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    Shadowfiend changing target

    Occasionally I want to use my fiend on a target and attack another one (eg leaving the fiend on Yor'sajh while I attack an ooze), but when I do this the fiend switches to my new target shortly after being summoned. The only solution I can find to this is to set it to passive and then tell it to attack the target I want. Then it sticks to it. This isn't really practical to do all the time though as once I summon the fiend again it's back to aggressive.

    The best solution I have found is this macro:

    /cast [mod:alt,@focus,harm][] Shadowfiend
    /petattack [mod:alt,@focus,harm][]

    This casts the fiend, sets it to passive and then attacks my target (or focus if I hold down alt). The problem with this though is that I have to spam it to make it work which also isn't ideal in the heat of battle.

    So... what I'm wondering is if there is either a.) a way to permanently set the fiend to passive or b.) a better macro that doesn't require spammage.


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    I really want a macro that make the fiend stay on the target I casted him on so he dosen't change if I change target.

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    If you have your pet bar active find the assist button and disable it.

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    That's what I was doing when setting the pet to passive and then attacking. The problem is is that next time you use your fiend, it's back to assist again. Or am I missing something?

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    Didn't they change it awhile back so that your fiend automatically assists you to fix the issue of it attacking random targets? I don't think there is any real way around that.

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    I thought I knew how to do this. Before the pet stance changes, I recall that shadowfiend remembered stance changes the next time you summoned it. It seems though that as you say sfiend is now reset to assist every time.
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    Pet passive is off the GCD, as is pet attack I'm fairly sure. Then you would just need a macro
    #showtooltip shadowfiend
    /cast Shadowfiend
    /cast passive(pet)

    That's purely from the top of my head, you will want to shift-click the abilities into the macro to make sure they are right but it should work. You can spam that, you will get a cooldown error but it will work. It might be better to put the summon shadowfiend line last if you find it doesn't work in 1 click.

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    You would probably want to have '/cast Shadowcrawl' in there somewhere as well.

    I'm not 100% sure but that may even work in place of '/Petattack' to put it into combat.

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