View Poll Results: What do you do for a living?

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  • White Collar - Office type job

    49 37.12%
  • Blue Collar - Manual labor type job

    25 18.94%
  • Sales - Retail or otherwise

    15 11.36%
  • Bum - Unemployed / looking for work / living in moms basement

    43 32.58%
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    Mechagnome Aemos's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Verona, Italy.
    Wannabe muscian.

    Working for a disco atm. Kinda sad.

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    Falck in Denmark.

    Thats why i got so much time to be on the forums from time to time

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    Quote Originally Posted by EqualWin View Post
    nothin 'cause my parents r rich so i am ,
    Same here haha

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    Well, I put sales, though I figure my job is more blue collar. I work in one of the biggest supermarkets around here, mostly in customer service. I've a degree for sales and customer service, so it's basically what I went to school for (and the degree got me a whopping 0,03€ raise per hour too, great).

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    Profession couch potato.
    My Twitch stream: for WoW/LoL related content!

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    Until recently, white collar. Office politics got me. I avoided them but when someone above you just doesn't like you it can be the end of you. I now get to sit at home and collect unemployment while I am doing school. Hopefully Obama signs a few more extensions again!

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    Currently employed with no set schedule, they call me whenever they need me, could be the very same day, actually waiting for a call right now that I apparently missed yesterday. Been working at the company since June last year and it's okayish for now, planning on studying at the university after the summer though.

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    ICT Technition working for my Local academy of schools running the network and fixing any computer problems be it hardware or software related.

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    Stood in the Fire Riaya's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    My house
    Well I do not fit in any of those catagories. I am unemployed and on disability... I technically work about 16 hours a day to stay awake, and do treadmill to keep myself as healthy as possible. I am pretty much waiting for the last shoe to drop on the seemingly inevitable lung/heart transplant... Thankfully I have a loving wife and we are about to have a daughter (We originally thought I was sterile cause of all the chemotherapy I went though when I had cancer twice... Note also I am only 27 and I had the 2nd bout when I was 17 @[email protected]). So there should be another poll thing for disability to be added to this

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    Systems admin for a large banking firm, hopefully getting out of here soon and moving to an airline's IT department

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    blue/white - work for a small IT firm.

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    Retarded poll choices.
    Previously blue collar construction and pale blue collar in socialcare, now disabilitated due to workinjury so that makes me a bum?

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    Free-lance translator.

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    Stood in the Fire Exodeus's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Trawler Fisherman

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    Scarab Lord Slenderman's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Guireag, Alba
    Chef de Partie

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    Sales, working in a supermarket. Studing for store manager atm.

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    The Lightbringer Isrozzis's Avatar
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    May 2009
    The land of too much heat
    Perhaps you should have put student up there somewhere.

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    Stood in the Fire Majik8ball's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Student, but I want to be an economist so white collar I guess
    "Can you truly help someone so intent on being stupid?"
    - Hawke

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    Apr 2010
    I'm a student, so I'm living at home at the moment and trying to get my matriculation examinations out of the way. Didn't vote on the poll, because I'm unemployed (because of school, duh), and bum just sounds so wrong.
    "We don't care what people say, we know the truth. Enough is enough with this horse s***. I am not a freak, I was born with my free gun. Don't tell me I'm less than my freedom."

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