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  • White Collar - Office type job

    49 37.12%
  • Blue Collar - Manual labor type job

    25 18.94%
  • Sales - Retail or otherwise

    15 11.36%
  • Bum - Unemployed / looking for work / living in moms basement

    43 32.58%
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    I sell raw leather and leathercrafting supplies to hobbyists and businesses; boy scouts, cowboys, boot makers, designers, etc. Most of my job is retail/wholesale sales, though I do occasionally teach various classes, so I can claim I'm a real-life Leatherworking Trainer. :P

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    US Army officer, Mix of Manual labor and Office jockey work. Some explosions too.

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    I loathe people that make polls by adding that one option that puts people down with negative generalisation... what about people that get made redundant, dont work for health reasons or many other harsh RL issues...does that make them a bum?

    OT Prison warden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manbeartruck View Post
    Too old? 26?! Would you kindly STFU and get out of the house and join a course.

    And take this with you:


    Also on topic; I work as a translator while I'm trying to establish a career in tattooing.
    Thanks i didnt know that many places do courses, Nottingham being the "closest" to me at 56miles Wow, Nice list=) and GL being a tattooist, i really really want to get my tattoos done, but im so paranoid about letting someone do that to me lol i need to be sooooo sure theyr gonna do the job properly!=)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    I work, via a temp agency, as a Software Test Engineer at Microsoft. I've spent the last 9 years in QA both within the Microsoft Games Test Organization and at ArenaNet. Basically, they make the game... and I make it better.
    I used to do volunteer testing for Xbox. Got called in every few months to play a game or something. It was good times. Plus, I got free Xbox games! =D

    As for the purpose of the thread, I'm a biomedical technician at a dialysis clinic.

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    I work at a library and i deal with idiots all day complaining about 0.25 cent fines and then blaming it on me.

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    I'll keep it short!

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    Eh, kind of a hybrid job for me. I am a manager at the games department at a Jersey Shore amusement park. I do the office part, labor part, and sales part (to lesser extent). Its long hours and a lot of work to do, but quite fun.

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