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    but I don't like one thing, all the lazyness it brings. Automated mining, automated building, automated ANYTHING. A diamond-producing factory... no thanks.
    Automated mining is VERY expensive to maintain. Single piece of diamond takes 3 stacks of coal to produce.

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    + 13.

    My deviantArt page is so shiny now. Finally updated my DeviantID. :3

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    Remake it? Do you know how much stone I used? Probably over 2000, and I'd barely even touched my main keep, nor finished the insides of half my towers, finished my wheat farm, setup my defences on the ramparts, windows/arrow holes, set up my animals or my moat was only a halfway done.

    Would it be so hard for everyone to run 1000 blocks in 1 direction and suddenly you're all in unexplored territory, untouched, a completely new world, that's half the point of infinite maps.

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    Your avatar doesn't seem to load...

    I am successful.

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    : (
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    I just let Migari know to close this one and to start the new one

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