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    threat issues

    having issues some times holding threat on LFR is it just cause of my gear or a bad rotation looking for some constructive imput.
    sadly cant post my url but char name is instaques on ner'zhul alliance.

    right now for aoe using shield judgment hamer with inq holy wrath.

    single target shield judgment crusader with inq and holy wrath

    pretty much the same rotation .

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    Use seal of truth and glyph of seal of truth. With those and a decent rotation, I could hold aggro with a level 50 weapon.

    Single target:
    Shield of the righteous with Sacred duty > Avenger shield with Grand Crusader > Crusader strike > Judgement > Avenger shield > Hammer of Wrath > Inquistion (if you don't have Sacred duty and you have 3 holy power) > Holy wrath > Consecration.

    Avenger Shield > Hammer of the righteous > Inquisition at 3 holy power > consecration > judgement > holy wrath

    I think that should give you a general idea. Also, when aoe'ing, try to target switch in order to apply Seal of Truth debuff on all the targets (assuming they are 2-4)

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    Make sure your righteous fury is on. Easy to forget if you spec swap.

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    Yeah using sot with glyph thats roughly what i do but what is sacred duty?? I may be using that and not knowing it haha but i will try to prioritize that rotation. Always have righteous fury on sometimes forget aura on a wipe haha.

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    Gem and enchant everything will help..
    For threat your best stat is expertise if you choose you need some offensive stats...
    It's a rotation/play issue honestly, they made threat easy. Know that everything you do is based around getting holy power and throwing SotR's out.
    Sacred duty is the proc from AShield/Judge that makes your SotR crit.(dont worry too much about this in basics, if you're having trouble holding threat that is above your level, imo)
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    I'd suggest that you first gem, enchant, and glyph the rest of your stuff. After that make sure your rotation is going smoothly and that you are hitting it on GCD.

    Past that if you are still having threat issues it is potentially gear. Your equipped is 374, I believe it's 372 to even do LFR. It's likely that your running with folks that are upwards of +20ilvl greater than you, if not more. If you're not doing the rest if your stuff right this is going to be a pretty significant contributing factor I imagine.

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