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    Maybe you have finished the latest planets a bit to quick, so you ended up in Belsavis early in game. When you start doing all them q's available there + your classquests, you should be allright with getting to level. If you don't have enuf lvl yet to move to new area, just go do some Flashpoints. For sure you will gain half a level if you do 1 or 2 flashpoints (depends on how long they are)

    Also, these Flashpoints reset every day for you, so you can do them every day untill your level is high enuf to move to new area.

    Also, doing Spaceship-missions make you xp.

    I had a bit of the same, at 42 I found it becomming a bit harder then the whole run upon that bit, but it was because my level was just a tat to low for the area. Also, at this point I got fed up with questing, but smelling the lvl50 made me go on, and now I am happy I pulled through, cuz at 50 it's lots fo fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakia View Post
    I tend to PvP a lot in TOR. I never liked it in WoW, but love it in TOR for some reason. It hasn't seemed to hinder me as of yet.
    Right, that was aimed at the OP (he said he didnt care for WZ much). If you dont mind PVP (I love it too) then its not much of a hinderance. Just gotta be aware to make up for the 40 splurge you are gonna have to do a bunch of WZ between 40-50 to make up for the loss, thats all.

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    I dinged 50 halfway through Belsavis, I didn't PVP at all, and only did each flashpoint once or twice. I did do quite a few ship dailies but other than that it was just a matter of clearing every quest (including heroic ones) with every bonus quest and all the bonus zones until Hoth. The only people that I've met who ended up under levelled are those who skipped content.

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