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    [H - Draenor - EU] <AIAO> 2/8 HC 25 man lf healer/ranged dps

    AIAO stands for Adapt, Improvise And Overcome.

    We founded this guild in 2008 on Doomhammer and were quite succesfull on 25 man raiding.
    January 2012 we moved to Draenor as Doomhammer did not have enough fresh blood to fill our roster anymore.

    We could use some more people to join the fun of 25 man raiding

    Shaman : Elemental
    Shaman : Resto
    Druid : Resto
    Druid : Feral
    And a tank, perferably a Paladin.

    If your class isn't listed here, please do not hesitate to make an application nevertheless. Any outstanding application will be reviewed!

    Fun is where it is about, while maintaining progress.

    What we expect from you is

    - You have a minimum age of 18 years old or are mature
    - You have social skills
    - You are willing to learn
    - You are not a drama queen, this includes crying over loot, immaturity or crying because someone called you a name
    - You are prepared!

    Our raiding times are:
    19:30 to 23.30 max CET
    (On progress days we might push it if we feel we're close to a kill)

    Our raid nights are :
    Wednesday and Thursday
    Sunday and Monday

    We expect 3 out of 4 nights attendancy.

    So that's a bit about us. You can always poke one of the members to see if there is an officer online to have a chat if you're wanting to have more information about the guild!

    More info about us can also be found at www aiao-guild.net

    Join the fun of 25 man raiding
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    Still need some good players, apply or contact us when you are interested

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    Bumping this post
    Still need people.

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