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    Shadow Priest Optimizer? Rawr not working

    Hi folks

    Gearing my Shadow Priest Alt roughly 383 ilvl atm but RAWR doesnt seem to wanna work at all like it does for my mage.
    Is there any similiar optimizer out there for Spriest? Would be greatly appreciated.

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    www.askmrrobot.com seems to be quite accurate for me, at least with reforging etc.

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    I've found askmrrobot to be rather terrible but it all depends on what degree you wish to optimise. I don't believe there is any tool available that will truly tell you the full story with the click of 1 button. I tend to run several simulations and fiddle with reforging to get a picture, particularly with respect to what haste breakpoint to sit at and that has the variable of whether DI is available to you or not.

    If you just want a quick and dirty way to do it:

    Without 4pc T13 -> Stack haste and balance your crit/mastery, take your pick of the default values given at www.wowreforge.com or askmrrobot.
    With 4pc T13 -> Get enough haste to get VT+2 then stack mastery.

    All of this while keeping the hit cap (imo).

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