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    Need help with my Paladin

    Hey all, I am pretty sentimental to this toon as it is one of my firsts (that sounds so wrong), my main is a warrior now but I played this guy again for awhile and I just couldn't seem to make him work, just feels slow, clunky and not really acheiveing much in anything, is there any help you can give us to make this guy good again, thanks in advance.


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    get a 7/3/31 or 7/2/32 spec, get expertise cap, but really you need better gear, and atm ret palas are a bit clunky

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    retri are indeed very clunky without the T13 2set (which is a bandaid-fix until MoP comes). But you can still pull great numbers.

    Check through http://www.noxxic.com/pve/paladin/retribution and try to play around on the dummy abit.

    You obviously wont pull any dmg with that gear but if you start to farm for the correct stats you will see your dps skyrocket while your gear goes up.

    Normally you would want to go with a priority list-type rotation. (the list inside the guide)

    Use crusaderstrike - filler - filler - crusader strike - filler - filler - crusaderstrike - inquistion(if its up already from a divine purpose procc use templars verdict)

    so you use CS then 2x of the lower priority spells and then back to crusader strike.

    with 389ilvl atm I can burst 50-60k in random HoT dungeons so retris cds are perfect for dungeons. And they have gone up alot in raids too.

    Dont know what you want help with since you didnt mention the problems if you just want it less clunky then get 2set T13, if you care about dps go into the guide :P

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