easier.

    If they do then you probably arent Ccing properly or your tank is in level 40 greens your your d00med to failure!

    I've not found healing a problem, though this is my first MMO healing i've healed in PVP, through mutiple runs of all the hard mode dungeons and an EV only on easy peasy mode. Maybe its because i've not had the luxury of Mouse over macros etc too make like super easy for me, but even as a begineer healer ive not found it to be too much of a challenge, the only boss remotely challenging as a Commando medic is the Droid boss in Kaon.
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    It's like any mmo.... I always pull from bad tanks, and I have to do extra work when adds spawn because they can't pick them up..

    Other then that, the only real problem's I see are the ability lag, and our aoe threat drop doesn't seem like it drops that much.

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