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    Official Guild Wars 2 Guild Recruitment Thread

    So, now that we know GW2 will be coming out sometime this year and there will be beta events in the upcoming months, I'm I'm opening this up for people to use. I'll do my best to keep this up-to date but if a few days go by without me adding/removing your guild from the primary list, send me a PM and I'll take care of it.

    This thread is for players who are looking for guilds as well as guilds looking for more players and that's pretty much it, please don't start off-topic discussions. We want to keep this thread clean and readable for all who use it.

    This is the ONLY thread where guild recruitment/looking for guilds will be allowed. Individual topics outisde of this thread will be removed/closed/redirected here so keep it all to this thread please!

    For guilds, please include your guild name, website, region (NA/EU ect.), and whatever other information you would like to share.
    Awesomesauce Crusaders

    For players, please follow this format for the time being.
    -Character name:
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all:
    -Server region:
    Guilds Recruiting:


    Archaic (EU)

    Army of Albion

    Ascent (EU)

    Ashenfold Cartel


    ATRS Gaming (NA)


    Black Plague

    Bloodline (EU)

    Bloodlust Enthroned

    Bonsai (NA)

    Bubulum Stercus

    Celest (NA)

    Chilled out Wargamers [CoW]

    Circle's End


    Climactic Gaming

    Conquest (Aus)

    Cynical (NA)

    Dark Alliance

    Dark Reavers (UK)

    Delusions of Grandeur

    Descendents of Kodan

    Deus Ex Machina (EU)

    Dragon Chasers

    Equilibrium (EU)

    Eternal Savage Logic

    Fae Vectus



    Flawless (EU)

    Gamebreaker Nation

    Good Game

    Grim Reapers (EU)

    Guild vs World

    Guilty Gamers

    Harbingers of Peace

    Harbingers of Serendipity


    Imperium (EU)

    Insert Catchy Name Here (NA)

    Into the Fray

    The Jemiriquie

    Justice and Honor




    Memor Inferi

    Mendelevium Order

    Midnight Mayhem

    Monster Hunter (NA)


    New Age Samurai

    New World Order (EU)

    Nocturnal (Aus)


    Order of the White Lotus


    Purge (EU)



    Shades of Carnage

    Shattered Dawn (NA)

    Silent Warriors Gaming

    Silver Wolf Clan



    Superiority Complex

    Swords of Villanousity


    Team Legacy (NA)

    Tempest Gaming


    The Throne

    Violent Impact

    vVv Gaming

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    The <Silver Wolf Clan> is currently recruiting for Guild Wars 2!

    Our Motto:

    "Bare your teeth, seek life out!"

    Our Story:

    "We are more like a rag-tag group of self-disciplined soldiers looking for comradery in these trying times. And we, like lone wolves, came together to create our own pack.

    We fight for each other, and our own personal cause(s). We bow to no one, and will die fighting with our teeth bared that reflect the gleam of a full moon.

    And thus we are the Silver Wolf Clan!"

    About Us:

    We are a diverse group of people, small in number, big in heart. We enjoy everything! RP, PvE, PvP, and everything in-between! We were in Guild Wars, but we're now looking to expand into Guild Wars 2! We allow/recruit any race, any profession, as long as you follow the rules.

    Extra Information:

    - My character's story(NYI)-
    - We accept any race, any profession, and we're an "everything" guild (PvE, PvP, WvWvW, and RP).
    - Server: Steamspur Mountains

    Our website:
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    i'd hope to find a guild with routine explorable dungeons and hopefully serious pvp. potentially tournaments (. id really like to get back into the pvp scene again

    about me: played rogue in wow for going on 5 years, pushed pve content constantly and always looking to improve

    lots of GW1 experience. played since around the launch of factions, joined GvG guild and brought it up to the top 10% of the ladder before retiring from GvG. mostly ran frontline and gank (specifically shock axe and variants for frontline and BA ranger and assassin ganking, some bunny thumper and SF spike exp too) with occasional flag running. primarily GvGed at the end of factions and throughout nightfall and beginning of GWEN. the majority of gvg was as a BA ranger running (and leading) a split ranging from 1-3 gankers (depending on fight circumstances ofc)

    I intend to roll a human Thief as my primary with a strong focus on a guardian, ranger, and engineer alts.

    gonna be in US region, central time zone

    send me a PM if interested
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    The Ashenfold Cartel

    "Survive, Adapt, Prosper"

    We are the Ashenfold Cartel. A guild founded to promote enjoyable and quality Rp in a dynamic manner in the spirit of the design of Guild Wars 2.

    Guild Website:
    Guild Contacts: ShadowedSin (Or you can PM me on this forum for questions)
    Guild Type: Roleplay, we have established interests in PvE and PvP
    Guild Info: The Ashenfold Cartel is an organization formed when a young genius from the College of Statics struck a deal with a failing group of merchant families in Divinity's Reach.

    Over the years the Ashenfold (the Aekart Cartel to outsiders) has grown to a massive organization spanning all reaches of Tyria. From charities to criminal enterprises, the Cartel has no alignment as it is the members that decide where and when to use Cartel resources.

    Server Region: To be decided.

    "We are not a guild of thieves, we are not knights, we are the Cartel. We live the life, the life of the survivor and the outlaw"

    About: "The Ashenfold Cartel or simply “The Cartel” or “Ashenfold” is a guild that was created for one reason. To perpetuate quality and enjoyable RP. Though the Cartel is a guild that exists in many forms, we do not have a singular niche. The Cartel prides itself on its multiracial status, loosely organized internal structure and emphasis on roleplay storytelling. As a guild the members are neither, good, evil, or of any general alignment. The Cartel itself exists in the neutral plane, but does not constrict it’s members to the ideals of neutrality. Ashenfold as a whole exists as a medium for members and Rpers alike to drive the story and to create new and unique storylines. We hope to excel in many platforms in Guild Wars 2, not just RP but also PvE and PvP. We hope to combine character driven conflict and leadership directed plot line to create an immersive and memorable experience. Roleplayers who seek a guild where they can directly affect the story, and can be utterly immersed in the world of Guild Wars 2 are at home in the Cartel." - More information can be found in the links below.

    Important Reads to consider:
    About the Guild
    Guild Policy
    Guild FAQ
    Lore Overview Page

    Check out the Ashenfold Cartel now!
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    No Guild Name Decided Yet

    Hello everyone,

    I'm making report for me and my friends guild.
    It will be a very small and tight guild, people from this community only and yours/our friends will be allowed into the guild.

    What we stand for;

    - Playing the game as it should be played.

    - Spoilers be spoilers, we don't want them.

    - A fun and mature environment.

    - All privileges, it's not our guild, it's your guild as well.

    - Freedom, you won't get told what to do, have your own fun in the game.

    - We want a small community of people who know each other.

    Does this interest you? Let me know through Private Messaging or sending me a Friend Request through MMO-Champion.

    When the game is in it's Beta-Weekend-Events, we will make the guild (if possible) and we'll get together.

    Take care!

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    [DkR] Dark Reavers

    Leader: Darkademic
    Facebook Page:
    Founded: 1999
    Location: EU (UK based)
    Server: Desolation

    Guild Info:
    [DkR] is a long established UK based online gaming clan/guild which tends to lean towards PvP whilst maintaining a strong presence in all areas of the games we play.

    Although we aim to be highly skilled and thrive on competition, our priorities are enjoyment and a strong sense of community and friendship, and this will not change. Ensuring that all members feel welcome and valued is hugely important - we never want anyone to feel like they are just a name on a list or an anonymous follower.

    Many of those who join [DkR] are considered members for life, and will always be welcome to participate in the clan even if they play in other clans at the same time, or if they decide to return after a long absence.

    We normally only accept applicants aged 18 and older, and want members who take gaming seriously enough to play competitively, but not seriously enough to rage or get upset about it.

    Our rules are mostly common sense and we ask for a reasonable level of activity from all of our members.

    Head over to our website for more information or to apply.


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    Pain Train is a competitive, organized and democratic based PvX guild made up of veteran gamers located throughout the United States and Canada. Our staff group is primarily over the age of 25 with an average of eight years gaming and P.C. experience each. Consisting of everything from retired professional gaming CAL-I / WSVG champions to gaming mod and application developers. Our guild is skilled, seasoned, fun to game with and be around. We invite you to check out our communications to get to know us a little better. Most of the time we can be found on our Teamspeak server. If you’d like to join us, please do so.

    In Pain Train, we take having fun seriously. Our guild focus is about letting the member choose how competitive or casual they would like to be with the games they like to play. The only thing we ask is that our members show consistency in their gaming habits, use the social forms of communications we provide when playing and conversing with us as well as displaying common gaming sense and mutual respect.

    We believe that competitive gaming is through strong positive community ethics, member consistency and proper implementation of strategies and techniques. Our commitment to this philosophy allows us to create the highest level of productive output and unity within the guild. We ask that all of our competitive members adhere to these qualities and understand that this is a commitment to our atmosphere.

    Gaming is our passion and creating a relaxed, entertaining environment catered to social gaming camaraderie is what we want to provide. We ask that our members maintain a positive ethic and standing within the guild. We plan on a heavy guild event calendar so whenever our members are online we have something planned for them in cooperation with the guild. Our current goals consist of recruitment, leveling, mastering abilities and trade, as well as group PvE, Ops Raiding, PvP/WvW and crafting/ability workshops. Above all, we strive for an organized community while having fun doing it.

    We ask that our members maintain a standard of attendance and communication that keeps a healthy guild culture. Being a regular members means being online consistently and staying involved with our activities. All of us work, have families and some of us have social lives outside of gaming. That is perfectly acceptable with us as long as you have a practical balance, playing with us.


    • Website
    Like any organized guild, our website is the hub for feedback, operations and participation. We ask that member sign up for the website in order to fill out the membership inquiry and be properly placed on the guild membership roster. If you have an Enjin account, you're almost there. Being signed up also gives you access to forums, news and events.

    • Teamspeak
    We require potential members to have Teamspeak prepared to use during the membership interview process and thereafter anytime they are online and playing with us.. TS helps us teach and convey strategy during guild events, lets us get to know you and you get to know everyone else in the guild and our community. A mic and Teamspeak is required.

    Skill Achievements & Contribution
    We want all of our members to get the most out of the MMO’s they participate in. We provide lessons and workshops on gaining a competitive edge in the games we play. Guild staff are designated to particular areas of their expertise to provide these assets to our members:

    • PvE & Rare Attainment
    Understanding how Damage/Control/Support (DCS) vs. the traditional Trinity rotations work in a group, reading game environments, story elements and group questing strategies will be a big part of what we do. Sometimes the best loot and abilities require some searching. We will provide puzzle and rare item attainment tours to those who want to know how to get ahead with their characters.

    • Ops Raiding
    Keeping our members up to speed on how group operations work and the role they will play is key. Members that have a strong grasp of combat situations and the abilities to deploy them, will be invited to boss and harder content raids on a regular basis. We will also be showing members who wish to participate, how we function through workshops.

    • PvP & WvWvW
    Competitive Player vs. Player and World vs. World will be a mainstay for PTX within the coming weeks after launch. We will have event coordinators and instructors provide PvP/WvW players the tools and skills they need to stay with the group and play a vital role during PvP sessions..

    • Class/Skill/Crafting Abilities
    Getting the most of any good MMORPG means understanding the structures from which players benefit from it. We will provide workshops for members who desire a greater understanding of how their character classes and skills work, crafting/gathering/market deployment, game mechanics how to benefit and contribute from them.

    Commitment, Communication, Coordination, Positive Ethic. We are PainTrain.

    Come check us out at
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    Insert Catchy Name Here

    About us

    Insert Catchy Name Here was formed in early 2005 when me and a few friends decided we were tired of the way most guilds were run and they way people were treated in them. Since then we've dedicated our time into making one of the best gaming environments we possibly could over the years - and have been quite successful.

    We strive to be a community of experienced, skilled, and friendly players. We strive for greatness with skilled players in PvE and well as PvP. We have succeeded to this day in providing an equal balance of PvP and PvE players within our community and we continue to do so in Guild Wars 2. In our World of Warcraft guild, for example, we have raided since Karazhan and have completed all content up to and including Firelands - including many heroic and mount rewarding feats in PvE while also achieving High Warlord status and more with our PvPers. Now with Guild Wars 2 approaching we plan on making that our main MMO upon release and doing the same thing in our brand new world.

    Although we are quite relaxed, we do expect all our members to act maturely (that doesn't mean don't have fun!) and treat all of the other members with respect. And when it comes to drama, we give 1 warning for this crap. The 2nd time we need to talk to someone about drama, a kick will follow. We do not kick (unless you're obviously spamming or trolling) without talking to you first - we think that's a low blow and just because we need to kick you doesn't mean we need to do it without giving you a reason.

    If you decide you'd like to join, please be confident in your abilities if you plan on being involved in organized PvE or PvP with the guild. Social and Casual members are 100% welcome to join as well and are encouraged to join. We are always more than happy to help anybody in our guild, so don't be afraid to ask for it.

    We like to know our members. Most of us in guild are on a first or full name basis, and we have every intention of keeping Insert Catchy Name Here more of a family than just a roster. We encourage people to communicate and get to know each other to provide the best experience for all of our members.

    Important information:

    Region: We are a North American guild located in the Central Standard Time zone. All English speakers are welcome regardless of region.

    Website: (Brand new site!)

    Facebook, Steam & Xfire groups: Links are on our website.

    Server: I will update this when the servers are announced or when the guild is actually made on a server - whatever comes first.

    Please: Be 17+ years of age and have a working microphone and Ventrilo. It will be our main way to communicate (especially in PvP and PvE organized runs). It's not required but your chances of getting into an organized group will be significantly decreased without it.

    Must: Be active. We will generally take necessary action after two weeks or so of not logging on unless we're notified.

    Focus: PvE and PvP - why choose? Both are fun! =]

    Closing Notes

    If you would like more information or want to reserve a spot in our roster (No applications necessary) just head over to our forums and post in the Guild Wars section. That's the best way to get in touch with one of us. Or just PM me on here. We are always more than happy to talk with anyone interested before the game's release and can't wait to do so!

    We are also currently hunting for 50/50 in Hall of Monuments and are always able to help others out. If you plan on joining and would like help achieving 30 or 50 out of 50 in Hall of Monuments feel free to post on our forums! I am also always able to help out with any Guild Wars 2 information you'll need. I'm not as knowledgeable as Mif but I have definitely done my share of research since 2007 and am more than willing to clear anything up about the game based on current information we know. =]

    Insert Catchy Name Here has been around for almost 10 years and we plan on keeping our legacy alive for many years to come with Guild Wars 2 as our primary focus.

    Thanks for reading,

    Guild Master of Insert Catchy Name Here

    Edit 1: As we've gained more members from this and other forums and games in the last couple of weeks, we've developed an Xfire, Steam, Facebook, and Twitter community that our members can all be a part of and keep updated with. The links are on our website on the left side under "Who's Online".

    Edit 2: Our Guild Wars 1 guild has been rebuilt. Refer to our website for more information and how to get an invite (no application necessary). We are also currently seeking more to fill our officer and moderator positions.
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    I wouldn't mind joining a guild prior to release. It would give me a bit of direction for when I fall into GW2 and have no idea what to do first.

    Region: East Coast USA
    Age: 19, Male
    Character: Human or Norn Guardian
    Activity: Currently attending college and will have a part time job, but otherwise, all the time in the world.

    Guild Preference: I'm really looking forward to WvWvW, and would like a guild that primarily focuses on that. Of course this will be later in the game, and not in the first month or two, just to let the Rankings settle out a bit. I'm not looking for a strictly WvWvW guild only, since PvE has just as much to offer, and then there is structured PvP, which I really won't attempt until I've gotten very use to the game, and am confident I'll be an asset. The preferable size of the guild is 30 members to begin with. Better for building strong relations and a solid foundation. Too many players makes many feel isolated(the irony). Then recruitment can begin, but a slower pace to make sure each member becomes comfortable. I do not support, and will not be part of, a guild that mass-recruits, nor do I like guilds with unreasonable recruitment standards. New players need lovin' too.

    I adore gaming. It's the sustenance of my soul. I've been mostly a console gamer though, and have just recently gotten into PC gaming, although I have been playing MMOs for around 5yrs now. Placing modesty aside for a bit. As far as MMOs go, I'm a fairly decent player. I tend to sponge up information on whatever game I'm playing, which often times leads to me being the Guild "know it all". I take a lot of joy in helping players, especially newer ones. Either through helping with content, or just explanations. I'm not a selfish player in any way, and prefer to help guildies than for them to help me. As for leadership experience, I only have experience with aiding the leader in decisions, and I'd like in no other way. I'd much rather be behind the scenes, making sure all the ducks are present and in a row, than being in any sort of public role. Though I'm not implying that I can't be just a regular member, as that's equally preferred.

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    While I am planning on making a small guild for myself and a few friends, I would like to join a larger guild as well. (asura only guild looks tempting for one of my toons at least hehehe)

    Character name : secret!
    Race: Human, Sylvari, Asura, Norn
    Guild Type: Mostly pve, but wouldn't mind a bit of WvW as well
    Region: Central US

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    I'll be looking for a PVP/PVE guild.
    Character name: Chogrin
    -Race:Human Thief
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: PvP with some PVe
    -Server region: US-East Coast

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    Archaic is Recruiting!

    Current Recruitment Status

    Warrior - High
    Ranger - High
    Necromancer - High
    Thief - High
    Engineer - High
    Guardian - High
    Elementalist - High
    Mesmer - High

    The Guild:

    Archaic is a new English EU guild launching for Guild Wars 2. Archaic's spectrum of members are from a broad variety of MMO's, and are highly experienced and competitive. It's founding members have all played together in previous MMOs and different PvP based platforms, 3 of which have raided together at the forefront of endgame server progression numerous times, which has built a strong foundation for leadership and structure for the Guild.
    Archaic aims to be at the forefront of PvE progression, whilst maintaining a high ranking PvP team. Saying this, Archaic will also strive to be a strong pillar of the Guild Wars 2 community in game, as well as maintaining a strong presence on the game's numerous fan sites and forums.

    As a Guild we strive to be the best in what we do, this means bringing your game face to any and every Dynamic events/Dungeons/PvP that might be going on. We always encourage a fun and relaxed environment while being focused and dedicated at the same time.

    While a member of Archaic, you are expected to represent the guild to the highest possible standard at all times, DON’T GIVE US A BAD NAME! This applies to talking in public channels as well as being in random PuG groups to server based Dynamic Events, or in Dungeons / PvP.

    Dynamic Events, Dungeons & PvP:

    Archaic is a focused Endgame Guild, as such people join to play at a very high standard. We will have casual members that won’t be hardcore as such, and they are always welcome to join, but they are expected to conduct themselves the same way as everyone else would.

    Code Of Conduct:

    · Bad behaviour is unacceptable, you are expected to remain as calm as possible in any situation.

    · Members of the guild are expected to show a high level of personal integrity, and to always be the better person and taking the high ground.

    · Be helpful to fellow guild members, the favour will be returned.

    · Refrain from discussion major issues within guild chat, we have a forum, use it, but keep the discussions to the point, and refrain from flaming each other.

    · At the end of the day, this is a game, and we are playing for fun, remember this.

    Guild Rules:

    · Don’t give the guild a bad name by acting like an idiot in public, you represent the guild at all times, and any stupid behaviour gets reflected to the guild as a whole.

    · You are expected to keep your cool during Dynamic events/PvP/Dungeons, bitching about wipes or loot will not be tolerated, you will be warned, and then you will be removed if it continues.

    · Overall, have the up most respect for everyone you encounter, if you encounter flaming or any griefing simply take the morale high ground, it'll be recognised.

    Get in touch!

    Guild Website:
    (GM) Xen's email:
    (Vice-GM) Devboy:
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    Sep 2010
    Some place
    I'm looking for a PvE / WvWvW guild, will be doing the 5v5 pvp thing too but i'm mostly interested in WvW interms of pvp:

    Character name: Razeo
    Race: Asura
    class: Ranger
    Server region: US west

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    Leadership: Ever-Changing, thats one of the perks.
    Goal: World Vs World, PvE comes naturally in-between PvP.
    Recruiting: Yes, but under certain circumstances.
    Server: East coast.
    TeamSpeak: : 9238

    A Short History:
    Our Focus:

    TeamLegacy was originally established in early August 2010 as a TeamLiquid community member offshoot. is the prime website for Starcraft and Starcraft 2 outside of Korea and a haven for competitive hardcore gamers. Together with a few friends, we have flourished and become very active. Our community continues to grow and interact with each other through various methods: playing games together, chatting on teamspeak, and through guild meetings. As a result of this, we have begun to see ourselves differently: we don't see ourselves as a group of randoms who have come together for a greater goal; we see ourselves as a community of gamers. Most of us have gamed our entire lives, many even at a professional level, and now we've come together to create a haven where we all are encouraged to think freely and interact with others who share our passions. We are a community of kindred spirits; we are a team.

    Legacy's main focus is to provide a haven for philosophers and theorycrafters to have open, intelligent debates and discussions on game-mechanics, playstyles and top-level strategies; then utilize that information to become the best at competitive content. In light of such a unique philosophy, we have chosen to design a very unique leadership structure that allows for everyone, from their first week in the guild on, to have a chance to voice their opinion on all major guild decisions. We want to avoid the standard cliques and drama of most large guilds, and maintain a helpful, positive, open minded environment where nobody feels as though they can not talk to another member based on social status within the guild, and we feel allowing everyone an equal voice is a great way to establish that environment.

    Our leaders and current members have top level experience in games such as Warhammer, Team Fortress 2, Guild Wars 1, Starcraft and WoW. Using leadership and strategies learned from these games we plan on leading the guild to greatness. We currently have over 150 interested members from these games and more. Our Team Speak is the highly active, and we are full of spirit.

    "My experience thus far with Team Legacy has been nothing but positive. This guild holds up to their claimed higher standards in gameplay, teamwork, and cooperation. Everyone is really friendly, despite their varying skill levels, and it seems everyone is seeking not only to improve their own gameplay, but further the gameplay of other members as well.

    We already have so many structures, mechanics, and battle strategies in place to take the WvW by storm; it's quite exciting to see this level of organization"

    -Malchior Devenholm

    What Makes Us Tick:
    Our Guild Focus

    Our vision for ourselves is to combine the dedication, experience, theorycrafting ability, high performance and expertise of hardcore guilds with the fun-factor and silliness of casual guilds in order to gain fame and honor. We don't want to be "that guild" where everyone fears making a mistake; but on the flip side of that coin, we currently see ourselves as a guild that will be competing in the upper-echelons of PvP. We fully expect that everyone will inevitably come to know and respect the name TeamLegacy, and we understand how bold that statement is.

    We also strive to create a friendly environment for all members, not just the competitive group. TeamLegacy and its offshoots plan to get together to do weekly world PvP and PvE events, involving all aspects of the community. The PvP events will give the less serious players an opportunity to learn from the more experienced. Our guild will be set up with a system of teams that will develop strategies alone and together, and have the option to participate in weekly PvP matches to hone their skills. This is the only way we can manage the numbers that we are predicting. This system also provides the small guild feel, but with the resources and players available of a large community.

    We wanted to make this post, first and foremost, to lend out a hand to any other like-minded players who would be interested in higher-level play. For the masses, just having GW2 in their hands and being able to play it will be good enough, but there are others we're sure that just love to work and test the latest in strategy and tactics. If you're among those free-thinkers, give us a shout.

    Encourage Competitive Gaming

    Let's work to make it happen

    As far as other guilds, and their governing entities, are concerned: if you're interested in developing a higher competitive atmosphere with us, or simply wish to know more about our upcoming ideas that we could work together to make realities, give us a shout as well. We're no strangers to the pro scenes in professional gaming, be it sponsored tournaments or highly-publicized casted events. We'd love to be able to work in tandem to make these ideas come true. Obviously there is a lot to be heard from ArenaNet on this front first, but working out the basic structures won't hurt at all. This isn't our first rodeo.

    Competitive Tournament Team

    We will be sponsoring no more than 5 members for a competitive arena team for Guild Wars 2. Many of our members who have joined have no other ambition except to excel in structured pvp, and will play exclusively as such. Although we run a persistent five night a week raid, we give priority to those members who wish to compete as well. If your aiming to make a name in the realm of eSports, we can help make that happen.

    We look forward to meeting you!

    "Team Legacy has extremely dedicated members. Even months before the game is out, there are people working behind the scenes to make sure that this guild is going to be leading the community. Guides have been written, we're having strategy meetings, the website is getting big upgrades in preparation for release. It's just a huge undertaking, and I wouldn't be anywhere else"
    -Bridger, host of Tales of Tyria

    Sign up for our forums at TeamLegacy and talk to members of the community. Even if you aren't interested in joining our members are always open to talk to and to discuss. We have an active teamspeak, where you can find all of us doing one thing or another. After all, we have nothing but time to kill until GW2's launch, and the more the merrier.

    Thank you,
    "Lonniehaskel" of Team Legacy
    Guild Co-Founder

    Our Forums.
    Our Podcast.

    Our guides:
    The Psychology of Winning: Fail Better
    Guild Leadership in MMOs
    How to be a Great Beta Tester
    Coaching Yourself in Competitive Play
    Productive Guild Members
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    Who we are: Shattered Dawn is a guild that's looking to establish a fun, casual gaming community for players of all backgrounds. We're founded by a group of friends currently playing together in other MMORPGS. We want to bring our fun, lively play style to Guild Wars 2, and enjoy playing the game with a company of friendly players who don't take the game too seriously. While we want to progress, and enjoy all things the game has to offer, both casual and end-game, we won't sit and grind out end-game content for hours on end while banging our head against a keyboard. We want casual players who can pace themselves, and play to have fun, not because they feel the game is a second job.

    What we do: As mentioned earlier, Shattered Dawn is a casual guild. By this, we mean that we don't do anything super seriously. We'll be taking part in all that the game has to offer, including the awesome PvP that'll come, group content, and role playing. We'll be putting together weekly, and if we eventually get the interest, perhaps daily, groups to explore the different content. One week we'll participate in guild PvP, and the next perhaps well do dungeons. However, the one aspect that may look a bit odd in there is role playing. Coming from a long history of being together in a role playing guild, the two founders though that having a role playing regiment would be a good idea. It would give all the members a fun, optional way to kick back and explore one of the less-ventured aspects of MMORPGS, something we find odd considering that the basis of these games is role-playing itself. Though we'll venture into role-playing, it'll be completely optional, and no member will be forced to partake in it. However, for those of us who are interested, we'll have a dedicated method of communication for in-character chat.

    Who are we looking for? If you've read the first section, chances are you know this by now We're looking for fun, social, casual players of all backgrounds. I don't care if you're the President of the U.S.A. or a cashier at McDonalds. We won't discriminate here, and we'll accept people regardless of playstyle, age, etc. Shattered Dawn will be a gaming community where people can log on, and put off the pressures of their life, and just enjoy the game without worrying about drama, trolling, etc.

    Why you should join us: Well, if you've read all of this, chances are you're either thinking, "Uhhhh no." Or "Oh, this would be a great guild to join, i'd fit in." Well, if you're the latter, that's why you should join us. Just apply on our website, and your application will have a response within 48 hours.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you consider Shattered Dawn in your search for a guild.

    VOIP: RaidCall
    PLAYSTYLE: Casual. RP-PvX
    MEMBER COUNT: Over 20

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    Equilibrium Guild is recruiting just about anyone right now.
    We are looking for people who just as us enjoy playing in a family.
    We're going to be heavily PvP oriented and as we had in Aion and WoW, aim to become among the best with our team.

    We intend to set a name in PvP and participate in Arenanet organized events.

    We are a guild with a 5 year history on games such as Kalonline, Aion, WoW and RIFT.
    Not to mention we all enjoy a good game of BF3 or CoD at its time

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    Deus Ex Machina is recruiting.

    We are awesome.

    We're taking this game seriously.

    We plan on doing some insane WvWvW and other PvP.

    Our players are fucking skilled.

    Need I say more? Check out our site. European based.
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    What is Grim Reaper Gaming? »
    The Grim Reaper Gaming clan has existed for a while already, mainly residing in very small groups of CoD: Black Ops, MW3 and League of Legends.
    We're now preparing for the release of Guild Wars 2, where we'll be creating a guild that aims to compete in both high-end PvE (Although technically there is no "end-game" in GW2), and PvP.
    PvP wise we'll be active in both competitive PvP aspects, as well as building our name in WvW by capturing locations and flagging our guild banner for everyone to see!

    Do note that we're a EUROPEAN guild, and will be found on a european server.

    As we don't know the names of any servers yet, the server that we'll be located on is yet to be decided.

    Maturity »
    While not having an age restriction, most of our members are of the age 20 years and older, and we'll expect a certain maturity level within the guild.

    Also it's very important to note that although many of us will aim to participate in the competitive PvP aspects of the game, we're NOT an elitist guild, and will have no members of our guild behaving as such.

    Casual Players »
    Not very fond of the idea of competative gameplay (both PvE and PvP wise)? Not to worry, our guild is casual-friendly as well, where we see strength in numbers. For now everyone is welcome, but do keep in mind - You can be removed just as easily as you're invited. Behave like a proper humanbeeing and we'll all get along just fine.

    We hope to incorporate our members into a good community, so we don't end up having too many guild members "that are just there".
    You know, that guy that was invited and never said anything in the guild chat, never interacted with the guild in any way, but just was in it.

    We would like our members to play together and create an awesome community for all our members to share experiences with.

    So how do I join? »
    For now it is pretty simple, just register on our forum and request admission to the guild member usergroup. It will not always be like this, but in this early stage, before the game has even launched - this is how it is.

    The more active you are around in our community, the more we will notice you - post on our forums and get to know us! This is how we choose our officers.

    What are we doing in the meantime? »
    Right now we're keeping a close eye on GW2guru,, and keeping up to date on GW2 news - but mainly we play together in other games while waiting.
    We're playing alot of LoL and CoD, as well as APB, just having a blast while we're waiting for the release (or beta access if we're lucky).

    We have our own ventrilo server up and running, info in the Information & Announcements section of our forum.
    Hope to see you on our forum soon and maybe even come play with us while waiting for GW2 release

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    <Purge> Mature/21+, PvX (EU) Social, Active & Addicted GW2 Guild

    Mature 21+ European PvX Guild Wars 2 guild
    Social - Highly Active - Progressive - Well Run

    "...being part of this guild is not just about gaming, it's a proper community where I feel a valued member"

    Our Mumble Server is used in and out side of guild events, which start from 8pm -11pm (GMT)
    Support for Crafting & Traits - Organised Dungeons, PvP and WvWvW Groups

    "'s reassuring to know that what I put in, I will get back...all of the members made me feel extremely welcome"

    Drama Free & Emo Free
    Understanding towards those with family & work commitments

    " see, we are building more than just a guild here, we're building a community!"

    Applicants looking to apply should want the above as well as helping us to achieve it. Being part of this guild isn't a one way street for any of our members.
    Group applications welcome - Experienced Guild Wars 1 players a major benefit, although not essential
    Recruitment Open To All Professions

    Thinking about joining us? Then visit the following link for more information (To make an application please visit our forum)

    Visit us at: Click here for our Info on RECRUITMENT
    If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to send me a PM via this forum.
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    Hi Guys,

    The Mendelevium Order is founded by 2 long term players of MMO Games, including World of Warcraft, Guild Wars.

    We aim to create a large community of Players within our family to go furthur into content in the upcoming game Guild Wars 2.

    So if your looking for leveling buddies, a place to come and chat with new people, raiding end game etc, then we are the guild for you.

    We aim to get as much out of GW2 as you guys want including

    PvE Content
    PvP Content

    We are based in the UK and play mostly at nightimes due to work, so if any other people are restricted to nightime play only we are the guild for you.

    We mainly are looking for players 18+, and have a reasonable grasp of the English Language

    We also have a 30 slot ventrilo server in waiting for when more people join because obviously alot of people dont like talking in guild chat.

    We hope to see you soon @

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