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  • march

    50 19.01%
  • april

    68 25.86%
  • may

    50 19.01%
  • june

    46 17.49%
  • july

    49 18.63%
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    For me its between march 1st and 30th of april. If it is released later in may and so on its already summer and not early 2012.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthaxx View Post
    1st of Soontober 20SOON.
    That's pretty soon me thinks!

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    A friend of mine heard it got pushed back to the fall of this year.....
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    I think it's April, I just don't know which year... -.-

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    march ! they canceled blizzcon! so it`s comming faaaaaaaaast!

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    later than july.

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    slightly before pandaria is out.

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    I concur with the around xmas folks. They seem to be ripping it apart again. Also, I seem to remember a feeling of Diablo 2 being about to release; then being ripped apart for another year delay. Don't care to do any research to confirm that, it's just a vague feeling from a time long past my memory's ability to recall.

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    too bad april 1 is sunday... it would be a perfect day to troll everyone going to the store to buy D3.
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    I think they're aiming for March but will miss the deadline by a few days/weeks, so April.

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    - That way we're still in '12

    Quote Originally Posted by Synbaby View Post
    A friend of mine heard it got pushed back to the fall of this year.....
    A friend of mine said that Blizzard is shutting down. He also said that the moon landing never happened, and that Santa is real.

    See where I'm going with this?
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    January... 2013...

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    Interestingly enough, (lol, ign) states that it's coming out March 31, 2012. Not saying they have any credibility, just saying.

    I'm guessing sometime Q3 of this year. Honestly, I don't care. I'm not that interested in it. But to each their own.

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    Late march. Today it will be announced.

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    Tbh, I was hoping for March, but we're way into February now so... I don't know anymore. Well, March is Mass Effect's launch too so I would have played that instead of Diablo anyway so... all is good in the end

    My vote: April?... ish...?

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    I was hoping for March, but with no announcement and it being February sadly i am suspecting it will be May or June.

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    I think it'll be in either late March or early April. Hopefully I'm wrong and they decide to release it tomorrow. :3

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    March 12th, cuz my boss is on furlough that week)

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