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    Question Would your parents like you if you went to high school with them ?

    I have always wondered this. Purely Hypothetical. If you were alive and went to high school with either of your parents and were not related to them in anyway, how do you think they would respond to you. More specifically, do you think they would find you as someone they would want to be friends with.

    I'm not sure I would be 'best friends' with my mom. And my dad would probably think I was a nerd..>.>

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    Not at all.

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    My father, probably. My mother, no.

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    not at all...I couldn't deal with EITHER of my would be torture having to be with them ALL day as opposed to HALF of the day...which is more than enough...Thank god I'm going to college in a couple months.

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    My dad would look down upon me since i'll have better grades. He'll be like my archenemy lol.
    My mom would be one of those hysterical, caring and creative girls who has lots of friends.

    contact will be severe and only in class i think.
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    Lets see I spent all my time at school playing chess, coaching debating teams and being the head of the cadet core.... No one liked me... expect people who did. and a 1/8 of them were in the mirror :P
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    my parents were both in the marching band in high school... i never really had any reason to interact with those guys in high school. Otherwise we're all three pretty similar, so sure.

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    Yes I think so, I'm really a mix of them.

    My dad was nerdy, egotistical, likes to debate, and likes history.
    My mom was creative, sporty and quiet (not shy).
    I'm exactly all those, except I am much lazier than they were in high school, they got good grades and were in AP classes since freshman year, while I ditched way too much, rarely did homework, and almost didn't graduate. They don't really like lazy people now, but I don't know how they felt about lazy kids back then so...

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    "If you were alive"... Oh, man. Being in their high school would make things easy.
    My old man grew up in a place and time where his, his friends and his brother's idea of fun was goin to the bar and taking the local drunkards car out for a joyride and the cops just told you to go home instead of arresting you.

    I wouldn't need friends if I could do shit like that! But I guess that means we'd all get along.
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    My dad probably would have. My mom, probably not.

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    Probably. Dad and I get along swimmingly, and I've always been close to my mom. Basically, it's dad= hanging out, mom=sharing feelings.

    Then again, I wanted to get out of the house ASAP when I was in high school because of the usual kind of teenage rebellion us emotional and arrogant people have, so I can't be 100%. It depends on how they were at that age.
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    I don't know much about my parents when they were young. All I know is my mom was a Trekkie. not, but I was/am a geek, so maybe her.

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    I skipped most days, so no as we probably never would've met. Mom and Dad were both studious.

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    Probably not since I skipped quite a few days =D

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    I would likely end up partying with my old man. My mom is super cool too, so I bet she was cool in school. It would be a blast and now I wish I could do it
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    Mom maybe, Dad maybe but a lot less likely.

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    Idk about my dad... he tends to troll his IRL friends, so that part of me says yes. But, he was a jock in HS... so he'd be that jock who trolls thinking that us nerds wouldn't mind him picking on us.

    As for my mom... well... I really don't know that much about her in HS. Probably for a good reason.
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    My mom used to be one of those really churchy types when she was young, like, 100% Ned Flanders "watches tv to find un-christian things to bitch about" churchy.
    Soooooooo no.

    My dad, apparently, was one of those people who's fun to hang around with, but goes to far. A lot. He's still the only person I know to have ripped off the hood of someone's car and ride it down a snowy hill because it didn't have a sled. On a regular basis.
    Kind of like me!

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    My dad only got as as far as second grade. My mom graduated high school that's it. People never change though. My dad is not intelligent at all and has a hot temper but is an amazing handyman. He doesn't speak english that well, and couldn't read that well. Actually he doesn't even translate to modern times as he went to school in a one-room schoolhouse in the 1930s. People would probably see him as having a learning disability. My dad would probably get upset at me for something random and sulk.

    I think my mom is a lot smarter than she appears, but she has absolutely no ambition in life. She's really cool though. She's happy as a clam just reading books and living a quiet life. She would be the unattractive girl that had an impish, fun personality. She'd probably like me.

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    I would probably be friends with my dad, we get along so well, and we'd be making fun of my mom.

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