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    can someone help me with reforgere/forge?

    so i got yelled at in my random pug group the other day

    apparently im not reforged/gemed right

    so i ditched some spirit, and got some mastery

    but now everything feels weird to me

    i miss having 3k spirit : (

    could someone please look at my gear, and help me reforge correctly? i tried to download this add on, but it told me to reforge everything into haste. i doubt very seriously that i need to reforge everything into haste.

    let me know if the link to my armory is not working : )


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    You'd probably get better results asking the priest subforum.

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    me personally i found that having spirit helps more than mastery. I would put mastery enchant on the gloves and crit enchant on the wrists. I also took 2 points out of twin disciplines and and put them into veiled shadows. other than that i think you are doing ok. I can't post links but my guy is holyshizerr on frostmane our characters are about the same really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    You'd probably get better results asking the priest subforum.
    Yep, moved.

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    Oye Discipline is super dependent on play style/what role you are fulfilling in a raid. There was a post around somewhere with a really good explanation for how the secondary stats affect things and how you want to do it depending on what you are doing... I'll see if I can dig it up.

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    Ok all I could find was this one ><


    Maybe someone else will be able to locate it or you. But what I linked does have some really good info as well.

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    I run with haste>crit. I forge out of mastery and spirit. I personally do not see the benefit of mastery for disc, haste and crit (yes it's RNG... but a 40% crit chance raid buffed is not to be sniffed at) both give me more throughput than mastery (for every spell other than PW:S haste and crit are better). I run in 10's with a resto druid and primarily use my shield for rapture mana gains.

    Different play styles and raid comps can change things drastically, what works for me may not work for you.

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    I'm not sure if your question is in regards to your PVP gear or PVE. Your armory shows PVP which I don't see any issues with outside of grabbing a run speed enchant and int to bracers. Neither will drastically affect your ability to heal. If your PVE gear is set up in similar fashion to your PVP gear you shouldn't be concerned. Anyone yelling at you in a pug either doesn't understand the class or is simply picking on you. If stacking spirit is what you prefer to play with you should stick with it instead of changing. Secondary stats for discipline are very synergistic and difficult to get wrong. Knowing the encounters, knowing your CDs, and knowing what stats suit YOUR playstyle are more important than anything else. I would advise you to review some of the stickies here regarding your talent and glyph choices. There are some clear cut improvements you could make on that end, and any of the guides will do a better job than I can to explain those choices to you.

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    this was originally posted in PVP, but got moved

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