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    My hands get cold, what can I do about it?

    Basically, until my job offer is finalized and I can start working, I spend most of my time in my room, either gaming, preparing for work or just browsing. The biggest problem I currently have is that my hands are basically getting really cold. Especially my right hand, which is permanently on my mouse, suffers. My left hand stays kinda warm because i usually put it between my seat and my thigh. But when I need to type, like I'm doing now, both my hands are suffering equally.

    I don't know what to do about it. I can't wear gloves, because it's hard to type or even use a mouse with one. And turning up the heat is also not a option, because I'm already struggling to sleep because of the heat, and if I turn off the heat right before I go to bed, the mornings are rather cold.

    any suggestions?

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    Not all gloves are so restricting when it comes to using a mouse and keyboard.

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    Fingerless gloves perhaps?

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    Make a fist and put ur thumb in it if ur not doing anything with the mouse. Well, not very handy but your hands will slower become cold .

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    Do you have any swelling or stiffness in your fingers when it is cold, painful to write with a pen, to touch and to bend them ?

    Are you a naturally cold person ?

    Are you sat below your desk possibly cutting off good circulation to that hand ?
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    turn up the heat or have cold hands/feet.. really no other choice

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    Buy a heater to warm the room up.

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    I'm in the same boat as OP, my hands get really REALLY cold, like... turning purple/blueish, I don't suffer anything though, just abit wierd to walk around with nelf hands =(

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    Try some push-ups. That'll heat you up 8)

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    right, don't take the following as fact without checking it with a professional, because i'm not 100% certain.

    my grandfather had the same issue, cold hands and feet that turned blue/purple ish. the problem was, that his blood vessels were actually too narrow to allow sufficient blood to flow through it, making his hands go cold. by widening the vessels, more blood could flow through thus solving the problem. think this was done with medication or massage.

    anyway, like i said, might want to check it with your doctor tbh.

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    You could be anemic, i am and i get freezing hands and feet, and in general cold too (you also get tired easier), It basically means you lack iron in your blood, You could get a test for it, and you'l get given some Iron Tablets to take (no.. they're not solid metal), or you could simply eat more high-iron food, such as red meat.
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    Get up and walk around. Get your heart rate going. A lot of gamers lose circulation and end up with cold feet and cold hands because of extended periods of low heart rate.

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    Im not a doctor but id proberly say you have bad circulation in your arms/ proberly speak to a doctor about it..There is nothing we can help you with tbh if you cant wear gloves and wont use a heater

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    you can get gloves that dont restrict the hand, or fingerless gloves. or make a nice hot drink, and just hold the cup to warm hands up
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    found this in google:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Regennis View Post
    Get up and walk around. Get your heart rate going. A lot of gamers lose circulation and end up with cold feet and cold hands because of extended periods of low heart rate.
    This. I've been unemployed for some time and always have really cold hands and feet at the computer. Last summer I started jogging for just 10 mins or so 3 times a week and my cold hand problems vanished. I haven't been running over the winter and now my hands are getting cold again. It's just a fitness/circulation thing. If running it not your thing, just go for a brisk 10+ mins walk as many times in the week as you can.

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    If your extremities are always cold whilst typing, etc... it means your heart is on the weak side. You just need better circulation. Do some cardio on a regular basis.

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    found this in google:


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    Im getting the same problem, sat here now with a fingerless glove on my right hand.
    If it continues go to the doctors about it, im waiting on a scan for rheumatoid arthritis in my right hand now, so not just as simple as my hand is cold which I thought it was to begin with. Im 24 btw so not particularly old - arthritis is more known amongst older folk.

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    Jack it until your hands warm up, or buy gloves.

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