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    CoC + Spine of Deathwing hc

    Hey all,

    I was asked to swap out CotC on the Spine encounter, because of the collateral damage on Corruption and the uncontrolled AoE on the bloods. I already explained that it barely procced on the Corruption after checking logs (about 8 times over 11 tries, not counting the procs at the start on the first 3), but they're still not entirely convinced, because they also think the uncontrolled AoE on the bloods is causing wipes. I'm just wondering if any of you have been experiencing this as well.

    Personally, I think we just haven't practiced the phase between the plates enough yet. So far the bloods are piling up and we are not allowed to aoe them down. I do dot a few of them up in between that have +80% hp, which can cause the trinket to proc on them, but I'm making sure I don't get aggro or kill them off.

    So yeah the main question is, are they right about not using CotC on this fight?
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    IF you don't have another trinket with much mastery I guess its better to use it.

    Not 100% tho

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