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    The Descendents of Kodan [US] [PVP/PVE/RP] - Now Recruiting

    Guild Name: The Descendents of Kodan
    Guild Type/Timezone: PvP Focus in EST (GMT -5)
    Guild Leader: Finn Arthornio
    Recruiting: OPEN - Application Submission
    Mumble Server VOIP
    New Guild - Fashioned From Former Experience

    Our Forums Can be Found Here

    The foundation behind The Descendents was formed in January 2012 by Finn Arthornio. Formerly a four year member of the Inner Sanctum of Legend-Gaming, serving as the Community Administrator. Due to the nature of Finn's leadership style and a disagreement with another community founder, Finn found himself in a position where removal from the community to form anew was the best scenario for all involved.

    The Descendents of Kodan aspires to be among the greats within the Guild Wars 2 Community. Our main goal is that of ridding ourselves of the common, "Revolving Door", seen in most gaming communities today. With so many stringent requirements for acceptance, and so many simple ways to be removed from a guild, how can one set their goals so high to be achieved in game when only a few can successfully navigate the guild's policy? Through several decades worth of experience leading in other guilds, the Great Council of The Descendents have an established ideal for what it takes to run a guild successfully. Focusing on the commonalities we share as gamers is a severe priority. We seek to create a home for gamers that will last and serve the purpose beyond any single game.

    The Descendents of Kodan

    There is no known, true, origin story for the Norn. Stories, however, tell of a small group of Kodan hunters who were separated from their tribe long ago during the great storm. When the storm had finally cleared, rumors say that the lost tribesman were unable to find their way back to the frozen Icebergs in the North, and were forced to settle in the warmer, albeit still chilling, Shiverpeaks. Through the ages they descended into the race known as the Norn, shedding their bear form and taking up new gods. But not all Norn ally themselves to the new gods. There are those who believe that one day, Koda will grant them the honor of returning to the Sanctuaries.

    The Descendents are a proud people. In this, we pride ourselves in our lore and in our biographies. The Descendents will have strong ties to Role Play and carrying out the characters we choose to be. There will be a large amount of depth to our characters and our interactions with those who will share our world. Contribution and involvement in our Role Play Department, however, will never be considered mandatory. Instead, we will focus on all three elements of positive gameplay: PvP most stringently, PvE, and RP. All three elements will be available to our members through the use of a separate leader of each department who's sole mission it will be to facilitate a constant base of activity. This is to say, that, we will have dedicated players in each facet of gameplay and will plan our very best to succeed wholly in each.

    Our leadership is comprised of over 50 years of combined leadership experience. Although our numbers may appear small in stature currently, it should be evident by our makeup that we are no one to be trifled with. We are steadily looking for those who wish to be a part of this community. Those, especially, who want to be a part of the founding of a community such as this.

    Our Views on PvP

    Player vs Player combat will be the primary focus of the majority of our leadership. We anticipate to be heavily involved in the Structured PvP, to include the ever fascinating world of professional gameplay. Although, due to the nature of this being a new game and only very limited play time has thus far been garnered, we will not lay claim to being the best of the best just yet (as some already have, even without experience).

    We will also concentrate heavily on World vs World, and in doing so, plan on forging many friendships and alliances in the attempt to bolster our World first, so that we, as a server, can be successful in the coming war.

    Our Views on PvE

    In the past we have shown that when we are driven, we can be among the first, and best, at dominating the Player vs Environment arena. World Bosses, Dungeons, and Raids... they will fall to the mercy of our organization and power. We will contribute to the community all of our strategies, statistics, and builds as we perfect them.

    Our Views on RP

    Our High King, Finn, is an avid fan of Role Play and is considered among one of the top writers in his days in past communities. Role Play, thus, will be a center piece to the ability to keep our guild entertained all through the day and all through the night. Although some might argue, you don't have to spend your entire days downing bosses and looting the corpses of the enemy player. Take a second to sit back, and join us at the Drunken Dragon Inn. We'll buy you a flagon of ale.

    Requirements to Join
    • You must be 18 years of age or older. (This is non-negotiable as we are an adult themed guild)
    • You must maintain a decent aptitude for RP. (IE - Character Name)
    • You must agree to adhere to a simple Code of Conduct.
    • You will then fill out a short, but concise application through our Recruitment Page.
    • The Great Council will then take a moment to review your application and decide on acceptance or denial.
    • Once accepted you will be requested to attend a Meet and Greet through the use of our Mumble Server.
    • Lastly, enjoy the comradeship and maintain activity throughout.

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    Hi all, This is Houyisan from Konvicted [EU].

    Im here to tell you a little about us and why you may fit in our ranks.

    We are a Massive Online Community playing multiple games including, WoW, LoL, APB, BF3 and many more. Now we are looking to expand into Guild wars. We are an EU based guild. English is our main language.

    Our Goals : We are setting out to become a well known part of any game we particape in. All our members have a vast experience in the gaming world and have alot to teach. Our serious players are here to help you grasp any aspect of the game you want to do. Our social players are here to provide a perfect community for everyone. And lastly the entire guild is here to help you with anything you need.

    What we are Recruiting : We are currently recruiting for every aspect of GW2! May it be PVE, PVP or just the general leveling and social aspect, we are the guild for you.

    What we offer
    *TS3 Server
    *Great helpful community
    *Forums with multiple games.
    *Up to date news for multiple games
    *Servers to play your games on.
    *Tips and Tricks on various games.
    *Help and Advice
    *An Awesome Community

    What we are looking for
    *Community members with a good attitude
    *Community members who don’t mind helping each other out.
    *We accept all players with a good attitude, and willing to help other community players.
    *Active, Serious and/or Fun players.

    We are currently residing on the Ring of Fire for the duration of the CBE and will have a discussion about where we will call home in the near future.
    We will be focusing on every aspect of the game. We will have Serious PVE and PVP teams, but we will also continue to maintain our social prospect of the guild.
    We have a wide range of ages playing and people from various backgrounds. So im 100% you will fit in somewhere in our ranks.

    Our Website - - Check us Out!

    Wish to apply ? Contact me here, or Via our public ts server located on the website. My name on TS is Jordan’. Dont hesitate to contact myself or any of the guild officers on the site/ts or here if you have any questions at all!
    Look forward to seeing you ingame!

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    Monster Hunters of Guild Wars 2

    This guild is for anyone who plays Monster Hunter. There are no requirements to join besides a love for the series!

    Go here and click the "Join" tab. No information is required to be filled out to join!

    We have comprehensive forums covering many guild wars 2 and monster hunter topics!

    The guild will be based on a US server come release, but anyone is welcome to join.
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    Hello all, I would like to thank you for your interest in checking us out. We're currently using the Tarnished Coast as our home world for the betas, this could possibly change as we go into launch.

    Tempest Gaming is an active gaming community for people over 20 years of age, that prides itself on its organized structure. We're a casual gaming community who will never give you a problem about placing your partner, kids, or other real life responsibilities above your game time, while maintaining a home for the more competitive gamers too. Thus our membership ranges from college students, career professionals, and even a few retirees.

    Tempest was established March 15, 2011 within the MMO Rift. A small group of players banded together to build the top guild on the Threesprings Shard. Within a few months the guild ranks had grown to over 300 members with over 175 registered accounts. The guild flourished as a casual and fun guild with something for every play style. In October of the same year, Tempest began branching into other MMOs, while waiting for the release of SWTOR. In December, about 40 members jumped into SWTOR and played strong until February 2012. Most members became dissatisfied with the game and began branching into other games such as Aion, DDO, Vanguard, WoW, and a few other MMOs, leaving SWTOR as a casual/PvP game for most.

    Tempest Gaming consists of dedicated players who enjoy working together as a team to accomplish common goals in all aspects of gaming. The following games have Tempest Branches:

    RIFT - Deepwood Shard

    TERA - Frost Reach Server

    Guild Wars 2 - Tarnished Coast (beta)

    The Secret World - Server to be Announced

    *Note - We have members that play other various MMOs and FPS, so we can support group activity in many games.

    Tempest Gaming is looking for players that are interested in both PvP and PvE aspects of Guild Wars 2. World vs. World will have a strong focus within the community and participation is strongly suggested. That being said, participation in Dynamic Events and other PvE aspects will also be encouraged. We welcome both casual and competitive play styles and have a playerbase to support them. We are also looking for dedicated players that enjoy being a part of an active community, be it in-game or on our forums. Last but not least, you can leave drama at the door but a sense of humor is a must! We're all adults here looking for a good time with friends.

    Tempest Gaming offers you:

    - An established multi-game community

    - A mature and drama free atmosphere where you can enjoy your game time with friends

    - Skilled members and an experienced leadership team that will make you feel comfortable and welcome

    - A user friendly website, active forums, ventrillo, and a podcast to keep you up to date with gaming news and guild activities

    Please visit us at to apply. Our podcast is also on Itunes, search Tempest Game Cast in the Itunes Store. We look forward to meeting you!

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    Fae Vectus

    Fae Vectus is a casual guild that is interested in both WvW and PvE content. We currently do not have plans on incorporating RP, however, we are looking for an alliance with a guild that is for any of our members that may be interested in that facet of Guild Wars 2.

    We are an East Coast based guild, however we have members from all over. While in Beta we are on the Tarnished Coast server.

    Please feel free to visit us:

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    The Throne
    European based. Swedish core, but all players who masters the english language are welcome.
    First of all we would like to mention that the name is not set yet due to different opinons.
    All of our current core members know each other somehow in real life. We are all from the same Swedish medium large town.

    What can you expect from The Throne?
    The Throne is pretty much a casual guild with Hardcore influences. Some members have just been playng tripple A MMOs casually, like SWTOR or WoW. Others has been raiding in the High Ends ranks in WoW PVE (World top 200). Some have been playing pretty much every MMO the market has been offering others has been leading huge Aion communites and guilds. We also have excellent PvP players and we are aiming for domination in parts of our WvW realm.

    We are looking for all kind of players.
    High end PvE players for server first explorables.
    Competetive PvP players for 5v5 structured PvP, + WvW dominance.
    And casual/social members to enjoy the game with.

    So all diffrent aspects of a player is welcome. Either you post an application on our Website or you contact me on Email or ingame in one of the upcoming betas or when the game launches.
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    New Age Samurai (NAS)

    Guild Leaders: Ultimo (SWG, WoW, SWTOR) and Eowin (WoW, WAR, Aion, SWTOR)
    Guild Website:
    Guild Founded: 2004
    Guild Location: US
    Server: Yak's Bend

    About Us:
    NAS was first created in 2004 in Star Wars Galaxies. We are one of the original Republic guilds from the Wanderhome server. We are a moderately casual, friendly environment for people who want to play together as a group and see the content of the game. Guild participation is strongly encouraged through the use of forums, voice client and guild events. Most of our players are adults with families, lives, and jobs and we understand that real life comes first. The majority of our members have close to a decade of game experience in SWG, WoW, Warhammer, Aion and SWTOR.

    Focus: PVX
    We have a diverse group of players who enjoy many aspects of gaming. From dedicated crafters, to explorers, to dungeon crawlers and pvpers- we have a bit of everything. We will be active in all areas of the game, but have members who are specifically focused on the PVP aspects of the game. In this area we wish to excel.

    What we are looking for:
    • Mature, outgoing individuals with prior gaming experience in both pvp, and pve situations.
    • Dedication to the guild
    • People who wish to belong to a COMMUNITY of gamers. (Including forum usage)
    • Must have voice communication (Ventrilo) and be willing to use it.
    • Ability to work as a member of a team and take follow tactics during pvp encounters.

    What we can offer you:
    • Experienced and dedicated guild leadership
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • Ventrilo server access
    • Active community forum
    • Organized guild pvp
    • Guild events

    Apply Now

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    Mouretsu (NA) - PvP

    High End, Organized, Competitive, Team Play

    Guild Size: Small (20-30)
    Guild Website:


    We are a Hardcore PvP guild, focusing on organized competitive PvP, focusing on tournament play, we are looking for experienced MMO PvP'ers who work well in both team and solo situations.

    We Utilize TeamSpeak 3 for chat communications, you must have this program if you wish to play with us.

    We look for players that are:

    Highly Responsive
    Capable of good communication
    Able too utilize their class/spec's maximum potential
    Capable of taking orders
    High Awareness
    Team AND Solo Capable


    As we did with Star Wars: The Old Republic, we plan too become the dominating PvP guild on our server, and a force to be reckoned with in the world rankings. We plan on getting deep into tournament play and focusing on structured PvP, with WvW on the side.

    Guild History

    Mouretsu started as a small guild founded by: Arasis (Cryblood), Six, and Saurax (Nekrosa) in 2011, three veterans of games such as FF11, WoW, GW, and LOTRO. The three, sick and tired of poor leadership in past guilds within World of Warcraft, decided to make a launch guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic, with our only real goal being: too be the best on the server in whatever content we as a guild decided to push.

    As SWTOR felt lacking in any kind of serious PvE content, we decided to push for excellence in the PvP department. After winning games after game and taking in other launch players who excelled at PvP, or even players from other guilds, we had in just a couple months became the top PvP guild on our server: Ajunta Pall.

    After half a year of SWTOR, we became un-happy with the state of the unpolished game that lacked any kind of real end game, competitive PvP content, and poor game balance that seemed to be getting worse and worse. Now our guild of High End PvP'ers is planning its new home in Guild Wars 2, which has much more PvP content, including high levels of competitive play, such as tournaments.

    Guild Streams

    Pansa's Channel:
    Six's Channel:

    Current Officers

    Guild Master: Cryblood
    Guild Officer: Pansa
    Guild Officer: Varius
    Guild Officer: Six
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    Shoot whoever let 3.0 go live.

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    Hey there i'm dave

    Character name: Aurielia Svan (TBC)
    Race: Human

    Guild Type: Casual all, but more organised WvW, i'm mostly interested in a guild that has a decent roster size that have brains that wants to take WvW serious and develop strategies and tactics to do extremely well in WvW, (as lets be honest WvW is more about how organised groups are, rather than the skill/abilites of some individual with 2200 rating or masses bashing their heads against a gate/wall)

    Server region: EU

    Things i can bring to the guild: I'm a very logical person by nature (Professional Mechanical/Stress Engineer) and hope this will help the guild do well in WvW as i can chip in with suggestions

    i've been an officer on a few occasions for semi-hardcore guilds (wow) and contributed well to guild infrastructure, progress and on a social side enjoy dishing and recieving a banter!

    One thing i'll mention is i'm definitely am interested in a Guild that is going to take a tactical approach to WvW but also i'm looking for a bunch of mates that i can just have a laugh with. I know all this crap really sounds formal but tbh i'm crap at selling myself and if i have done somewhat ok and don't sound like a complete git just give us a PM

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    USA, East Coast
    -Character name: Renardel/Renard.
    -Race: Human
    -Guild Type they're looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: RP & PvP focus
    -Server region: NA (East Coast USA)
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    Some place

    Citadel is a small tight-knit guild focused on WvW. Our philosophy revolves around maintaining a cohesive unit where everyone is familiar with each other's playstyles and our overall group tendencies. This allows us to make smarter decisions on the fly when seconds count and to react in ways which other groups can't. We enjoy small group skirmishes, taking on twice our numbers or coordinating with other guilds to accomplish larger objectives.

    We are currently looking for new members who are good at working as a team and also want to make friends. We are flexible with real life obligations, but being that we try to keep numbers low, new members should intend to play most nights of the week. Players with experience leading on the battlefield or being the "main assist" in PvP are encouraged to apply.

    * The age requirement to join this guild is 22+. The average age of our members is about 34.

    * WvW is our main focus in GW2. We will enjoy and partake in the other types of content but all members should consider WvW to be their main focus.

    * We play during US West Coast (PST/PDT) evening hours (approximately between 6pm - 12am PST).

    * We expect you to be in vent whenever possible while playing Guild Wars 2.

    * We do not allow members to be in multiple guilds in the same game.

    * We are a small guild. Recruitment will end upon reaching 20 active members.

    * Being that space is limited, not all applications are accepted. We recommend being thorough in your answers.

    Please visit our website to apply:

    About Citadel:

    Citadel was formed in September 2008 for the game Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (starting on Red Eye Mountain and moving to Iron Rock). We also had a short run in Aion on Triniel. We have since been playing together unnoficially in several other games while waiting for Guild Wars 2. We are bringing back our tight-knit small guild approach from RvR in WAR, to WvW in GW2.

    About our members:

    Our core has a long history, spanning 10 years, in Open World, Objective-Based, and even Instanced PvP. Citadel members have set themselves apart in games like Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane, Asheron's Call 2, Warhammer Online, Aion, and Rift among others. There is no doubt we shall do the same in Guild Wars 2.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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    Request a guild to be added to this list <3

    Nocturnal - Australian - GMT 10+ - Mature 21+

    About Us
    Nocturnal is a mature age gaming guild that has spanned many games over the years. We first formed for the game Dark Age of Camelot and boasted one of the most successful guilds in the game. We gained reputation for our keep defenses and leadership, especially in the US offpeak hours hence the name Nocturnal (meaning: of the night).

    We have been a presense in World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online and now Guild Wars 2.

    We aren't hard core, but the time we spend in game is usually organised and dedicated to creating experiences that our guild members will remember forever.

    Nocturnal is looking for self sufficient and motivated players that don't need to be levelled or given charity. We put in the hard work on our characters and we expect you to as well. Nocturnal isn't a free ride.

    To join Nocturnal, you must:

    Be 21 years or older and community focused (i.e. not a self-serving arrogant prick).
    Enjoy both PVE and PVP. We have regular events for both.
    Understand that our main focus for the game is World vs World. Many of our events will be centered around it.
    Your prime playtime must be GMT+10 evenings (7:30pm-11:30pm usually). Our events are planned around this timezone.
    Be self sufficient - we aren't a charity/power levelling guild though we'll do our best to plan events for everyone.
    Voice communication (including microphone) is mandatory through Teamspeak 3.
    Have a great sense of humour, we like to do crazy shit and video it!

    World vs World

    Nocturnal's main focus will be about World vs World battles, tactics and success. You must also:

    Be willing to contribute cash or blueprints each week for guild events.
    Be a team player, not all tasks in WvW are fighting. Sometimes you'll be asked to do things that don't directly relate to fighting the enemy.
    Understand our goal is to be renowned as great WvW fighters and tacticians.
    Be willing to lose to learn, without nerdraging.
    Undertake resource gathering for the guild while in the WvW zones.
    Understand its expected that you fight with the guild, for the guild and server.

    We do expect a high level of guild participation in planned events. The guild will be regularly cleansed of players that don't participate or log in during our event times unless the guild is advised beforehand. If you had an emergency and couldn't contact us for an extended period, by all means you'll get an invite back, just speak with one of the officers upon your return.

    Most Importantly: A lot of us have wives/husbands and children, we understand that family will always be first priority.

    If interested feel free to jump onto our website which is in my signature, this post or in the OP of this thread. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or Trikki + Pinkus on our website.
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    We are the Red Legion, and we want you!

    Our Guild's main purpose is to become a large playerbase of people who want to play the game for fun.

    We accept anyone of any age and any race and class.
    However, being mature is very much required...
    We give a chance for everyone to play any aspect of the game they want, and with that hopefully we become a very large guild.

    With casual in mind, we do not force anyone to play the game everyday.
    But those who want more hardcore gaming will find that aswell within our guild as some of us will play every day. For example: Garrock.

    Why join us?
    We are like Guild Wars 2, free to when you want. Inactive members will be kicked after 3 months of inactivity(if not scheduled). So there is plenty of time to logon to refresh that time!
    And we have lots of events and guild activities ready to be unleashed upon our members!

    You can find videos and pictures of GW2 on our website before the release.
    Our home server will be announced on the website once it has been chosen.

    Thank you for reading our recruitment message! I hope you are interested.

    See you ingame!
    Regards, Garrock.
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    The following is the words of my guild leader, xValkyrie, not me

    Hey all,

    After looking through many GW2 fansite forums and seeing what other great established or start up guilds had to offer, I realized none really fit how I play. So I figured, especially with GW2's ability to join many guilds at once, starting my own wouldn't hurt.


    We're an east cost located guild, created exclusively for Guild Wars 2. The goal I have for Rampage is to create a fun environment for hardcore-style players who cannot handle an 80 hour playtime requirement. (Yes, I'm exaggerating) I expect there are more people out there like myself and my fiance who are hardcore at heart (or were during high school and college), but have a regular full time job and other obligations, and just can't do it now, as much as they'd like to. As such, the biggest points to take away are;

    - We're requesting mature players. I'm not imposing an age restriction, but you've got to be aware we'll swear. I don't tolerate cruelty or overboard crass behavior, but we're pvpers first... we swear.

    - Hardcore play style without a time requirement. By that, I mean: log on, and when you go to accomplish something in a guild group, you aren't going to find someone who has a total lack of situational awareness.

    - I'll kick people idle for more than 30 days to keep the roster tidy, but if you weren't removed for some nefarious reason, you're always welcome to rejoin.

    - We want to do it all, from scouting out the hidden jumping puzzles, to being active in world scale dynamic events, dungeons on every difficulty, dominating in WvW as a server, to pick up PvP and structured PvP after we find some solid gamers.

    - We embrace being able to join multiple guilds, and certainly won't fault you for it. Nor will we turn away alts (they are subject to the same 30 day rule, to be adjusted as needed when the guild member cap is closed in on). All we ask is that when you play with us, you try your best. Nobody expects you to be perfect, just give that dodge button some good exercise and don't die slowly to something you can avoid or remove.

    A little about me; I've both lead and been in many guilds in the past (I'm 27), from GW, WoW, Warhammer, Aion, and others along the way that I played briefly. I've played main tanks, healers, dps, in high end raiding guilds and in pvp-centric guilds/arena/teams. I've put a more detailed bio of myself up on my guild's forums, which is viewable after you're either an alliance member to the guild, or a guildmate.

    Currently my fiance and myself are playing on Eredon Terrace for the BWE weekends. Once we know the release list of servers (if they differ from beta) and their time zones (if any) we'll be able to figure out where we're going to be permanently. I'd like to be on a server that has the same do-it-all attitude, and wants to dominate in WvW.

    I love that GW2 is all about working together, because as much as I love PvP, I'm ready to just compete in the Mists and help my fellow players everywhere else.

    See you in game!

    Kathleen (Paiyn on Beta-Eredon Terrace) "

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    Team Frostwire

    We are Team Frostwire, a team-based guild for Guild Wars 2.

    Click here for the full introduction
    Click here for the full introduction
    Click here for the full introduction

    Here are some facts about our team:

    Name: Team Frostwire [TFw]
    Group size: Small (+/-15)
    Focus: Teamwork, Friendship, Active, PvP
    Server: Gunnar's Hold (Europe)
    Established: April 20th, 2009
    Previous games: WoW, CS, CoD4, TF2, BF3
    Main play times: 8:15 PM - 10:45 PM GMT+1
    Communication: TeamSpeak, Wiki system, Evolve (?)

    Some phrases that may apply to us:

    ♦ Enjoy teamwork to a high standard, with close friends you actually enjoy spending time with.
    ♦ Play at set play times, no obligations.
    ♦ Know your friends by their first name.
    ♦ Prefer voice chat over typing.
    ♦ Enjoy FPS games as much as MMOs.
    ♦ Experience the best team play out of the play time available.

    Contact us:

    Evolve group

    teamfrostwire [at] gmail [dot] com

    Click here for the full introduction
    Click here for the full introduction
    Click here for the full introduction
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    Who are we?

    Hello, I'm here to shed some light on our community and guild Glory, First of all i'd like to share some information as to who we are and what our goals are in Guild Wars 2.

    We currently got over 20 active members who all come from previous games such as World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, RIFT and most recently Star Wars the Old Republic, the majority of them have been with us from the very start. We are a bunch of hardcore gamers who enjoy the various challenges that comes with games. Now i'd like to offer some information regarding how our guild was started and how it's looking today:

    Glory was started almost a year ago in the game RIFT: Planes of Telara - We were named "Purge To Win" there ( the site still stands but nowadays we don't use that website anymore, during RIFT we managed to clear Hammerknell Fortress as world 5th wich was our first major feat as a guild. We ended up farming the content for a few months but as content took forever to be released, we decided to try something new.

    The guild went on a break a month before Star Wars the Old Republic and we had our eyes set to be one of the best guilds on that game.
    We rolled Republic under the name Glory and we ended up beating all the current content within 2 weeks and made our way up on the PvP ladder, dinged rank 60 and had some fun in there, sadly with the amount of buggy PvE content and the PvP ranks grinded out - there was nothing left to be challenged.

    We decided it was not worth putting time into the game any longer and awaited Diablo3 as a filler until our next big project came along.

    Now Guild Wars 2 is approaching and we are looking to make it a success this time around aswell.

    What can we offer YOU?

    *A competative team, looking to advance in both the PvP and the PvE field.
    *A community filled with talented players.
    *A community that likes to crack jokes and socialize on the side of things.
    *A Hardcore gaming environment.

    What do we want from YOU?

    *Dedication towards the guild and the game.
    *Alongside with this dedication, we need you to be an active player, preferably online several hours a day.
    *Able to understand & speak English fluently.
    *A good understanding of teamwork and the ability to listen or even instruct during PvP and PvE that means you need a microphone.
    *Preferable if you have some previous MMO experience

    Any questions regarding the guild can be sent to me as a private message over the forums.

    Quick Information of how to contact us and take part of this great community

    Guild Master: Arcane (Cane).
    Handling recruitment: Arcane, Ginsu(Dagon)
    Type: Hardcore PvP & PvE guild.
    Location: Europe.
    Server: Undecided as of yet.
    Activity: We will have most PvP and PvE activities during the evening 18.00-24.00 but are by no means limited to those hours, many of us will be online during the mornings and afternoons aswell as the evenings.
    Recruitment: Open for ALL proffessions, however the amount of people we take in are limited.

    We hope to see some new faces around, take a chance and be apart of a guild that has the potential and the talent simply make an application at our forums(linked above).

    See you around!
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    Click Here to Visit Us Now!

    ::> VIDEO ADVERT <::

    Hi ya,
    Thank you for taking the time to view our Guild Advert, and congratulations on taking the first step towards finding the perfect Guild for you!.

    ** ABOUT US:
    We are a Re-Active EU Guild that plays mostly during the time zones of GMT-2, GMT-1, GMT, GMT+1, GMT+2.
    AURA was first born in 2004 within Guild Wars and held a community of over 200 people. After 6 years of success, AURA went into hybernation with a promise of a return & reunion for Guild Wars 2.
    During our time in GW1, we recieved recognition and praise from both GWonline & Gameamp..
    2006-Member Vote: "One of the Best & most Successful Guilds in GW " by other guild wars players on GWOnline.
    2007-Member Vote: "One of the most friendly & inspiring guilds in GW to date. " by other guild wars players on GameAmp.
    For GW2 we hope to re-achieve this plus alot more...

    At AURA we consider ourselves part of an online-family instead of just being members of a guild & our guilds policy has always been one of Honesty, Maturity & Kindness at all times to all players, even towards those outside of our online-family.
    Unlike other Guilds out there, we DO understand that you have a "real life" and therefore can not be active 24/7.
    "We never leave family behind!"

    Please feel free to check out our Site -: Click Here! :- (Non-Members only get limited access)

    Many Community Events but not too many you get no "Me Time!".
    Full Access to the Aura Site
    Full Support in Guild Wars 2
    Access to the community VoIP System
    Fun & Laughs.
    A stress-free, fun environment where you can play with friends.
    Advice, Support and Guidance within seconds of asking.
    Access to our community forum
    Friendly, Helpful players who are always eager to help or chat.
    And Much Much more..

    So be smart & don't join a normal/regular PvX Guild that promises you the world and abandons you once you join them, join a Guild that will make you feel Welcome, Comfortable and Confident..
    It doesnt matter if your new to MMO's or an experienced Player, we can guarantee that you will always find Support, Help, friendly chat, lots of laughs or helpful Advice just 1 call away.

    ** HOW DO I JOIN?:
    Please visit our Site -: HERE! :- & follow the 2 step instructions, thats it...

    Thank you for taking the time to read our Guild Advert and we hope to see & hear from you soon...

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    North-America | Semi-Hardcore | Eastern | PvE, PvP, WvW, Raiding
    Thoughtbludgeon is recruiting. 10+ years running, PvE, PvP, 18+, Website, Forums, Voice Chat. All levels. Casual to Moderate, no pressure. Looking for more for Daily/Weekly PvE, PvP and WvWvW groups.


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    Servers: NA (us servers)
    Guild type: PvP/PvX


    No Dice is recruiting all ages and player types! We are an active gaming community with strong roots in PvP throughout the past 10 years. (some of us even longer).

    No Dice was formed in the midst's of a large scale war on Rift. We had a KOS order against all of our members within 20 minutes of forming.

    No Dice contains members of remnants of previous games and guilds. The guild leader Ravix has carved his path of destruction branching back nearly 11 years, with the same core group of players. These guys have been through thick and thin in battles across more than 20 online games.

    We helped pioneer the current military stratagems used in PvP today. (most of the core members are or were once in some branch of the armed forces in their respected countries.)

    In June of 2012 No Dice leadership will be celebrating its 12th year together.

    • Remlok was the leader of a SWG guild for nearly two years, and in his rule, he made his guild one of the most feared PvP forces on the server. He then brought his entire crew to Lineage II, and continued to wreck havoc among the enemy ranks.
    • Ravix has been a guild leader nearly 15 years, with leadership experience branching out far before that. He commanded legions of hundreds in PvP on a daily basis, with a huge winning streak. his quick thinking, and tactics become legendary. With a headstrong attitude, and fierce skills in PvP, he has crushed any and all opposition that has stood in his or his guilds path.

    How it works - No Dice command is a mix between a monarchy, and a democracy. The leader has final say, using the advice of a council that is elected in the guild. The council then has 3 PvP generals, and 1 PvE General. The main commander gives orders to each of the lower generals. Each lower general has two sub commanders. The sub commanders are labeled call and spot. That is their purpose in PvP. This system is unique to No Dice. The spotters job is to find healers, or enemy movements and the callers job is to call targets. Everyone else is to assist a main assist (the general).

    No Dice runs its guilds based on a fun atmosphere. Very lenient command outside of PvP or PvE. We love to have a blast. Even when PvPing. We trust our PvPers to know how to fight, and what to do. We trust our players to do their jobs to win. We tend to win. Though not forced unless called for, both PvE and PvP are optional to all members.

    To answer any further questions about the guild and to apply for the guild please head to and register to the site. Once you have registered to the site please click on the recruitment tab in the main navigation. Answer the simple questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. (we all monitor the site with diligence and will get back to you almost instantly.) If you have ANY questions, please post them in the forums.

    • "I would like to join the guild with a group of friends, could you accept all of us?" ANSWER - Yes, No Dice has a recruitment policy to accept valid members, and to weed them out after a 2 week probation period. (if you are asked to leave, we do it in a kind manner, and always stay friends and in contact.)
    • "I have a large guild that would like to merge with another guild, and yours seems to fit the bill. How would it work?" ANSWER - We would gladly merge with your guild as long as you retain our tag. The way it would work is simple, we retain the current command structure, and incorporate the merging guilds leader into the guild as an officer of some sort *most likely on the council*.
    • "do you do more PvE or PvP?" ANSWER - simple enough, we are primarily a PvP guild, so we do a lot more PvP then we do PvE, however we do love to make our members happy, so we do anything they want to do. Just ask.

    Again PLEASE visit

    Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you on the field,

    No Dice Command.

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    Oceanian - Australian / NZ Guild

    Guild Website Address:

    Guild Summary: Australian/New Zealand casual gaming community - Guild Wars 2 section catering to all play types. PvX.

    What is the Oceanian?

    Oceanian is a community originally known as Pacific Alliance, a Tabula Rasa guild. On 21st of October 2008 the guild evolved and re-branded to the name Dark Disciples refocusing their attention to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    Over a period of 3 and a half years the Dark Disciples became an extremely organised community, helping to found the “Oceanic Daisy Chain” in response to the lack of Oceanic server for the release of SW:TOR. The community had grown to such an extent during the lead up to SW:TOR combining players from all forms of gaming and skill level, this lead to another evolution and a break away from a singular game guild. Thus the Oceanian was born.

    The Oceanian was created as a way to provide the community of Dark Disciples what they wanted – a multi gaming community without limitations of any sole gaming title. We’re immersed in our goal to provide a relaxed and supportive community and each of our sections are managed by dedicated members that look forward to assisting our member base of enthusiastic gamers.

    Community mindset.

    Our focus lies in creating a community that takes pleasure in interacting with like minded individuals and less on having an awesome Kill-to-Death ratio and/or hardcore raid abilities. That’s not to say we won’t aim to be the best we can be in whatever game we play but we don’t think stress and casual gaming should belong in the same sentence.

    We understand that you have real-life responsibilities and if you’re looking for a place to unwind after a hard day of work. Our TeamSpeak server is an ideal place to do so, we’ve always got somebody online and we encourage members to socialise with each other.

    We are striving to become a more successful and enjoyable community in the Oceanic region and it would be our pleasure if you would join us in our endeavour.

    In the game.

    At Oceanian we encourage all our members to play together and play the way they want to. After all you don’t play games to stress yourself out, you play to relax. That being said we aiming to cater to as many viable games as possible, whether they’re first person shooters or MMORPGs.

    We aim to be PVX, not only does PVE look amazing but WvW and competitive PVP also looks exciting. We hope to build a member base suited for any players taste in gaming.

    Piqued your interest? Head on over to and check the rest of the website, fill in an application or just drop us a post to say hello!

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