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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumatran View Post
    At least you made it to 50... twice! My disease is progressing daily.
    I was having the same problem but Ive buckled down on my BH and am almost 50. What broke me was when I started reading about changes to the Legacy system coming hopefully in March. Chances are they will be perks and you will get things like XP bonus and what not. I decided its best to wait on my alts so I can benefit from the system before getting burned out on side quests.

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    50 Sith Marauder
    50 Mercenary
    32 Sith Sorcerer
    15 Sniper
    19 Jedi Guardian

    I'm about burned out on empire, think I'm gonna go full on with my jedi for a bit

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    50 Sith Juggernaut
    43 Jedi Sentinel
    25 Mercenary
    16 Sith Sorcerer
    16 Sniper
    6 Commando

    <The Houghton Legacy>, Hyperspace Cannon US

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    I had this kind of problem too, well I think it was the problem, rolling too many characters and couldn't decide which to focus on.

    First I rolled Bounty Hunter like billion times, around 4 or 5 at least, I messed up several times choosing an advanced class which I didn't like etc. Currently I'm having:

    28 BH Mercenary
    25 Sith Assassin
    25 Jedi Sage
    16 IA Sniper

    Levels aren't accurate, I've also tried out the first couple of levels on Scoundrel and Trooper. But you can imagine how much repeat there was doing those same planets over and over again. I also have spent a quite a pile of credits levelling crew skills and buying stuff from the GTN for alts I don't play on.

    Anyhow I'll be buying more gametime tomorrow and continue playing on that Sith Assassin thanks to Jesse Cox..
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    repeat areas don't really bother me. i remember reading someone saying tython takes 4 hours at least and i laughed. i have the quest route on tython down to a science. all about efficient use of quick travel.

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    42 Mercenary
    42 Sith Assassin
    37 Sith Marauder
    34 Operative
    35 Jedi Sage
    29 Jedi Sentinel
    22 Gunslinger
    17 Jedi Shadow

    Leveled my BH first. Saw how retardedly easy they were once I started to enter PVP and didn't like it. Then came the alt-itis, luckily with all 8 characters being on one server I'm pretty much stuck with what I have cause I won't let myself delete a character. Good thing is, I'm level 20 Legacy without even having a 50.

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    50 Powertech - which I'm mostly playing on atm.
    37 Juggernaught
    32 Juggernaught
    31 Juggernaught - I like their story don't judge me! :<
    25 Mercenary
    17 Powertech - deleted though to make room for an assassin.
    17 Guardian
    7 Inquisitor - my next project to level up, I love the idea of being able to tank, stealth, knockback, force pull all in one.

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    Pfft, 1hour 40 minutes is my best Tython... 1 hour 25 is my best Ord Mantel.

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    50 Vanguard
    50 Scoundrel
    27 Shadow
    20 Sentinel
    15 Mercenary
    14 Sorcerer

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    i have 4
    primarily for crafting

    not because i wanna rule the AH or anything but because i like "orange" gear (so i have one artificer and one cybertech for mods etc) and...i have an armortech...because i like my companions in matching sets :S

    the odd one out is a smuggler who's all on his republic lonesome with cybertech and that most pointless of things (atm) : a pimped out ship

    i don't have to justify myself to you ! :P
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    gee thx Brox...

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    Hi, my name is

    Quote Originally Posted by Sumatran View Post
    Anyone else havig alt-itis?

    My main is 36, but I just keep making alts. It is not due to a wall, or lack of story/motivation, etc. It's just the damn shineyness of all the new classes out there.

    Now I have a 36 vanguard, 32 guardian, 13 shadow, 13 smuggler, 18 sentinel and I just made a new consular to make into a sage!!!!!

    Anyone else have this disease?
    Octaboom, and I'm an altoholic.

    50 Juggernaut
    32 Assassin
    21 Powertech
    17 Operative

    and unknown how many I started then deleted after a bit.

    I like alts. I create them in part to quest with guildies at lower levels, but I also enjoy the quest line stories of each class.

    But, perhaps I take it too far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WZT View Post
    Pfft, 1hour 40 minutes is my best Tython... 1 hour 25 is my best Ord Mantel.
    Good Lord! That's pretty impressive, I'm super slow compared to your leet skillz. =)

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    M 11 Imperial Agent - Sniper Chiss
    F 17 Sith Warrior - Marauder PB Made a mistake, didnt mean to take marauder, but I liked the look, kept it
    M 18 Sith Warrior - Marauder PB
    M 11 Sith Inquisitor - Sorcerer PB
    F 05 Sith Inquisitor Twi'lek (Darth Talon)
    M 27 Bounty Hunter - Mercenary Rat
    M 12 Smuggler - Gunslinger Human
    M 09 Trooper Cyborg Going to delete to add a Zabrak Female Bounty Hunter

    Decided when they created new servers to make a republic server, with all republic to get all the crafting skills. My original server is empire, I didnt delete my Scoundrel cause I liked the look, but I couldnt remake it. Wanted to have all classes male and female.

    Does anyone know if its possible to find out the character settings that were chosen during character creation?
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    50 Healing Sorcerer
    43 Marauder
    34 Juggernaut
    24 Healing Operative
    and the Rest between lvl 10 and 20
    Im Garrus Vakarian and this is my favourite Spot on the Internet.

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    I have a similiar ailment, in addition to having several alts. I also keep re-rolling some chars. because I wasn't happy how he turned out or I saw someone else with a good looking character.

    38 Jedi Shadow Male
    29 Jedi Sage Male
    28 Jedi Sage Male
    35 Jedi Sage Female
    18 Jedi Guardian Male
    16 Jedi Guardian Female
    10 Trooper Commando Female
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goregasm. View Post
    which tank do you enjoy more? i have a 50 assassin, i plan on rolling a BH to tank on, maybe i should go jugg instead?
    I've been raiding with the Jugg Tank (8/8 EV 5/5 KP normal | 7/8 EV 5/5 KP HM), since we need the buff. But overall, the Jugg Tank feels more of a classic Tank Tank,(like a Warrior on WoW). You get the sunders, you get the OMG i'm about to Die CDs, Heroic leap. Altho, atm it is very hard to hold aggro on 4+ mobs, Rage generation is kind of weak when you are trying to AOE Tank. If you have good DPS i found myself using Taunt alot, tho it does not seem like there are any diminishing returns. As for the assassin, I've ran him through a few HM Flashpoints, overall I can see the assassin being very powerful with a full Rakata set (T3).

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    50 Powertech BH
    34 Sith Inq. Sorcerer
    28 Sith Inq. Assassin
    22 IA Operative

    26 Trooper Commando

    mainly for professions. 1 has 3 gathering skills to support the other 3.

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    It doesn't sound like this is alt-maker's anonymous, and even if it was, I wouldn't want to quit anyhow. I'm not as prolific as some of the others here, having only 5 characters, but I do really enjoy running other classes through the game to see the story. Also I need to have someone to craft everything!

    I'm not addicted, I can quit whenever I want. I just don't want to.

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    I have too many to name, me and my friend keep rolling new ones for shits and giggles

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    I sure do!

    50 PT
    50 Assassin
    2 50 Marauders.

    Just need to level IA! xD

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