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    Upgrade beta client or reinstall

    Hey just wondering if its possible to just start up and patch the beta client or do you need to reinstall the new client?

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    Depends on which Beta client you have. If it was the "open" stress test weekend you should be good to go. Otherwise, re-install.

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    Just reinstall it. A lot of people have problems with it, and the best way to avoid having any problems is just to start from a clean slate.
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    I am using the open beta client with no problem at all....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gms View Post
    I am using the open beta client with no problem at all....
    Same here. I have not had a single issue with crashes or FPS drops or stuttering or any of the other major issues that I have heard about anywhere and have never re-installed since the stress test weekend.

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    I agree with Vizzle. While many have not had issues upgrading from the Nov. 25 beta client, I'd suggest a fresh install. If nothing else, it ensures there isn't extra amounts of data laying around that is unneeded.

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