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    Shadow Priest Weapon Question

    Hey guys, shadow priest 1/8 HM here. My question is about weapons that I could not find in Kilee's guide. Currently I have a heroic Vag and a 378 offhand, but recently picked up a Lightning Rod. Should I spend the money to gem/enchant the Lightning Rod until I get a better offhand, or in this situation is MH/OH better?(Also just noticed im missing a 40 int enchant on my offhand ><) Thanks guys, love this forum and all its contributors.

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    Hello Ram. I haven't had the chance to see if this has already been calculated, but I ran a comparison on wowhead.com between the Lightning Rod (normal I assume because you are only 1/8 H) and a Heroic Vag with the Orb of the First Satyrs (another assumption). Using their default weightings for a shadow priest, the Vag+Offhand is superior to the Lightning Rod after gems/enchants. The primary contributor seems to be the increased spell power that H Vag offers over the Rod.

    As always, Simcraft would likely give you the best answer, but I haven't taken the time to understand the program yet.

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