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    Tanks should only be tanking strong/elite mobs. DPS should be nuking down weak mobs.
    Not sure about all tank classes but as Sith Assassin I have 3 AOE attacks (Discharge, Wither, cleave) I can open with plus 2 or 3 ranged attacks just to get initial hits on everything, no to mention taunt. At no point should anything be left alone to attack the healer.
    Also there is no block/parry penalty for turning your back on mobs in this game so there's no problem running about a bit as tank to hit mobs.

    I use Guard on melee dps usually

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    If you've ever healed in Aion than you know how bad it can be. I don't find it too bad in SW:TOR. Yes you do often get initial aggro on a lot of ranged attackers but if your DPS and tanks are good then it's only for a little while at the start. Threat generated by heals isn't too bad really, and you should be able to handle a couple of normal or strong mobs. Others should never be on you if the tank does his job.

    Those saying Guard on healers. That's really often useless as Guard only has 15m range. It's also much better on a melee DPS because tanks have enough issues to hold aggro as is.

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    It doesnt matter if you have aggro from weak mobs, they deal little to no dmg. But if an elite or strong mob is attacking you, the tank is doing something wrong.

    I healed yesterday a couple of hm fp's and had no aggro problems at all. And thus far, i like the healing. In WoW it is 90% aE Heal spamm...while in swtor the good old classsic feeling , atleast for me, is there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eroz View Post
    Guard is NOT for healers. It has a 15 yd range and it's best suited for a melee DPS.
    Not true. I always Guard the healer. I can hold Aggro off the DPS as long as they Focus my target. DPS also have stuns and interrupts to help them kill the weaks/strongs while I get the Champions/Elites. If DPS do their job right, they don't need Guard. Having the healer stay within 15 yds of me is no big deal either.

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    Healing aggro seems fine as long as your spec'd right and are not stupid (like topping off the tank 1 second after he engages).

    There are some areas where mechanics are such that, as a healer, I tend to get some aggro ... like turrets on the first boss of EV when we are single tanking it ... or the Droid trash on the way to the second boss if the tank is lazy and doesn't run all over to pick them all up.

    Outside of those types of situations, healing aggro seems pretty much none-existent as long as *somebody* hits the ads on the way in :-)

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    At least it's nice when DPS get the extras so I can concentrate.
    Well, they are supposed to. Weak > Strong > Elites should be their priority order. Weak mobs die fast but when you have 5 attacking you, they will deal more damage than an elite.
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    I've had very little problem so far with the healing agro. I tend to run with guild tanks though so that's probably why, I know that agro is a bit more of an issue though then it was back in WoW, there are times when I'll just have to deal with a Weak unit or two on my own until the tank or the DPS can get around to it. Some of our guild runs tend to eventually just devolve into a free for all. Especially the new instance, I get to deal with zombies ALL the way through! Fortunately as a Mercenary I can pop my shield or just Jet Boost them away

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