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  • Fire

    51 26.15%
  • Earth

    34 17.44%
  • Wind

    56 28.72%
  • Water

    54 27.69%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penguirrel View Post
    water. people are >90% water, so you control people.
    More like 70%. But I guess that's good enough . Afaik, jellyfish are made of 90% water and cucumbers are made of 99% water. I'm gonna wish for a levitating cucumber next christmas!

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    If we're talking about the special techniques we can make/build/use with elements I'd go with Fire.

    Like someone said, Fire is the expression of energy and it can be fueled through emotion alone. You can also "fly"and create "walls" with it. You can make you own individual fire type like you can with the other elements( Azula was able to harness blue fire/ "energy" and plasma can also be made, Katara and the other waterbenders could use ice, Earth and metal of course).

    If unable to use Fire I'll go with Air cause of the techniques.

    Also everyone is talking about mixing air pressure, summoning tsunamis, manipulating the earth and stuff. Don't you guys know how much concentration, practice and raw power you'd need to be able to do any of that? =/
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    Hehe, quite some raw power indeed.

    Anybody else?

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    Ice or Electricity/Plasma. Not on the poll, but easily the best ones. Ice has the utility of earth but can be used indoors. Electricity for its speed and accuracy.
    If wind lets you do friction-type-jazz to make lightning, and freeze the moisture in the atmosphere to make ice, then that.

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    It's a tie between water and air for me. If I had to choose one... I think I'd choose air.

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    Extinguish fire on a whim,
    Bubble under water and inside earth,
    Shockwaves for offense, defense, personal speed, and making boats work,
    Compress a quantity to ionize it and produce plasma; launch said plasma, (Bonus side-effect: the quantity of air required to make a decent sized plasma ball would also make a rather large amount of space into a painfully oxygen-deprived place for your target to stand in)

    Making lightning would require more control over water and fire, although technically it could be managed by gathering moisture, launching it far enough to freeze into ice particles, then collide them; it would take a while to build up, and the resulting lightning would be erratic at best. Good way to clear out a small army though, just gather the clouds right above them, fire and forget style.
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