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    k1NGSIZE Portugal

    Guild Leaders: Striderk1NG
    Guild Website: (added some spaces because I wasn't allowed to post links because I am newcomer)
    Guild Founded: 2005
    Guild Location: Portugal, Europe - Serve: Underworld (EU)

    Guild Info:

    As a portuguese guild I would like to have the Info in our mother language. I hope you don't mind.

    Bem Vindos, a k1NGSIZE é uma guild com experiência já em variados MMORPG's, World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online e Dungeons&Dragons Online. Fomos sempre equipas 100% portuguesas com orgulho à bandeira, sempre com sucesso a onde quer que participássemos e isto foi tudo possível graças à família que somos, nunca tivemos conflitos entre jogadores dentro da guild, nunca foi preciso expulsar ou castigar alguém. Se estás à procura de um guild de sucesso, matura, produtiva e com grandes progressos, podes contar com a k1NGSIZE.


    A k1NGSIZE vai ser focar nos dois ramos existentes no Guild Wars 2 (PvE/PvP/WvWvW) e está neste momento à procura de todos os géneros de jogadores para que possamos todos ter um bom progresso em equipa, e em família. Todas as aplicações feitas para a nossa guild nos próximos tempos serão aceites, visto que o jogo ainda não saiu, mais tarde quando todos os membros da guild alcançarem o late game, vamos começar a organizar as equipas hardcore, semi-core, casual, etc... Em PvE e PvP. Queremos fazer parte das primeiras raids e guild battles para que fiquemos sempre com um passo à frente da maioria.

    Para mais informação contactem: (added some spaces here too) ou visitem o nosso website.

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    The names tru
    -Ill be playing a human warrior more than likely
    -Main interests since my entry to the mmo universe have been heavy plated warriors with big weapons. Necromancers/Warlocks also appealed to me in a more Lore/RP sense.
    -US servers if they offer it East Coast I would prefer.

    What Im Looking for
    -A weekend PvE- raiding main focus guild
    -Friday-Sunday days or night
    -Mature / Serious but not overly so
    -Not sure what GW2 progression map will look like but Im happy with normal content until everyone is ready to move on to harder situations. I don't mind spending hours on a single boss. My experience is when a group of people learn to play together and communicate well between each other better then the learning curve of bosses is significantly lower. As long as everyone is on the same page and just not some greedy guild leader ruining it for everyone then im game.

    What I offer
    -Competitive / Smart damage dealer I have been the top or second to top damage dealer since I started playing in the guilds I have been in. I work hard to try to be the best and also help the other members of the team to be better.
    -A little over 5 years raiding experience in WoW
    -I am reliable and competent but due to work schedule that is why I can only play weekends

    This will be my first tru to form GW experience I am loving the beta weekends. There are no other games that will divide my attention. I have lain down WoW and plan on a complete focus of GW2 endgame PvE content. So I am looking for a good home to make new friends and have one hell of a gaming experience again.
    PvP Ill try after it goes live.

    Please PM me with any questions or you just want to chat to get to know me.
    "I'm Tru @ w/e I do" ~ TM

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    A guild for both hardcore and casual players.
    A group interested in all kinds of PvE, as well as aiming at playing a vital role in WvW side of PvP; the structured PvP is treated casually.
    A company of friends who value each other's time and dedication, while having fun. Together.
    A coterie with vast MMO experience that will prove useful in Guild Wars 2, at all possible fronts - organisation, tactics, planning; achieving both PvE and PvP goals.

    That's us.
    That's Midnight Mayhem.

    And you can join us.

    We're a PvX guild based in Europe, however we are open to people from all over the world. Our aim is general & high-end PvE and WvW, while respecting each other and having fun.
    We want to avoid guild drama as much as possible, thus we seek players with mature attitude towards others and the game itself. That said, your age, gender, nationality or other similar factors are not a concern for us.
    Midnight Mayhem is open for both casual and hardcore players. We require a minimum of several hours a week of gametime - we understand that the real life comes first and our adventures in Tyria are only there to spice it up, however when in game, we value the serious attitude. We do not care whether you are a freshman or a long-time MMO veteran, as long as you're made from the same mold as us, or at least of one very similar Never forget that you're playing with other people - that's our motto.
    We're using TeamSpeak 3 set up on a private server with no slot or transfer limits. It's not required as long as you are communicative and responsive over the standard chat. Whether your microphone broke or you're simply shy - that's okay with us!

    So, to reiterate:
    * international, English-speaking guild with over 60 members, focused on PvE and WvWvW;
    * no recruitation requirements - we don't care about your age, nationality or MMO experience - the only thing we seek is a mature approach;
    * we have no specific requirements in terms of your activity - real life comes first, always!
    * we are open for both casual and hardcore players;
    * we are open on the issue of multiguilding;
    * our superb TeamSpeak 3 is not required, however free to use by every guildie.

    There's more!
    We're running an organised Guild Events' system:
    * we organise Static Events on fixed evenings every week, as well as Dynamic Events, which are proposed every now and then with a heads-up, so that you'll be always aware of an upcoming guild grouping;
    * each and every member is encouraged to put forth their event, the way they want it, to run it when they want it;
    * we have lots of ad hoc outings, organised already in-game;
    * we're very liberal about our Guild Events - everyone may join them, but no one is forced to!

    We have set up our Guild Gallery:

    Be especially sure to check out our Guild Outings, featuring footage from the Beta Weekends and Stress Tests!

    We've also got a Guild YouTube Channel:

    Constantly updated with recordings of our guild feats - be sure to take a look!

    If you seek more information about us or wish to join us already, please visit our guild site:

    See you in the land of Tyria!

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    Status: Recruiting | Region: International | Apply Here

    Scouting deep into charr territory, Nelthamus of the Ebon Vanguard came across the ruins of Old Ascalon. He became lost in the deep recesses of its catacombs. There he was visited by the ghosts of the ruined city. He fled until he came across King Adelburn. Lost to madness, the king raved about destroying the city to keep it from the charr, killing his own people in the process. Blinded by their eternal hatred of their charr enemy, the king and his guards pursued Nelthamus. He fought to escape, eventually making it to the surface. There he was greeted by the old king's steward who told him of Ascalon's tragic past. Ascalon had fought the charr until their dying breaths, and still they fought on in despair. Moved by their story, Nelthamus vowed in those forgotten ruins that he would not allow Divinity’s Reach to suffer the same fate. He eventually found his way back to Ebonhawke, and left with a new purpose. He resigned from the Ebon Vanguard and travelled home to Divinity’s Reach. There he formed Memor Inferi, to remember the dead. Those poor souls lost in Ascalon would not be forgotten. Nelthamus learned from them, and set aside his hatred for the charr. After all, there are more pressing matters for his new guild to focus on – the elder dragons.

    Mankind has been battered, pushed to the brink of our own existence. Those who have fought the elder dragons alone have paid for it in blood. The gods have abandoned us. Our people lose heart as we give up the lands of our fathers, and our queen is desperate for an answer. With no answer in sight, we need to look to our past for direction. The heroes of Old Ascalon: Rurik, Mhenlo, Devona, must now guide our hands. We've learned from the ghosts of Ascalon that bitter rivalry with the charr can only end in disaster. To push back the centaurs, and to face the threat of the elder dragons, our peoples have to put aside old rivalries and unite with other races to survive. Alone, we follow Ascalon into the abyss. Together, with the asuran, norn, sylvari, and even the charr, we can regain much our land and our pride. Evil has been allowed to reign freely throughout Tyria for too long. In defiance, we will hold to our guild words Memor Inferi, "remember the dead.” United against evil, we shall honor our ancestors with a life worth living.

    Who are you?

    Memor Inferi is a casual PvE/RP guild seeking active players. All races and classes are welcome!

    What are you planning to do?

    We plan on progressing through PvE content. If we have people interested in PvP, then we can schedule events. Mostly we’re just here to enjoy the game. We will continue to expand our character stories on the forums and add to the guild lore as new characters join.

    Are you a roleplaying guild?

    Very light, but we do offer it. We are mainly a guild for anyone who wants PvE gameplay.

    What roleplaying can I expect?

    Memor Inferi does offer a loose background lore for players to roleplay with while within the guild and members are encouraged to share their characters with us! Hardcore roleplayers are welcome here, but you may not find the roleplaying experience that you would expect out of the usual roleplaying guild. However, we are happy to be your OOC home for when you want to sit back and just play!

    Server: Tarnished Coast

    Contacts: Nelthamus, Annaveil

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    Exclamation [EU][PvX][AR] AstralRiders ( FUBAR alliance )

    We are a multi-gaming community currently active in Allods Online, Diablo 3, League of Legends and Guild Wars 2. We have been around for several years now, keeping players active in the community long after they quit the game where they joined us ( currently around 600 members ). We can offer you a friendly, helpful and mature atmosphere, with everything from casual to hardcore, male and female, young and old players.

    What we can offer :

    - Friendly & helpful atmosphere.
    - Experienced officers and members
    - Everything a guild needs : Teamspeak server , website, forums.

    What we look for :

    - Anyone that is eager to learn more, or already masters the basics of a mmorpg.
    - People with sense of humour.
    - A decent understanding of the English language, willing to use teamspeak 3 and not afraid to use their microphone.

    We don't tolerate :

    - Being disrespectful towards any other player out there. Do not forget that it is our community tag you are wearing above your name. So your own name is not the only thing you are dragging through the dirt!
    - Players that rage or cause drama.
    - No hackers, no cheaters ... zero tolerance when it comes to this.

    Our goal in GW2 is in the first place to enjoy the game as much as possible. We will participate in all parts of the game, from PvE to PvP

    Contact :
    Send an application or pm one of the guildwars 2 officers on our website : Sicsoo, Lutefisk, Millaya, Hateful, Aksovar, Carnage.

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    It's Dangerous to go Alone ~ Recruiting for Group Questing ~ Early Access

    Hey all,

    Many have said Guild Wars 2 is very enjoyable while group questing, This remains true as of the beta. I want to start forming a group today for the Early Access, Group Questing, Because I have a motto, 'Its not about Speed of progression, its about enjoying the game.', I realized, a game launch is a perfect way to make friends, allies, buddies, and even form new alliances through the rest of your career in that MMO and beyond. So! This is what I propose!

    I will be recruiting 4 People for a questing party for Guild Wars 2, and the Early Access. We go into the game together, and we stick together. We can roll our own unique characters, but we will meet up as soon as humanly possible ingame. From there we will join forces and group quest. Many lol's will be had, many tears shed, many enemies killed, and so much phat lewt plundered.

    Drop a reply on what profession/race combo you had in mind!

    SERVER ~ Blackgate-US
    Party Members
    Loudskies ~ Engineer/Asura
    ????????? ~ ????????????? [YOU HERE? <3]

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    thinly veiled high elf thread

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    Good Game / [GG] is recruiting US EST (PVX / E) Blackgate

    As reflected by our name we are a determined group of people who will strive towards our goals while enjoying our gaming experience together.

    Because most of us have real life commitments we like to ensure our gaming time is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. With this in mind we always strive to achieve our best and will actively encourage others to do the same.

    We are happy to take experienced and new players alike as long as you are willing to learn, help others within the guild, work as part of a team and accept constructive advice. Our belief is that everyone can benefit from this regardless of experience whilst maintaining an atmosphere of good humour and enjoyment.

    Our main focus will be on both PVP and PVE, most of us enjoy a variety of different things in game including PVP, random events, dungeons, achievement runs and fun guild events!

    If you are interested in joining "GG" on its journey through the Lands of Tyria please take a look at our forums:

    Guild Application Form:

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    Founded : 2001
    Website :
    Timezone : Global
    Current Server : Jade Quarry
    Guild Type : PvX

    Silent Warriors Gaming...
    Silent Warriors are all about having fun and gaming together. We love to PvP, raid, craft, hang out, quest and just BS in TeamSpeak. We are a family/real life friendly community, we know that family/work comes first and will not punish you if you can't be online daily.

    Silent Warriors have been around since 2001 and has grown into a large gaming community so we are not a fly by night Guild/Community, we are here to stay for the long run. We have many years of experience with pretty much anything gaming wise. We are not looking for elitist(though some of us are a little full of ourselves), we are looking for people who like to have fun, can take a joke and maybe even throw one back. People who like to make friends (and some rivalries in jest) and just game together.

    Silent Warriors is not a guild that calls themselves a multi-gaming community. Each of our Divisions are fully staffed with their own Leaders, Officers and Members. Not like the guilds that call themselves multi-gaming and have the same Leaders, Officers and Members in multiple games. Our Divisions stand on their own as part of our vast Community.

    If this sounds like the Guild/Community for you then feel free to keep reading...

    SWG's GW2 saga....
    For GW2 we will be focusing on both WvWvW and PvE. We will be taking out all dungeons as well as coordinating PvP to win the maps.

    Age 18+
    TS3 - no mic? No problem!

    What SWG can offer You!
    1. A Community of gamers, not just another boring Guild

    2. Interesting chats in voip

    3. A gaming experience that is drama free

    4. A place to relax and know that its a game not a job

    5. A lifetime of friendship

    6. A kitten via U.S. Postal Service (Don't blame us if it gets lost in route!)

    7. Friendly members who don't mind helping

    8. The occasional hardware and/or software giveaway.

    9. and much much more! Give us a try and see for yourself.

    How to join:
    Stop by our website @ register for our forums and hit the JOIN SWG button in the menu.

    SWG YouTube | SWG Twitter | SWG Facebook

    Our Partners...
    Wounded Warrior Project - Wounded Warrior Project helps the thousands of wounded warriors returning home from the current conflicts and to provide assistance to their families.

    Silent Warriors Scholarship Fund - The Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to any college-bound person based on direct familial relationship to a Reconnaissance Marine, academic achievement, and financial need.

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    Eternal Savage Logic [NA-EST] [PvX]

    There is a summary at the bottom post if you do not feel like reading this which will give you a quick run down

    Eternal Savage Logic (hereby known as [ESL]) is a democratic-structured guild based on bringing Guild Wars 2's finest players into one place.

    Our guild leaders have been best friends for the last five years and see eye-to-eye on most issues, leaving the majority of the voting up to the public.

    Forrest, aka Drullmaster, is an unfiltered free spirited Guild Wars 2 and general gaming enthusiast. From his days back in Runescape, Diablo II, WoW, Modern Warfare and everything few and far between, Forrest has built an extensive knowledge into gaming and picks up things very quick. One of the main guild leaders of ESL, Forrest will be present every day and ready to assist any guildie in need of a hand or just some advice.

    Raymond, aka Compulsion, is one cool cat. Easy to get along with and fair on almost every issue confronted with, Raymond has built an extensive knowledge in World of Warcraft and dabbed into various games. While he may not be a jack of all trade, he's certainly great at mastering what he sticks to. One great Rogue in World of Warcraft, to playing a mean Viktor or Ahri in League of Legend, Raymond sets to be good at a few things and excels very well at them.

    Isaac, aka Poof Poof, is one relaxed kid. Isaac has been playing games, first starting on the console with a title known as Champions of Norrath, then getting sucked into the devil known as World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Isaac is able to easily grasp concepts and quickly utilize them in most situations. However, sometimes execution could be better. Previously, Isaac has ran two successful guilds. The better of the two was on World of Warcraft where the guild was renown with the small community they were involved in.

    David, aka Soulstealer (also our newest addition) to the guild leadership, has been playing games since he can remember. David is not one to judge a game before it's released. David met Isaac, Forrest and Raymond while looking for a team on League of Legends. Easy to get along with, while standing firm on his beliefs, usually makes great points to both arguments when one arises, carefully not picking sides. From games such as League of Legends, to WoW, to Minecraft, David is open minded and prepared to try new things and make sure everyone is happy and feels content in their situation, offering advice where he can.

    With these four leaders, we have a diverse background ready to step into the world of Tyria. Ready to set ourselves apart from the rest of the guilds which are imminent to emerge upon release. [ESL] has every intention to make a lasting impression on Yak's Bend. With each guild leader attempting to learn each matter, and mastering another, we are fully prepared to answer any questions that you may have. All four of the leaders have been following the Guild Wars 2 title since it was first announced in 2007.

    Our guild will feature things such as a zero-censored chat allowing users to talk about whatever they want in the raid call server daily, veteran members from diverse backgrounds with every intention to make the best of each player.

    [ESL] is Eternal. We are Savage. Fueled by Logic.

    This is [ESL] and this is our story.

    TL;DR- We are ESL and we are recruiting come and see us on our website
    Sever: Yak's Bend
    Time Zone: EST
    Age Requirement: 18+ (if you are under 18 talk to me and we may be able to work something out)
    What are we recruiting?: All classes and All races
    What are we going to do? PvE and PvP
    How To contact: Either Message me on here. Or you can contact Me (David/soulstealer), Poof Poof, Compulsion, and Drullmaster on the Enjin site.

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    Synergy(NA) Hardcore PVP/PVE is looking for a few more outstanding players to fill our ranks for the up coming GW2. Synergy is a small guild around 20 members who have played together for almost a year of team based pvp. Come check us out on the web.

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    Fallout Guild

    Guild: Fallout
    World: US - Isle of Janthir
    Playstyle: PvX

    We have dedicated officers, skilled players, a well organized site, and a voice server.

    Fallout will participate in all gameplay types. We will focus on killing world bosses, completing instances, WvWvW and organized PvP.

    We are currently looking for laid back gamers that are friendly and love teamwork. Hardcore and casual players are welcomed to join us, as we aim to build a close knit community that is enjoyable for all.
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    International GuildWars2 guild Into The Fray is looking to expand its roster before August 28.
    Visit our Forum here!

    Recruitment Status
    We are looking for all professions at this time.

    What can you expect?

    Unity – we promote a strong ‘group feel’ and want to create an environment where an individual player can feel amongst friends and be part of something bigger.

    Camaraderie – we support friendly tournaments and trading within members of the guild but stress that we are playing with each other, not against each other.

    Progression – we aren’t just a guild for the sake of being a guild and aim to play an important role in the World’s PvE and PvP/WvW progression.

    Fun – most importantly, we understand that Guild Wars 2 is just a game and we’re only here to have fun; we’re not looking for something to take over our real lives with.

    What we are looking for

    Team Play – we’re looking for team players that revel in competitive team situations, be it PvE, PvP or WvW.

    Maturity – without putting an age on it, we expect maturity from our members and aren’t looking for the Internet bad asses.

    Skill – we expect our members to have a decent level of understanding of the game and its mechanics, or at least have a mind-set to learn; everyone started off as a newbie after all.

    People – maybe most importantly, we are looking for nice personalities we can stay up all night talking, clearing dungeons or kicking PvP/WvW butt with.

    If you are interested in joining us pre-release for this upcoming MMORPG. Please contact me directly or head over to OUR FORUMS and follow the instructions over at Recruitment.
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    Bloodlust Enthroned is a new guild that will be formed on the release of Guild Wars 2, we are composed of well experienced individuals that in with our talents provide for Bloodlust, we have an extremely talented Web Designer, Graphical Artist and a devout Leadership. We have Forums which we believe to be a core level of the clan. We have a working VOIP Server that will enable our members to take communication to the next level from organizing battle strategies to co-ordinating decisive strikes to the most deadliest of bosses. We have a roman-like ranking system which works, The Enthroned as we call ourselves earn ranks that matter and have reason in order to make Bloodlust Enthroned work from a hierarchical point of view entirely on its own. Leadership is an arrow point for The Enthroned, but its real power comes from the backbone:
    The Enthroned, our Legionaires.
    If you wish to enrol into our ranks then continue to our website, register and write an application, applications will be answered within a timely fashion.

    -MastaKilla, Maximus, Liam
    Skype - tehladliam

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    Acid-Reflux recruitment post

    Guild Name: Acid-reflux
    Guild Website:
    Guild Location: [EU] Desolation server

    Acid Reflux is a new community started by some friends with a goal to be the best. We are no stranger to the online world. The founders all have experience in high end World of Warcraft raiding and are active gamers in various genre's. We are currently playing a lot of Dota 2, and Diablo 3.

    For Guild Wars 2 we will be doing both PvE and organised PvP in both WvWvW and instanced PvP. In Guild Wars 1, we established AWOL which became a stronge presence in the UW speed clearing and other elite instances and feared among opponents in PvP.

    Acid Reflux Community

    We are active on our Forum, IRC channel, and Team Speak 3 server
    Chance to play with friendly players in various games
    Planned events and competitions

    What we expect

    A mature social attidude (18+ preferably)
    Have a working Mic + Teamspeak 3 installed
    Have a sense of humor, take a joke, and accept critisism.
    Can work well in a team
    Active on forums, IRC, TS3

    To apply to join our community, fill out our application on our forum: Application Form

    Acid Reflux Team
    Acid Reflux Forum

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    Where the Free Spirit Prevails

    Website/Forums: Harbingers of Serendipity

    Server: Henge of Denravi
    Focus: PvX / WvW
    Voice Chat: TBA (Ventrilo)
    Region: NA (CST)

    We are a brand new guild on the Henge of Denravi Server, created by a veteran officers from previous MMO titles. We will be a casual hardcore guild built on community and friendships. This will allow members to always have a friendly helping hand on their journey through Tyria.

    We realize members will have a varying set of goals and play styles within Guild Wars 2. Our mission is to bring people together in a casual, fun, and helpful way, whether it be Group Dynamic Event Hunting, WvW Battles, or Team PvP.

    We are aiming for a large population base to have a truly diverse community!

    To apply, please go to our website and click on the "Recruitment" tab on the top menu.
    We await your application!
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    EU // Desolation

    • We're Facebook based. We value enhanced social interaction (online & voice).
    • Ambitious. As a guild we will strive for top performance in PvP.
    • Friendly. A stress free environment.
    • International. English speaking members from Europe.

    Feel free to join if you share our values.
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    Guild: Army of Albion
    Location: EU
    Guild contacts: Jestahr, Slowbob, Mallidon
    Guild Type: Casual WvWvW and dipping into all other aspects at least a little.

    Guild Spiel:

    Army of Albion started life in 2007. We consist of a mix of English speaking European players 18+. We have played a few different MMO's together and have had success and a lot of fun in both PvP and PvE. Playing Guild Wars 2 since the beta, we aim to provide a laidback and casual environment for World PvP, Structured PvP and PvE.

    *Understand and speak english
    *Teamspeak installed
    *Show up to Scheduled PvP and Events that you have signed up for
    *Respect your fellow Guildies
    *Respect RP even if you do not wish to actively participate.
    *Name your characters appropriately. We will not have "Roflskywalkerlegolad" etc. in guild

    *World PvP, WvWvW. Small groups and Large Zergs.
    *Organized Structured PvP
    *Dungeon runs
    *Questings / Exploring
    *Spontaneous acts of Roleplay
    *Other fun activities and events

    We also play other games together including Starcraft 2 and Battlefield 3. We aim to have a pretty large sized force for Guild Wars 2 and are building off of a strong foundation. If you would like to join us simply head over to our website and make an application.


    For Albion!
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    Justice and Honor [Jah] - PvE casual family friendly guild PST timezone

    Justice and Honor [Jah]
    We're a guild of folks who are mostly coming in from WoW - having left that at various points over the last few years. Several of us started in Guild Wars 1. Guild Wars gives a fresh chance to all start something at the same time, with new lore and new gaming to explore.

    As such, this is a brand new guild. The guild leader has 5 years of experience running a casual PvE with light raiding guild in World of Warcraft, horde side. Something which came to a wrap about 6 months ago in retiring that guild: Grannys Hoarded Cookies. We've got 2 other ex-guild leaders (from the WoW guild Embrace the Shadow) - so once it gets rolling we should be good for keeping the ball going.

    Justice and Honor [Jah] - Justice and Honor - Community website - Home
    Tarnished Coast Server
    PvE guild - initial focus in Charr lands (when grouping)

    All classes, levels, professions, races welcome.

    Focus: Light PvE, RP friendly.
    Active Times: PST - after 6pm weeknights.

    Group Content - subject to change as and if we expand:
    • We will try to run 2 group 'dungeon' nights a week. (Mon/Weds - 6:30pm PST)
    • We will encourage but not require people to group 'explore' / adventure.
    • We will reserve a (to be announced) night for arena PvP.

    World vs. World:
    We will likely be scheduling weekend time for WvW, likely followed by an organized PvP match.


    • Open recruitment means everyone who join from inworld joins on a trial basis.
    • Website applications, by virtue of the application review, join at guild member rank.


    1. Guild Leader - Noob
    2. Officer - Legionaire
    3. Guild Member - Warband
    4. Trial - Cub

    Our initial rules will be:

    Code of Conduct:

    • You represent the guild's reputation in what you do. So be good as a player (OOC), even if your character is a villain (IC).
    • Family friendly, no swearing in guild chat or public chat.
    • No bias on the basis of RL-race, gender, sex, sexual identity, religion, or age (other than must be old enough by the GWs ToS).
    • Keep real life politics out of guild discusion. Don't show bias, but understand that your guild master is an unapologetic progressive liberal. As I get that not everyone else is, it is best to leave it to before the login screen.
    • We do not restrict membership in other guilds, but when in guild groups together, please represent as a member.
    • We're on a RP server, we welcome RP, and strictly forbid hassling or disrespecting the RPers.
    • Help people out, but do not beg for help / items / money.
    • Don't extort guild members in crafting or trade.
    • Be fair in your trade at the trading post, understanding that its perfectly fair to have a profit motive, but don't try to abuse to the point that you make it hard for people to level up (if this is even possible).
    • If a fellow guildie is an absolute 'noob' in your eyes, don't flame them for it, try to help where you can, and be polite if you cannot. Not everyone plays at the same skill level, and as a casual guild we will not discriminate for that reason alone.
    • But understand that effort put in is important. And the people who put in time and effort will be the ones preferred when size is limited for some event.
    • You must abide by the GW2 Terms of Service or the guild will report you.

    How influence will get spent:
    The plan for the first chunk will take a while to fill out:
    1. Getting us an emblem: Politics 1 + Emblem: 600 Influence
    2. Getting a starter 50 slot Vault: Arch 2 + Stash: 2500 Influence
    3. Workshop: 500 Influence
    4. Display Emblem on Armor: Politics 2 + Display: 1500 Influence
    5. Display Emblem on Weapons: Politics 3 + Weapon: 6000 Influence
    6. Boost Vault to 100 slots: Arch 4 + Vault: 10000 + ? Influence (wiki does not list cost for level 4).
    7. Once we are up to 40 members, expanding max to 100: 1 Silver
    8. Note that once guild halls are patched in, obtaining one will become out top influence priority.

    I have two officers lined up -but not assigned to roles yet- so will be seeking a few more for:
    Events Organizer: Someone to manage scheduling our 2 weekly runs. Calendaring it and pestering people to log in, and being there to keep it going while its on. But with a light hand for the folks not as skilled.
    Lorekeeper: Someone who knows the GW lore, and enjoys tracking guild stories / events as they fit within the lore.
    Recruitment: Someone who works to keep new members flowing into the guild, and tracks awareness of no-longer active members.
    PvP Management: Someone to coordinate our fumbling around in PvP, who does not take it too seriously, but looks at it as 'all in good fun, even when faceplanting.'
    Discipline Officer: Someone to be the first point of contact when 'drama' pops up, and to make tough calls when its hard to decide.

    Bless up and praise to the Most High Jah! Equal Rights and Justice
    MMO Blog:
    Political Diary: Jyotai @ Daily Kos | Rasta Music

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    Who we are...

    Bloodline(EU) took shape back in Warhammer Online (MMORPG) quite a long time ago.We managed to achieve World First King Kill.
    Our history continued in many MMORPGs such as Aeon,World of Warcraft(clearing alot of high-end instances from Vanilla era until Cataclysm and we also had many pvper's with Gladiator achievements).

    On Guild Wars 2 we are focusing on...
    Mainly: Tournament PvP, Structured PvP and WvW.
    We mean Hardcore business the past beta weekends we had well organized teams running with one simple goal...WINNING!

    We are also interested in PvE and we are absolutely gonna reserve some our precious time on it.

    Bloodline Leadership and Organization...
    Consists of a Guild Master and Officers.Each officer has some responsibilities related to organizing the teams,events,members.
    Apart from leadership committee we have our own web developing & designing team responsible for the website structure and further progress.

    As of Server...
    Since we started on Gandara on Beta weekends,it is much likely that our guild will be established on this server.

    Concerning our Website and Recruitment Status...
    Bloodline Website:

    We are currently recruiting all professions!
    You are free to register on our website and post on the Bloodline Applications forum.
    You will find a detailed guide on how to post your application in there so dont worry about the content.

    We have our own Ventrillo server but we also have a secondary Teamspeak server just in case.Finally we have our own channel at Dolby Axon.

    Although we are going HARDCORE on everything we do, we like having some fun and laugh on forums,through voice chat and in-game all the time!
    After all having a good time is top priority!

    Everything starts from here

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    REZISTANCE - Bow to no one!
    Language: English
    Ruleset: PvX
    Server: Gandara


    The REZISTANCE which was founded in 2008 has its origins in APB (All Points Bulletin). In the beta phase of APB, the clan got most of its core members, whom are still active in the clan. The focus back then was to establish a friendly, mature clan with a small tight knit bunch. With time, the REZISTANCE got well known because of the creative members in the clan, who made outstanding artwork in APB itself and the Logo always sprayed in the streets of San Paro. We decided back than to expand in more games. Such as Battlefield 3, SW:ToR and Guild Wars 2. Thanks to the great diversity of people and people who got attracted with time to join Rezistance, we were able to start off different branches in these various games. To sum it up we have gathered many great people from around the globe! Every day we grow stronger and better as a community of friendly people. The logo we have now marked a new era of Rezistance as we move onwards and I will quote the founder of Rez by saying:

    "The overall design was based on the same geometrical grunge style we always had, to have a sense of continuity.
    Not only a fist but a dual fist mixed together, representing the strength of the Rezistance as a team. Loyalty and friendship."

    We are always looking forward to gain new friendly players, with whom we shall conquer and destroy with!!

    Guild Alignment
    We are looking for great and friendly assets to Rezistance! We value laid back people who are helpful and friendly, we do not aim at being the top dogs but we do aim to be a top force with good teamwork, also we want it to be an enjoyable experience with a great atmosphere no matter what the game you chose to play with Rezistance.


    • Mature (Age of 18+)
    • Speak and type decent English.
    • Devotion & Responsibility
    • Teamspeak and working Mic/headphones
    • Active on the forums and game
    • Socialize with other clan members!

    What you can expect of Rezistance

    • Friendly environment
    • A long, established and well lead clan with a long history
    • Lots of PvP activity
    • Possibility to be part of a clan that not only plays GW2 but a wide spectre of games and genres.
    • Our own Teamspeak server running 24/7!
    • Our own Minecraft server.
    • And newly on the horizon events that might involve prizes!!

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