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    Thoughts on a hybrid build


    What do you guys think? I'm trying to get as much mobility as I can for pvp but still do some decent dmg. thoughts?

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    i'd say its a waste to lose Saber storm, thats 30% extra crit dmg without it i doubt you can even get the 2.5k dmg medal, for PvP i'd say go Focus, the force dmg from "Force Sweep" is immense, + its an AoE and can hit up to 5 targets at once. i'm a Battlemaster Marauder and i've tried all specs but i find Rage/Focus to be the best for PvP, sure Annihilation/Watchmen is useful for a shorter charge and lower cooldown on the interrupt but i find the damage lacking in burst. Sure you are squishy but you have camoflage and that "last stand" type of ability which is mostly enough for a quick getaway. Why take both Ataru Form and specc into Shii-Cho? no this specc wont work at all..

    for pure pvp purposes i'd use

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