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    Show them how much money they will save by getting healthier food instead of stuff that just happens to be quick and fast aka junk food. If their health and well being doesn't matter, I'm sure the amount they would save could. Get price tags, find out how much food costs per month on what you get now vs what you could get that's better. You can make food that lasts a few days easy to feed your entire family instead of ordering shit every day that costs 3x as much.

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    i don't see anything wrong with eating fast food
    Generally, 'fast foods' contain extremely high amounts of salts, staggering amounts of carbohydrates, low amounts of vitamins, minerals (save table-salt) and protein (save fat).

    Now; what your body actually really needs is: Large amounts of protein, relatively small amounts of carbs, absolutely no added salt, lots of minerals and vitamins, and little fat. And don't forget your anti-oxidants.
    Meaning: You want to eat lots and lots of vegetables, red meat and fish and fruits. You do NOT need potatoes, rice, bread, corn etcetera. Beans are good, though.
    Also: You do NOT want too much soy in your diet. Soy is really quite bad for you; it blocks sexual hormone receptors, and soy products are absolutely laden with toxins like Round Up and such. In addition to that, the protein you get from soy is hard for the human body to process, while protein from animal products is very easy to use.

    Cook your vegetables well (but not too well), eat your meat fresh and undercooked/smoked/cured (just heat it to kill the bugs, but don't cook it all the way through) and eat acidic fruits like blueberries, rasberries, blackberries and such.

    I personally believe much of this wiki article:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sliplocke View Post
    This is the misinformation that has been spread for years, just b/c you work out or stay somewhat active doesn't mean you aren't at risk and it doesn't give you the go ahead to eat anything you want. We are organic beings, we fall under the same premises that govern the rest of the world, eat something harmful often enough, you will pay the piper.
    Just because you eat healthy doesn't mean you're not at risk either. You're always at risk. Did I say the food wasn't bad for you? No, so I don't see the point of your post at all. The only thing I said is don't blame being a fucking fatass on fast food, since it isn't the only variable.

    "Fast food isn't bad because it makes you fat" Read that again, wow. You know what that sentence says? It's bad because of other reasons.

    When you want to try to seem educated, at least read the post you respond to properly.
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    Just tell them to excercise, they can still eat like pigs

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootyadead View Post
    Honestly, unfortunately it usually takes something bad to happen to cause people to change bad habits.
    I agree with this. I myself drink average 4 litres of Coke every day and not slowing down even though I'm worried that something will happen sooner or later. It's unlikely since I'm barely adult but yeh..
    What do rogues and noobs have in common?

    -They both pick locks

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