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    Dentist who used paper clips gets year in jail


    Guy put's dozens of people in pain to increase his profits, steals 130000$ from medicaid, writes illegal prescriptions and intimidates witnesses yet only gets 1 year in state prison. What in the hell is wrong with that judge...
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    He now lives near me, I may have to pay this bastard a visit...

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    This jackass probably won't even be sent to anything more then a locked in country club.

    Which is why Cases like this are good examples of why I wish we had more capital punishment in our country.

    I really hope he gets sent somewhere where the inmates will rip out his teeth just so they have an easier time skull f#cking him.
    The way balancing for WOW PVP works is allot like American politics.
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    I wonder how much he payed the judge.

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    Ugh, without knowing details 1 year seems like a slap in the face
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    Dude we are a world leader in refugee intake. You need to get your facts straight.

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