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    Prot: 2pc and landslide

    Finally got my 2pc since i had to stopped raiding with my guilds core group, and i've heard some talk about using landslide for a bigger absorb shield from the 2pc bonus, so is anyone doing this? or keeping with windwalk?

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    I'm using landslide just to parse as protadin. But yeah, judgement shield improove works too.

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    I can't see it being a huge improvement to be honest. Even if you manage to get 2 judgements off during each LS proc (which is a pretty weak assumption to begin with), its not going to give you as much as you would hope. The AP coefficient on Judgement is really low, and its scaled down further since the shield is only 20% of the damage done.

    Ultimately, you're going to be better off with the occasional bonus dodge, or even a heal proc from mending, over landslide. The only reason for going to LS would be to give your raid a bit more dps, but its still going to be a pretty small benefit.

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    In essence, most people who go with Landslide over Windwalk is because they're all feeling that Windwalk is starting to be a bit dated more so than for the absorbs.

    Yes, I still stick by my general theory is absorbed damage is damage not taken even if it is weak; and the same argument can be made of of the <2% dodge that you're going to get. However, the proc from Windwalk is up less often and who's to say that you even make use of that dodge when it procs.

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    The gain from Landslide to Judgement especially after the 20% is pathetic.

    Kurzior is right that even Mending or one of the Wrath or TBC enchants would be better. Hell, +25 hit/+25 crit would be superior.
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    The effect Landslide will have on the bubbles will be in the three digits if hit during a proc. Not very impressive that is. The choice between the poor enchants (Landslide vs Windwalk) is basically a miniscule and rather unimportant dps increase (what is it, a 300 dps increase?) vs a miniscule and rather unimportant dodge increase (0,8% averaged out). You could enchant Beastslaying for the glow and it wouldn't make a meaningful difference, sadly.

    If you want to OPTIMIZE defensively, choose Windwalk. If you want to OPTIMIZE offensively, choose Landslide. But know that it won't matter in the end.

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