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    Bronies on Howard Stern

    I'm only relatively aware of you guys due to being on this website. Anyhow, Howard Stern opened his first live show in 2 weeks today covering Bronycon and chucking it up at you all. I wasn't aware of a lot of things they discussed and most of the "bronies" divulged in the interviews. I dare not enter your thread to check to see if you've already discussed it.

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    Yo, I think the MLP thread might be a better thing to go and post this in.

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    Feel free to post there. We keep all info there (and some in the MLP info thread in the Cinema/TV,etc forum, but nobody uses that). If it's a repeat, you'll be forgiven, given all the active people there and the size of the thread (and for what it's worth, this is the first I've heard about it).
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