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    [Non-hate] Why I quit playing SWTOR

    Hello, my fellow SWTOR players. I am here to talk about why I quit playing SWTOR today
    After playing MMORPG's for over 8 years of my life (I am currently 19 years old), I just had a sudden realization on why I just can't stand these type of games anymore. End game is just far too dull for me to be excited about anymore. Reason being? Anything you get on the newest content will be replaced in a few months. It could be gear, titles, achievements, pets, mounts etc. Now if you are a hardcore player that gets everything downed asap and gets all the best stuff asap that is cool. But that isn't for me anymore, back in the day I use to always kill the hardest boss asap (only 14 hours of progression a week, so semi-hardcore) and I felt amazing when it happened. But I just think I am far too burnt out to do that anymore since you only get that "high" for a day or two tops. It also felt like a second job, and blocked me from hanging with friends, Friend: "Hey man derp is having the epic party you should come down!" Me: "Nah man I am raiding sorry."
    Now SwToR really had me hooked because of how awesome the PvP was. But once again I just got burnt out within weeks of doing that.

    I will always love you SwToR, but I must leave to a galaxy far far away from the computer.

    tl;dr : MMORPG's imo all have dull end game content

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    Friend, as someone nearly 10 years older than you, I have some bad news for you:

    That's not a problem with MMOs, thats a problem with life.

    Why take a shower? Gonna get dirty tomorrow anyway.
    Why eat? Gonna be hungry later anyway.
    Why sleep? Its boring and I'll have to sleep again tomorrow or the next day at least.

    The point is, you are looking at it wrong. It's NOT a means to an end. If it were, it'd have a short lived lifespan. The enjoyment (and I can see you no longer gain any from it, so I'm not saying you're wrong, but not seeing it with the same eyes as me) comes from experiencing it at your own pace. You feel like you HAD to get the BEST gear possible and see ALL the cool exciting fights on heroic/hardmode/whatever.

    You don't. And eventually you will pick up an MMO and say fuck it to all the standards of how you are supposed to enjoy an MMO and play it as you see fit.

    And friend...if you ever skip a party to play an MMO...don't admit that. I'm a huge nerd and even I would blow off my 24 internet besties to have a few beers with RL humans.

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    This is half of the reason why I quit WoW (the other half being design decisions). I'm keeping TOR fresh atm by rolling alts and being pushed by how cool Battlemaster gear looks. I'm hoping TOR will do something different in their March patch, but if not, *shrug*

    I'm not raiding in this game because raiding is old and stale. WoW is the raiding game, TOR should've realized that. PvP is fun, I'm hoping they'll do more than just "here's a new warzone!"

    Though I probably won't quit for a while. I enjoy having a game to play when I get bored, and TOR > WOW in my opinion.
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    I appreciate you doing this in a constructive manner, but "I quit" threads aren't generally allowed in any format. If you want to comment about staying or going you are welcome to do it in one of the number of threads about "Are you keeping your subscription?" just don't start new threads. Good luck to you in finding something more interesting to do.

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