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    <Cynical> (PVX)(EST) Pre-recruiting for Launch

    Who We Are:

    Cynical just hit 60 members, and we are growing more and more each week! Come be a part of our coumminity!

    <Cynical> is a [PVX](EST) semi-casual guild focusing on PVE and PVP. Cynical formed in Feb 2011 by a group of like-minded players who wanted to see end game content, but still maintain a casual atmosphere within the guild. Maintaining a fun and safe environment for our members to interact in is our top priority. Our Officer team is always willing to hear concerns/suggestions, and Cynical is constantly evolving because of this.

    Our core raid members and officers have vast experience in a number of other MMORPG's, including WOW, Rift, Aion, SWTOR, L2, GW, EQ, etc.

    What we Offer:

    • Fully Functional website with calendar, private messaging, forums, and more!
    • a 35 slot Ventrilo voice chat server
    • Inter-guild crafting
    • A fun and friendly community of mmorpg veterans
    • Structured PVE Events, Questing, and dungeons
    • New Guild member mentoring
    • Structured Pvp and WvWvW Groups
    • Guild contests and Prizes

    What We Ask of Our Members:

    • that our members treat one another with respect and dignity, and remember that when dealing with other guild members, real life takes precedence over game time.
    • that our members use Ventrilo voice chat whenever they plan to group with others, in order to help facilitate the group.
    • that each member of Cynical refrains from making racist or sexist remarks on ventrilo or in guild chat, and keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humor.
    • We respectfully ask our guild members NOT to have characters in multiple guilds, as we believe this can cause a conflict of interest.
    • We encourage members of the guild to be active on the guild forums, as it is a great place to schedule events and interact with other guild members, as well as a great place to discuss strategy in PVE and PVP.
    • Above all else, we ask each guild member to have fun!!

    We are looking to make new friends and meet old ones at Launch, and we would love for you to join our wild and crazy family! If you would like to be able to start on launch day with good friends and leveling partners, then we invite you to come apply to our website!
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    Hello everyone! My name is Jason, also known as Tonitrui.

    I hope everyone here is hyped as much as I am for the launch. But lets be real. One of the main reasons you play MMO's is for the community. Not just on your server, but for your guild. Look no further, your future community has arrived.

    Feel free to register and submit the short application currently available. A little about what the guild will be to follow.

    This guild will be a mix of PvP and PvE. Either from 1 large WvW group and smaller Battleground groups, you will find what you want out of the Player v Player experience to suit your needs. If PvE is your game, join one of the many groups with diverse raiding times! People with concurrent schedules can feel free to start working out groups during the beta to be ready for launch!

    My goal with SoC is to push it to be the best on what ever server we land on. From PvP to PvE, we will dominate this game the way it was meant to be.

    Join now, become active on the forums and in beta, and I hope to call you a brother or sister soon!

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    Founders: Friedforfun, Vicepuma, Lycean
    Content type: PvE/PvP/WvWvW
    Server Region: EU

    What can you expect from us?
    We are a semi-hardcore guild that is built around a strong core team of players who have considerable experience in MMO gaming. If you are want a competitive and progressive Guild based in the EU that has a friendly and supportive atmosphere you are looking in the right place.

    What we are looking for:
    Flawless is a based around a collection of players that excel in their classes and roles, we expect commitment and skill in our competitive players, that being said we are friends and treat each other with respect and support.

    We are looking for players that are always improving their playstyle and min/maxing their traits and gear. Players that choose to join our guild will be able to experience the best of both PvE and PvP. Our vision is of being one of the Guilds with the best influence on our sever but more than that it's also about having respect from other players because you are a part of Flawless and always strive to do your best.

    We also cater to more casual players who wish to be a part of our community as we are after all a social guild and understand that not everyone can play all the time, those that want to experience the game with skilled and experienced players need look no further.

    We require:
    • Maturity, we don't care how old you are out side of the game so long as you act in a mature and reasonable manner all ages are welcome.
    • Teamspeak 3(mic optional, but preffered)
    • Commitment from our players, if you sign up for an event/activity/battleground we expect you to turn up

    If everything above interests you log onto our site(linked below) and fill out our application form. If all goes well we will see you in beta!

    Flawless Website
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    Imperium is a 21+, European based Gaming community.

    Imperium - n. [an order , a command; the right to order, power, mastery, command]; esp. [political power, authority, sovereignty]; 'in imperio esse', [to hold office]; meton. [empire], and in plur.,[persons in authority].

    Imperium was established in February 2002 with the objective of providing a community that allows like minded players to enjoy online gaming in a friendly and enjoyable manner. We are an adult only gaming community and use ventrilo for voice communications.

    Who We Are
    A close knit community that consist of members from around the globe and from all walks of life. While we do have a few younger members (no minors, we're all adults here, we completely understand that age is not necessarily a reflection of maturity, in fact, we know from experience it isn't, however we as adults prefer to surround ourselves with other adults) our typical members are working professionals in their late 20's-40's. We are very serious about our community and our reputation within the gaming community. The fastest way to a guild kick is hacking, exploiting, or in general bringing the microscope down on us in any sort of negative implication.

    Many of us have grown with the MMO genre and in general while we are experienced gamers we now have families, careers, are working towards degrees, etc. Amongst the ranks we have members who have played MMO's for over a decade and also many who just enjoy the games and the company. We have members who have experience raiding top tier content successfully, we have members who have successfully achieved top 5 server standings or better and have done so in multiple MMO titles. All of that being said none of it is important.

    We want you to know that when you join us you are joining an experienced and successful group of gamers many of which have long pedigree's. However, you are not going to find yourself in an environment of elitist jerks. Quite the opposite. We are very laid back but we are highly organized. When we wipe on raids we do not whine or scream at each other in vent. We pick ourselves up and get back to it all the while enjoying ourselves and winding down from a day at work etc.

    Common sense prevails here in all situations. From being a team player and putting your guild before yourself, having realistic expectations, helping and not hindering online organized events, you name it. We have a certain way of doing almost everything and if you have specific questions about what those things may be please ask and we will tell you. The goals of the guild supersede the goals of the individual. We help each other, we share, and the expectation is set with that frame of mind.

    Playstyle - Casual but serious about endgame
    Casual is not meant to imply almost non-existent gameplay. What we mean is there is no ridiculous schedule to meet or maintain, if you go out of town or on vacation you are not going to get booted, etc. If you can manage to play a few hours a night several times a week (as a minimum) that will work. More is of course better however we are not swinging gavels down on folks that have a consistent presence under normal circumstances where they are not swamped or overwhelmed with real life obligations.

    We are not a zerg guild, and although we absolutely do not monitor members playtime we will not add members to our ranks that simply do not play or contribute.

    As a close knit community, we cannot afford to have members more interested playing on other servers or in other MMO's. This needs to be your "game and guild of choice." If we find out you are also in another guild you will need to make a choice. We don't have time for players that choose to do this.

    Our social goal is to provide a friendly and mature environment. We will not tolerate drama and while enjoying gameplay is important we are not here to provide fun for you. Members are expected to be self sufficient when necessary and pro-active in creating their own enjoyable experience.

    We expect our members to add to the community not just reside and hang their hat in it. We want socially adept folks with a genuine interest in being here that display some sort of presence. We are casual however this does not imply that its ok to sign on here then go underneath the radar for months. Get to know people, hop in vent, be active in guild chat and on the boards. Be part of the community and we'll call you one of 'us'.

    Voice Communications
    Ventrilo is used and EVERYONE is encouraged to use it. Many people find their online experience more enjoyable when voice chat is available. Some, do not. Primarily we will use it simply to avoid typing. However, we will also use it to provide another layer of efficiency and organization in Raid encounters and for this reason EVERYONE who attends a raid must be on Ventrilo. Log in and just listen if that is all you prefer to do.

    • In order for a new player to join Imperium they must meet our recruitment criteria as laid out below:
    • All new members must be aged 21+.
    • In the event that a player is slightly below this age requirement then they will be asked to party with our members on a number of occasions to see if they would be an asset to Imperium.
    • All new members must register on the website prior to being accepted.
    • All new members will be added on a two week trial basis. At the end of this 2 week trial basis the Officers of Imperium will cast their votes to determine if the trial member is offered a full position in Imperium.
    • Imperium operates a need before greed looting policy in groups.
    • Imperium operates a DKP looting policy on raids.
    • We do not kill steal other players or roll on loot when there is another person better suited to the item in the group.
    • Under no circumstances are members of Imperium to use public chat channels to talk in a manner that could reflect poorly on Imperium or its members.
    • Under no circumstances are members of Imperium to conduct themselves in a manner that could reflect poorly on Imperium or its members.
    • Must be in agreement with our Guild Charter and Philosophy in order to join our community.
    • Must be in agreement with this Recruitment Policy in order to join our community.

    If you wish to join Imperium then post your application in the appropriate section of the forum.

    Gaming History

    Since 2002 Imperium has taken an active role in a wide variety of mmo games but our speciality is raiding and PvE in fantasy based mmo genres. We have had an active presence (Rift and Guild Wars 2 are the main games that we are currently playing or will be playing in the near future) in the following games:

    :: Legend of Mir 2 :: Lineage :: Lineage II :: EverQuest II :: Lord of the Rings Online ::
    :: Eve Online :: Age of Conan :: Aion :: Rift :: SWTOR :: Guild Wars 2

    Further Info
    If you need any further information check out our 'FAQ' section of the site which contains a great deal of useful information that has helped many interested new members or feel free to contact me.
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    Celest - Join our band of brothers!


    Who we are:
    Celest is a relatively new guild looking for ambitious, new players of Guild Wars 2. We serve and protect all of Tyria from prejudice, oppression and all evil.

    Celest is an acronym that stands for Celestial Excellence Legion of Eternal Service to Tyria. Celest is based off of the cosmic idea of the sun, moon and stars with the ranks being associated off of that concept. Within the guild, there are three factions: Selene (Lunar) Faction, Helios (Solar) Faction, and Cosmic Faction. They are there to keep each other in check and to cover the three aspects of the game: PvE, PvP, and WvW.

    Aim of the Guild:
    Our aim of the game is to spread out play in both PvE and PvP. We encourage all players of different styles to join and enjoy this beautiful new game with occasional support from our friendly guild.

    Final Notes:
    We would like to build a huge diverse family of players to enjoy this new game together. Although we accept all ages, older players (14+) are preferred. All time zones are also accepted but realize that our leaders reside in Mid-West America (Eastern/Central time zones).

    We don't take too many things seriously (Yes, we have a few trolls in our midst). Our mission is to not only discover all that Guild Wars 2 has to offer, but to also have fun while doing it.

    Interested in joining?
    Visit our guild site if you wish to join or have any other questions!

    If you are interested in joining, click the Recruitment Form tab on the menu and fill out the application (takes literally 2 minutes )!

    We look forward to seeing you online or in the game!
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    Thumbs up


    We at Tenetur are trying to build a guild that is social and fun. We are a new guild that will be focusing mostly on PvE but will try and have a strong PvP presence. We are a mature guild looking for active members. Mature is an attitude not an age, if you are mature then you are more then welcome. You can apply at our website provided in the link below. If we get a larger active member base we will be getting a voice chat server and have considered upgrading or site to accommodate the members. If you have any questions please go to our website and ask and they will be answered as soon as we see them.

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    Welcome to Malevolence.

    Who are we

    Malevolence was born in WoW, first we were casual players but then we flourished being one of the best guild in our realm finishing content in Hard mode in 25 raids.

    What we want

    Malevolence will be focusing in the aspects of the game that require team work and coordenation.
    Our interests in pve will be in dungeons and hard heart events and hard dynamic events.

    For pvp we will focus more on world versus world. We want to be able to hold a place in the map for the full duration (2 weeks). We may do a few battlegrounds just for fun as well, but our main goal in pvp is world versus world and we pretend to take it seriously.

    We also have in our forum a place for roleplayers, because all storys are diferents and it may be interesting to share.

    We will be in an europe server, but we welcome everyone who desire to join us.

    Our experience in other MMO´s and Online Games:
    Perfect World
    Lineage 2
    World of Warcraft
    Guild Wars


    Being active and mature, no crying kids allowed.

    You need a working microphone, a solid connection and a good computer. We still didnt decided if we will use ventrilo or teamspeak3, communication is everything when in World vs. World and dungeons.
    You only will be acepted after register in the forum.

    Want to apply? Visit our forum
    Our forum webpage:

    Note: The guild name is not 100% decided yet, as we get more members to join we will vote for a new name.

    Note 2: The leaders of the guild will be in every beta event after 10 April.

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    Bonsai (NA) is a West-Coast guild that is into community oriented play.

    Check us out at to contact us or for more information

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    -Character name: Corza (or some variation)
    -Race: Asura
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: PVE / PVP
    -Server region: North America

    I've been playing MMOs since 1999, raiding since 2000. I excel at pvp and high end pve. I'm looking for a guild of like-minded high end players. I'll most likely be rolling thief or ranger. (Probably thief).

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    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pvp guild with fun people. I have 1900+ arenas exp in WoW as a rogue (recently quit because i got fed up with how bad the sate of the game is in terms of pvp), and would definitely like having a solid group of friends to pvp with once the game releases.

    -Name: Wikram
    -Race: Charr (or possibly human)
    -Profession: Thief
    -Looking for a serious pvp guild
    -North American east coast
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    Finally got my haggard ass around to updating this. If your guild is in this thread but not in the first post send me a PM and I'll get it added.

    And again, I've removed all the one post wonders from this thread and will continue to do so. If you want to have your guild advertised on this site, participate in the forums, it's a two way street

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    Herald of the Titans Treeskee's Avatar
    10+ Year Old Account
    Join Date
    Dec 2010
    ON, CA
    -Character name: Bradski (most likely)
    -Race: Norn or Sylvari
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: Looking for PvE/PvP
    -Server region: NA, EST if possible

    Will most likely be playing a guardian at this time. As I'm not sure if any of my current circle of friends will be getting the game would be nice to have a group to hangout with.

    You can PM me if you'd like as I check MMO daily.

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    TDA is a gaming community of one of the "old boys" in "town", we have existed since early DAoC and have played pretty much every MMO out there. We are a social gaming community, which includes both the hardcore and the purely social players, the tone and atmosphere is relaxed. We enjoy teamplay and encourage all members to be as social and helpful, to both old and new.

    The Dark Alliance has an open invite policy. This means all people can join your guild. No matter nationality, sex, race, age, religion, sexual orientation and so on, all who respect other people are welcome. We are an open and friendly guild that takes pride in our great diversity. We are a social guild that likes to chat and have fun across all the differences we might have. We have casual players, we have hardcore players, we enjoy all aspects of the game meaning PvE, PvP and large scale RvR (WvWvW) in the guild. We have all nationalities in the guild, but we speak English in chat and in Ventrilo. If you find it hard to communicate on English, don't worry. We don't expect anything close to perfect English skills and we can almost always find a person that can help you translate or understand your native tongue.

    We expect all members to:
    - Sign up on our forum. Just register an account with a valid email address
    - Read the rules posted on our forum, on a sticky post in the section
    - Write a bit about yourself and maybe answer some of the questions in the application form, use the link below
    - Put your character names in the forum signature. (So we can see who is who).
    - (Remember) Write down forum name in "notes" on guild roster in the game. (Or use your ingame name as your forum name)

    How to Apply
    After having registered on our forum fill out the registration form on our homepage or the direct link: Application Form
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    Cool DRAGON CHASERS - Tyria's Finest PvP & PvE Guild

    Recruitment videos:

    Basic Information:

    Dragon Chasers is a group of highly talented, competitive gamers that aims to be a top competitor in Guild Wars 2. We started as Space Blasters, a pre-release guild for SWTOR, and we were very successful. Now we're seeking some more excellent gamers with the right mentality to join our team.

    As a newer guild, our "core" is more accessible than that of older gaming communities. This means that there's plenty of room to grow for players seeking to prove their worth.

    We are a hardcore guild, but we know how to enjoy ourselves. There are no arbitrary rules, regulations or mandates here. Organization is key, but our belief is that intelligent players don't need to be babied.

    Forums: SBDC
    Twitter: @SBDCguild
    Timezone: Mostly EST
    Focus: Mostly PvP


    How big will this guild be when the game releases?

    Big enough. As of writing this we have over 100 members. That said, we are very selective about who we bring in and do not consider "zerg" recruiting a valid tactic. Quality and quantity are not mutually exclusive.

    What's with the SBDC thing? Are you “Space Blasters” or “Dragon Chasers”?

    We started out as the former, but today we're running under SBDC or “Space Blasters, Dragon Chasers.” Which flag we fly depends on the game - in GW2, you'll be seeing <Dragon Chasers>.

    What are this guild's objectives?

    PvP! While we'll spend some time on PvE stuff (we're pretty good at that too), we're definitely focusing on PvP in this game. 5v5 competition, WvWvW, PvPvE, whatever. We're going to slay it.

    What professions are your recruiting?

    As of now we are accepting applications from all professions. We suggest that members coordinate with their potential 5v5 partners, however.

    Is there a minimum age requirement to join?

    Save for rare and specific exceptions, we only consider applicants that are eighteen years and older. We are a mature guild (at least in age).

    Are you recruiting for leadership positions?

    Possibly. Officers act as a major form of leadership and support within SBDC, assisting with a slew of often unseen leadership and administrative duties. Exceptional players may be considered, but rarely.

    What timezone will this guild operate in? Is this an international guild?

    We're based out of the EST timezone. However, we will accept applications from all regions and countries as long as our schedules are compatible.

    Is voice chat required?

    Yes. Voice communication is essential to an efficient guild – especially in PvP situations. We have a dedicated Mumble server and a microphone is highly recommended.

    Anything else?

    We are a very competitive, progressive guild and we expect to be a top competitor in GW2. If you're looking for a place to play seriously without the headaches of other “hardcore” guilds, this may be the place for you.

    Recent Press

    GW2 Vault:
    "They have an odd sense of humor, but play with the intensity of your serious hardcore guilds."

    Force Junkies:
    “The main thing is that players should be able to govern themselves and know how to interact with one another without causing problems. We only recruit mature players (and we indiscriminately remove those with a flare for the dramatic).”

    Star Wars
    “There are certain things guild leaders can do to make all the tasks surrounding running a guild more manageable, so we sat down with questioned Dillinger, the leader of one of the premier pre-launch guilds for The Old Republic, Space Blasters, to find out how they do it and how they plan to keep it up post-launch.”

    Cancelled TORWars Interview:
    “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, too many guilds today look more like the Third Reich than independent gaming organizations. Our players are dedicated to the team because they want to be, not because we’ve inundated them with a bunch of arbitrary and heavy-handed legislature – and if they don’t want to be dedicated anymore, then they go.”

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    Talking Ascent - Not just a guild, but a Community [Europe]

    Our Website

    Ascent is a newly formed European guild made up of a diverse group of people that have been playing together for years in a large variety of games, with an emphasis on MMO’s. Between our members we have a wealth of experience in playing, but most of all leading and managing guilds to great success, one example of this is us leading a guild to the upper echelons of the highly competitive World of Warcraft raiding scene.

    In Guild Wars 2 we will be focusing on both PvP and PvE content and strive to make a name for ourselves that will be recognized on our server and perhaps one day in the Guild Wars 2 community as a whole.

    Our Guild
    In Guild Wars 2 our focus will be on creating a community that essentially welcomes everyone to it, Male, Female, Casual, Hardcore, new to the genre or an MMO Veteran.

    As mentioned before, we feel that every player should be able to join our guild, given they can contribute to the guild as a whole in some way and improve the experience for everyone in the Guild.

    We feel that tackling content and accomplishing amazing things with a group of like-minded people, friends even, while engaging in friendly banter on our Teamspeak 3 Server is far more rewarding than playing with strangers, after all, we aren't just a guild, we are a community.

    Additionally the improved communication, strategical and tactical value voice communication offers is invaluable for content that requires more organization, such as PvE content in the form of Dynamic Events and large scale PvP content in the form of World vs World battles in Guild Wars 2.

    Hope to meet you on our Forums soon !
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    Location: EU
    Current Member Count: 8
    Primary Focus: PvX
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    Conquest - Australian Based guild

    Location: Australia (AU)
    Current Member Count: 50
    Primary Focus: PvX

    Conquest is an Australian based guild we are currently working on recruitment for the upcoming game Guild Wars 2

    We are after members to level and complete dungeons/dynamic events with and also dominate PvP/WvW

    While we wait impatiently for guild wars 2 we have been playing together on different games such as BF3, LoL and a few others.

    Update: We have been growing rapidly over the last week we have now hit 50 members and the forums are becoming very active
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    Celest - The shining star in the night sky...


    Who we are:
    Celest is a relatively new guild looking for ambitious, new players of Guild Wars 2. We serve and protect all of Tyria from prejudice, oppression and all evil. Our guild has some RP elements (as discussed below) and we are always looking for new members to be welcomed into our ranks.

    Celest is an acronym that stands for Celestial Excellence Legion of Eternal Service to Tyria. Celest is based off of the cosmic idea of the sun, moon and stars with the ranks being associated off of that concept. Within the guild, there are three factions: Selene (Lunar) Faction, Helios (Solar) Faction, and Cosmic Faction. They are there to keep each other in check and to cover the three aspects of the game: PvE, PvP, and WvW.

    Why should you be interested in our guild?

    - Acceptance of any playstyle
    - Organized events, raids, and more
    - Organized, competitive PvP culture for those with that playstyle
    - Fun, laid-back atmosphere but with serious drive to improve and succeed
    - Achievement completionists

    What do we have to offer?

    - Helpful community
    - Private guild Mumble server for voice communication
    - Both a hardcore and a more casual playerbase for any recruit's playstyle
    - A good amount of members to accumulate influence quickly and reward the guild and its members
    - Experienced leader of several previous guilds in different game genres and playstyles over 10+ years
    - Opportunities for officer positions, one per 10 members

    What are our goals?

    - To have a good sized member base (75-125 max) so you always have someone to party with and/or talk to
    - To gain influence quickly and unlock various guild perks that way
    - To complete all of the PvE content
    - To hopefully attain a few server / world firsts
    - To organize large-scale WvW events
    - To participate in competitive tournament-format PvP matches
    - To have fun and socialize

    Final Notes:
    We would like to build a huge diverse family of players to enjoy this new game together. Although we accept all ages, older players (14+) are preferred. All time zones are also accepted but realize that our leaders reside in Mid-West America (Eastern/Central time zones).

    We don't take too many things seriously (Yes, we have a few trolls in our midst). Our mission is to not only discover all that Guild Wars 2 has to offer, but to also have fun while doing it.

    Interested in joining?
    Visit our guild site if you wish to join or have any other questions!
    If you are interested in joining, click the Recruitment Form tab on the menu and fill out the application (takes literally 2 minutes )!

    Or you can contact me directly at

    We look forward to seeing you online or in the game!

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    -Character name: Notaro
    -Race: TBD
    -Guild Type: PvP primary focus, with PvE as well
    -Server region: US - Eastern

    Here is my Generic App for more detailed info about myself
    Character Name: Notaro
    Class/Spec: TBD
    Age: 27
    Time Zone: Eastern
    Voice Comm: TS/Vent/Skype with Mic
    Previous PvE experience: All content was listed below was completed AT the time it was the current endgame content
    • EQ: Cleared all content up to PoT
    • WoW: Cleared MC, BWL, AQ40 (up to Twin Emps), All of BC and Wrath up to Ulduar (quit before ICC)
    • SWTOR: Cleared EV and KP on Normal/Hard/Nightmare (except Soa on Nightmare)
    Previous PvP Experience:
    • WoW: Was a 2K+ rated team during season 3-4 as War/Shm, and DK/Dru during season 5-6
    Previous GW Experience:
    • GW: I played this game quite often during the beta stages, but never played during release. So i'm sure nothing I learned from it can really carry over. I did enjoy the PvP system from what little I played of it.

    About Me: I'm am a former hardcore raider from EQ/WoW/SWTOR, and competitive arena player in WoW who tries to play more casually but usually can't help it =P. I played a Cleric in EQ, Priest/Mage in WoW PvE and War/DK in Arena, and IA Operative in SWTOR. Most of my MMO carrer has been playing healer/support type classes as I find it the most enjoyable.

    What I'm looking for in a guild?: I'm not looking for a hardcore guild that has requirements of attendance and such due to me wanting to stay employed =), but I do wish for it to have structure and to be more than just a casual group of people. I get most of my enjoyment from tackling difficult challenges, and I would be lying if I said loot didn't matter. I am a Min/Max type of player who strives for optimal performance and want to be with like minded people as well. Eastern time zone guilds are preferred!

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    I am posting this on behalf of my friend who is recruiting people for their Guild Wars 2 guild.

    <New World Order> - European PvE/PvP guild.

    Guild Leader: Virtue
    Officers: Mud, <<YOU?>> --> Looking for one EXTREMELY CAPABLE officer.

    We hope to become a high end PvE/PvP guild and we're attempting to achieve this goal without having to completely devote our lives for the game. The founders of the guild have known each other since childhood and are all university level students and we're hoping to keep the guild atmosphere both fun and mature when needed, our humour is extremely black and twisted though so if you're easily offended we might not be the best choice for you. We are going to be focusing on quality over quantity and people who don't learn to maximize their performance quickly enough will be either asked to leave the guild or will be demoted to a social rank. We do not require previous MMO gaming experience, although it is strongly preferred. The guild leaders have played several MMOs such as Guild Wars 1, Aion, and World of Warcraft in high end guilds.

    What we require from you:

    -18 years of age, exceptions can be made.
    -High enthusiasm and devotion to the game and the guild. We expect everyone to stay on top of the latest builds and gear requirements for their characters. Everyone is expected to maximize their professions and obtain consumables if such things are available in the game.
    -You need to be fluent in both written and spoken english language. You also need to have Mumble installed, and please for the love of the ancient Greek god Zeus don't be a socially awkward silent person, communication is essential for good teamwork.
    -You need to be able to attend our guild instance runs, the days and specific times will be decided later on in accordance with everyone's timetables. (We will most likely be doing these around three times a week between 18:00 and 23:00)
    -You need to be active. We do not require a large amount of daily playtime and as we're students ourselves we understand if you have to take breaks for studying or other similar purposes, as far as you let us know about these things in advance.

    What we offer you:

    -Experienced guild leadership.
    -Lively guild chat and mumble.
    -100 slot mumble server.
    -Active guild forums where you can receive the latest information considering your class, pve and pvp related stuff. (We prefer if everyone actively posts news about their own class and preferred gamestyle)
    -Politically incorrect, twisted and sick humour from me, Mud and possibly some other people.

    If this does not scare you off and you think you're prepared to leave an application, please send us your application here.
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