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    Yes! the Walls in Taris in addition to the useless ingame map...

    And the Rakghouls.
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    Balmora was probably my least favourite. Hoth/tat/nar shadda were probobaly the best.

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    Hated Voss.

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    voss was very annoying idd

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    When I played WoW I hated anything that made me go in a cave - quests, travel, whatever. Dark, cramped, and usually only one way in/out.

    I think that's why I really disliked Coruscant and, even more so, Nar Shaddaa. I felt the same annoyance after a few levels on each planet as I did questing in caves in WoW. My first character was a Trooper so the first four planets got more and more infuriating. What irritated me most about Nar Shaddaa was that it felt exactly like Coruscant, but with some green ambiance and Huts. It felt lazy. Maybe, as a previous poster said, if they had varied the first few planets it wouldn't had bothered me so much.

    Nar Shaddaa was bearable as a Sith Warrior. I think it was because of having DK and Balmorra early to get my fill of open-worldyness, it felt shorter as a Warrior, and I generally enjoyed playing the Warrior more.

    Nar Shaddaa, especially on the Republic side.

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    Nar shadaa but Taris is a close second.

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    Taris. Rakghouls are stupid.

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    Tatooine, Nar Shadaa was horrible too though. It did a very good job of portraying a world controlled by Hutts though.

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    Venus. Hot gas planets are so passé

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    Luke Skywalker said it best.

    Obi-Wan: "You'll have to sell your speeder."
    Luke: "That's okay. I'm never coming back to this planet again."

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    PVP = no interest for me.

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    Tatooine. Tricky one for them because it should be huge and desolate, but that doesn't stop it from being boring. And Anchorhead is tedious to get around. And the NPC that accosts you for the Bonus Series is really annoying.

    I liked most of the planets though. Corellia is a really good high note to finish the story lines on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    So what's your least favourite planet in SWTOR?

    For me it has to be Hoth. I just find it too long, too empty and visually boring. Shame really as I had my hopes for poor Hoth
    Are you kidding me? I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Hoth is superb. I might be biased since I'm a cold person, summer-hater or w/e you wanna call me, but there's nothing like Hoth for me. God, if only Dromund Kaas was like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    So what's your least favourite planet in SWTOR?

    For me it has to be Hoth. I just find it too long, too empty and visually boring. Shame really as I had my hopes for poor Hoth
    Taris. The place just never ceases to be horrible; there are adds everywhere, you can barely see them, and tab target is barely functional. You might as well not bother mounting, since you're never mounted more than 15 seconds before something semi-hidden shoots you off. That's ok though, half the quest turn-ins are in bunkers where you can't mount anyway.

    Belsavis is a distant second. It's just too fucking long and spread out.

    (edit) Hoth was acutally one of my favorites. It grew tiresome at the end, and I never went back to do the "bonus series", but I liked it a hell of a lot.
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    Replubic side Taris. Started out awesome. With time I got fairly fed up by the neverending problem called rakghouls. Like every other quest was "omg, rakghouls are eating us, plz help, k?". Too bad for me that just when I though I'm done with the planet I found out I'm only mid-way through...

    Empire side Taris was actually nice. Sure there was the usual Rakghoul issue here and there, but the quests were more concerned with killing republic troops and jedi, which was nice if I may say so

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    Nar Shaddaa. It felt like I was playing Guild Wars I.

    I used to hate Balmorra, but now I'm on my second toon and rather enjoy the music. I also appreciate that it has an actual spaceport rather than just another stupid orbital station.

    I love Tatooine, Alderan and Hoth. I rather enjoy wide open spaces and fighting amongst nobility.

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    any of the city planets

    they're lame

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    Nar Shaddaa. This has always been one of my favourite SW locations. I loved the Nar Shaddaa maps in Dark Forces 2 where the place did not look like Las Vegas on steroids and had this creepy and threatening feel. The SWTOR version simply does not work for me - sadly. :-/ It's just another bunch of endless corridors.
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    Taris was horrible to the point where I didn't play my main for 4 weeks because it made me cry inside, so I rerolled, got 3 alts now sitting at level 32-33-34, yeah, I did power through but I'm not too bright...
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    Balmorra was by far the worst experience I've ever had in any game. I just hated every second of it, on all my characters.

    Ald is best though.

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