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    Smile World PvP Video! (First Attempt)

    Hey guys! My guild went out for some world pvp in Illum the other day, so I decided to take a crack at making a fraps video out of it. This is my first attempt at using fraps or sony vegas pro, or uploading to youtube in general! I think everything turned out pretty well, and I had a lot of fun making it.

    Unfortunately the video is a "bit" laggy due to the insane amount of players on screen at once, but this is more of a test run than anything else. Just want to get a feel for what people like, and ways I might be able to improve for future videos. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the vid!


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    Nice video, despite the lag. Hopefully they fix that lag in Ilum because the world PVP is really fun and deserves to be fluid too.

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    I really wish BioWare had focused on competitive Rated PvP, rather than just open world "PvP" where a bunch of people run into another bunch of people for no reason
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    Welcome to the film making industries! Ilum, sadly does not make for very good pvp videos. Lag is one thing, but the battles are big and its hard to show any thing impressive or that people can't feel like they do for themselves

    this movie is more like a preview of what you will see in ilum. If you want to make a pvp movie people enjoy watching, you should try to keep to smaller fights. for example you can go with one dps buddy and attack bigger groups of noobs, or just go solo. the smaller fighst are much easier to catch on film, and you won't have all the lag.

    Hutball might also work nicely as a place to gather movie footage, as you can do unnusual and funny things as a team.

    In general tho, if you want to make something impressive, you should film over a few weeks atleast, and make a short movie of max 5-10 mins, so it's not too long and every clip is something special or funny. But that might be for next time, now that you have the hang of the general process of recording, editing and uploading

    Good luck on further movies, hope i didn't sound too mean, I know the fun feeling of making a pvp video, and I hope you manage to keep that innto the next ones.

    EIDT: also, don't edit out your UI, makes people think you are hiding that you are a clicker :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadylol View Post
    I really wish BioWare had focused on competitive Rated PvP, rather than just open world "PvP" where a bunch of people run into another bunch of people for no reason
    Dont worry man.They already said they will soon add Rated Warzones.I am looking forward to it.

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    Thanks for the link Xarim and I appreciate the tips Tempus. I was going for a movie-esque type of feel with the hidden UI, but the lag kind of ruined it lol. It was good practice though for my next vid, that will most definitely feature lag free warzones.

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    Trying to see what people like, so I posted another quick video. I've learned that people in general really do NOT like laggy videos. This is a quickly edited huttball match I just played. I play at 2560x1600 resolution which is 16:10, but have to convert to 1080 or 720 which is 16:9. So I can crop to show no UI, or I can leave the black bars on the sides of the video. Which do you guys prefer? Any comments/critiques would be really helpful.

    Also frapsed this video at half quality to eliminate lag, but half quality of 2560x1600 should still be able to do 720p... hopefully, we'll see lol.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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