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    Thumbs down Champion Gear Bag

    So, I just noticed today that you can only have one champion gear bag, whether if it's in bank or not. Is that a recent change? I just bought a second bag, I thought, a couple days ago on an alt (who is level 40).

    My goal was to level up my toon from 40-50 and buying a bunch of PVP bags on the way, so when I get to lvl 50 I have a chance of winning the RNG bag and having some pvp gear and not getting rofl stomped. I didn't see any patch notes where they made this bag unique. Is this intended?

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    they have always been unique.

    Bags rewarded from lvl 50 pvp dailies/weeklies however are not.

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    This is the reason both my lvl 47 Sage and 43 Shadow have 1000 Mercenary and 1000 Warzone.

    I have one in the bank, and I will buy 5 more when I hit 50. Then I will do my dailies and get 3 more.

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    You can just save your commendations to turn em all in at 50.

    At lvl 50 you get daily quests requesting 3 WZ wins for a bag, and a weekly quest requires 9 WZ wins for 3 bags, and some weekly Ilum pvp quests. So going to 50 and getting a guild premade can make things a ton easier, especially since you can only cap your Warzone and Mercenary Commendations to 1000 each.
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    Yeah, I had planned on just farming my 50 gear while below 50 through those bags. Then I realized you couldn't open them until 50 and they are unique so you can only have 1 in your inventory. It nixed that plan, which I thought was going to be a good way to combat the unlucky disparity between opening 20 bags and getting 2 items all the while playing versus Champion/Battlemaster geared Pubs. Not having all the Expertise really made me not want to PvP at all at 50. I do, however, LOVE the 10-49 bracket and rerolled just to have fun in there.

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