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    Superiority Complex [SC] PvX / WvWvW - Recruiting Skilled / Mature Players

    As reflected by our name we are a determined group of people who will strive towards our goals while enjoying our gaming experience together.

    Because most of us have real life commitments we like to ensure our gaming time is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. With this in mind we always strive to achieve our best and will actively encourage others to do the same.

    We are happy to take experienced and new players alike as long as you are willing to learn, help others within the guild, work as part of a team and accept constructive advice. Our belief is that everyone can benefit from this regardless of experience whilst maintaining an atmosphere of good humour and enjoyment.

    Our main focus will be on both PVP and PVE aka PvX, most of us enjoy a variety of different things in game including PVP, random events, dungeons, achievement runs and fun guild events!

    We have a strict 18+ policy when applying for the guild but we can make few exceptions if needed, so please feel free to apply. This is assuming you are mature for your age.

    If you are interested in joining "SC" on its journey through the Lands of Tyria please take a look at our forums:

    Guild Application Form:

    P.S We are looking for a few officers as well!

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    The Black Plague : Youth & Talent Is No Match For Age & Treachery!

    The Black Plague is recruiting older players. Our average age is 40 with many people being older than that. Once a gamer...always a gamer. Our minimum age cutoff is 30.'s high...but that's how we roll.

    The Black Plague has been around for over 10 years and is based on the EAST COAST. We've tried many different games and had a lot of fun in doing so. Many of our old members remain friends and I'm sure we'll see some meet up with us again for this game as well. We've been hoping for something great to come along again...and we have high hopes that this may it. However, this is a complete reformation. We are against cross guilding and do not appreciate it. We fight together, we die together, and we triumph together.

    We serve both PvP and PvE interests. It's good to mix it up. If you want to do one or the other, that's fine too. Organized PvP is a blast as is organized PvE.

    Obviously...we're in search of all professions.

    We're a pretty vocal bunch and will require all members to have the Mumble voice client installed. We are sponsored and it's a great hosted 100 slot server from the best host we could find. And we tried a lot of them! For those of you who don't know what Mumble is...try doing a search on Youtube for Mumble VS Vent. You'll see the results.

    I'm in the middle of building our new site over at

    If you are interested in joining us or have any other questions, then please feel free to send me a PM.

    Finally, thanks for stopping by.


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    Application form Team Page
    YouTube Channel

    Guild History
    Fallen has been around since November 2005, initially formed on World of Warcraft on the server Stonemaul and recently transferring to the server Tichondrius. Always at the height of end-game content with skilled and knowledgeable players, Fallen has managed to be the top on the server, achieveing numerous realm firsts and feats. We're strongly motivated and pride ourselves on the consistency and stability that has allowed us to remain one of the top.
    Currently, we are trying to branch out to other games such as Guild Wars 2 and are looking forward to achieving numerous gaming accomplishments in World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota2, and Starcraft II.

    Our players have significant experience in gaming competitively. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and take constructive criticism. We expect you to adapt to random situations, and have no issues with being aware of your surroundings. We expect vocal communication when required.
    If you think you have the talent and attitude to belong in Fallen, we would love to see an application from you.

    Why is your guild website mostly WoW-focused?
    We are currently in the works on building the framework around our website to support other divisions of Fallen Gaming. In the future, we hope to adjust the website to appeal to all games that we currently play.

    What are my chances on joining Fallen?
    Since GW2 is a fairly new game, we will be accepting most applicants and then later reviewing them as we become more experienced and knowledgeable with the game.

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    Guild Name: Rage
    Region: NA
    Server: Deldrimor
    Style: PvX
    Commitment: Hardcore

    We are a group of former officers from a very successful World of Warcraft guild that has decided to move to a new game. We are getting established with about 20 members now, but numbers are unknown due to people that aren't really participating on the forums while we wait for launch. We have already proven our abilities during the betas, winning in the WvWvW map for the weekends, and steamrolling in the Structured PvP Tournaments. We're a very skilled and intelligent bunch of people that theorycraft to get the best results and work hard to push the mechanics of the game to reach our goals (we don't hack or cheat though). We enjoy testing strategies to try to do what we call "break the game".

    To apply, go to our website and fill in the small application and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    The Swords of Villanousity is a democratic, multi-game, gaming guild originally founded in January 2000 on the MORPG, Well of Souls. We are an evil-aligned guild with a strong roleplaying heritage, although we are not a roleplaying guild per se. We maintain a high set of standards and focus on quality in our membership rather than just quantity. We have been a strong, ubiquitous presence on a number of games over the years and are now adding Guild Wars 2 to our current main line-up of games; League of Legends and Rappelz.

    We are an international guild with members from North America, Europe, Oceania and a number of places in-between. We will be based on Sea of Sorrows in the NA region, bringing with us many veterans of the original Guild Wars. We aim to excel in all forms of play, as dictated by member interest and are thusly primarily a PvX guild, however, presently we have a particular interest in WvW. Accordingly, we are interested in forging links with other guilds on the world that will be participating in WvW, for the sake of effective co-ordination. Naturally, we are also considering applications for membership, whether via our forum, which will result in full membership to the guild or just on an in-game membership basis which, whilst easier to obtain, will limit the amount of participation possible in the guild's democratic processes and events.

    For anyone who's interested to see what we're like, feel free to visit us here

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    Greetings all,

    This is an advertisement for Strata, an EU guild based in the United Kingdom.

    A little about us:

    Strata was born from the passion of a vast array of MMO players. Some veteran, some not old enough to be veteran, and some old enough to know better. Strata's belief is, and always has been, everyone is their own boss. We may have a guild leader as most game mechanics demand it, but this is in spirit only. An equal playing field requires an equal attitude and that is exactly what Strata is about. There is no epeen flexing, no shouting orders and bleeding ears on Ventrilo, only melting faces and avoiding arrows to the knee. If you're passionate about your games and want a friendly, welcoming guild, Strata is what you're looking for.

    Strata and you:

    As a member of Strata, what do we require of you? YOUR FIRST BORN. Joking aside, we are a mature guild (except when we're not) a sense of humour is preferred, we take all sexes, sexualities and races without descrimination though an extremely good grasp of the English language is essential (we have a few Londoner's and sometimes even *I* have no idea what they're talking about!)

    To us, attitude is way more important than skill. We know how daunting it can be joining a new guild, sometimes it's a little bit like being the new guy/girl at school. We can assure you they'll be no dead legs or bog washing in Strata! Truth be told, we're not the biggest guild going, just a tightly knit bunch of friends and family that have the same morals, principles and all like the same swear words. We welcome individual players and groups alike and are looking forward to expanding said family. Strata uses a unique Cloud system that will be explained upon joining (and don't worry, you won't be required to fill out an extensive application form either). If you like the sound of us and you'd like to come hang out on Vent (We're currently crying "HAX" in BF3 and farming Ebonstone Blocks in Terraria HM. Sadly, the latter isn't a joke!) then drop us a message on the site below. We very much look forward to hearing from you. See you in Tyria! (Yes we use Facebook. Yes, it works extremely well for what we need. Yes, I like answering the questions in your head. No, I'm not mad.) We have decided to roll on the "Desolation" server at launch as it seems to be the unofficial UK server.

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    Order of the White Lotus

    The Information

    Website: Order of the White Lotus
    Server: TBA.
    Game Style: PvE, WvW.
    Gameplay: Hardcore, we take everything seriously whether it is simply reaching level five or snatching victory from our foes.
    Timezone: GMT – 5
    Chat: TBA.
    Members: 4, just launched.
    Contact Me:,, zerodaggerz (Facebook), zerodaggerz (Twitter), or here.

    The Order

    Emblem: White Lotus.

    Motto: We are agents of the White Lotus and we demand Order.

    About Us: The Order of the White Lotus, also known as White Lotus or The Order, is a guild that focuses on skill, determination, and loyalty.We create the best of the best and expect nothing more than the best because we are few and in order for the guild to stand we must be strong. Like a guild should be, all members are seen as family of The Order we lookout for each other and need one another. White Lotus is new compared to many other guilds, its founders are inexperienced in forming a guild, its staff is unpaid and does what they can with what they have. But we work endless hours, we commit all that our bodies can give, we do the best with what we have, we only accept the best things for our members, and it all began with only three. The Order was envisioned to be a small guild but as we all know the future is a mystery. If we remain small, we shall be small but powerful and if we become large, we shall grow both in numbers and in strength.

    Even though the guild will focus mainly on WvW events and PvE we will support whatever playstyle you prefer. WvW events affects most, if not all, members and PvE will affected a smaller amount of members. Regardless of how many are affected The Order has its reach across it all and its members shall support one another it in any way possible.

    Features: We are a guild that challenges your very core, we expect you to push that extra mile and more. We are small that is why we must give it our all. We challenge our members in Proving Ground events that award mediocre to hardcore achievements. We promote only those that can successfully snatch victory from their superiors in duels. We have our most trusted and talented to work on events that affects both guild and forum. Do expect much more, for now we can only give the basics but trust me we shall not disappoint.

    Atmosphere: We are a family and look upon our members as family, we laugh and encourage a festive atmosphere, but we are a guild that honors secrecy and loyalty. We do not bark we bite, we do not instigate we silence the dogs that speaks the loudest, we do not boast we do our job and move on, we are agents of the White Lotus and we demand Order…

    Structure: We are a guild that is made up of many small squads that can either individually take action or form together to make up a large attack force at a moment’s notice. Cut off a wolf's head and it still has the power to bite.


    • Hard working, committed, loyal members.
    • Members that honor our family, guild, and server.
    • Members that are willing to help one another.
    • Members that does not need their master by their side to still be fearsome.
    • Members seeking to make a difference.


    • Hotheads, excessive trollers, liars.
    • Members that seek attention or spotlight.
    • Members that look down upon their fellow brothers and sisters.
    • Members after their own self-interest.


    • So you believe you have what it takes to be an agent of the White Lotus?
    • Are you willing to make your stand against many?
    • Are you prepared to carry your brothers and sisters across the battleground?
    • Are you willing to fend off your foes to allow your fellow members the time needed to get back up again?
    • Are you prepared to do what is necessary for our family, our guild, our home?
    • Will you cower when the hoards quake the earth or fall back not to run, but to form the last line, the last stand?
    • If you answered yes to these questions then we welcome you for we need your strength. If you answered no then we welcome you for we shall be your strength for as long as you need to be back on your feet and face your foes. If you are unsure of your answer then we welcome you for we will give you the determination to find the answer and will be alongside you from beginning to end whether that answer is yes or no.

    For we are

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    Chilled out Wargamers, PvX, FarShiverpeaks

    • Website:
    • Recruitment Status: OPEN (Open to all races/classes.)
    • Activity hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:00
    • Focus: WvW and dungeons
    • Age Requirement: Applicants must be 16 or over.
    • Officers: Blizzy, Curs, Freakdude, Mattic
    • Server: Far Shiverpeaks

    About us


    We're Chilled out Wargamers [CoW].
    A core of belgian irl friends, we're on the hunt for fresh blood to join our ranks.
    We come from different gaming backgrounds, including but not limited to rts, fps, tbs and ofcourse mmorpgs.
    Our shared mmorpg background consists off wow, warhammer online, aion, swtor, and other minor (free) games. Most of us have also played GW1 in some form.

    Our Goals/Ambitions

    As a guild we are PvX, predominantly WvW. We strive to make a mark on our server, friend and foe alike.
    Dungeon runs & openworld events will be organized as well. We foster a friendly atmosphere to help eachother out in any facet of the game.
    A team and necessary guildstructures will be set up for SPvP, if there is a demand for it.
    Everyone of us has actively tested the beta on Far Shiverpeaks. We loved the community & fierce struggles in WvW.
    This is why we decided to make it our home for launch & beyond.


    We might all be dutchspeaking, but all our members have a firm knowledge of the english language. We are recruiting internationally since we feel multiple personalities & nationalities bring spice to groups and guilds.
    We believe maturity does not necessarily correlate with age. Therefore we are willing to recruit ages 16 and up, while most of our members now are in their early twenties.

    How to Apply

    Go to and make an account there, then go to our forum, in the recruitment section and make an application following our template. You will be notified if you're CoW material within a few days.
    Please make sure to write a well thought out application with as much detail as possible, as we will consider a more detailed application over one line applications with very little information. We would like to get to know you as a person, as well as a player, which helps us with our decision.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to message me on these forums or on our website.

    The officers of Chilled out Wargamers

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    Now the only thing what currently bugs me in an MMO, is the requirement of writing a huge ass application with some faked data about a person I never was and dont even aim to be, just to look "nice". I did this in the past during my whole MMO career in Lineage 2, WoW, Aion.. but now I dont feel like to do so, since I know what I can, my WoW armory should be evident enought.

    I feel like that I've outgrown(?) this requirement, or simply became arrogant, because I'm succesful in real life (running my own company, studying, etcetc.)

    Since this is most likely the only way to get into an organized guild, you are free to disprove me, by saying there'll be several mass recruiting zerg guilds (WHAT I'M ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR!). I'll be playing GW2-EU, alongside WoW: MoP and TERA. And some other games like BF3 and so on..

    Hopefully you got my point, haha - since you know, I dont like going into detail.. <3

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    Do not use this thread for game discussion.

    Recruiting guilds part of the community and seeking players only.

    Please read our guidelines and intent for this thread in full:

    Thanks & happy gaming all!

    -- Fencers

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    A Guild Wars 2 chapter of

    Recruitment status: Open
    Timezones: North American (PST, MST, CST, EST)
    Server: Dragonbrand
    Voice: Teamspeak 3
    WvW Alliance: Axis of Insurrection

    While not a casual guild, Violent Impact strives to achieve progression without the oppressive rigidity of a 'hardcore' guild. We genuinely get excited at the prospect of amazing teamwork in the face of challenging content. That level of teamwork can only come from truly exceptional and talented players who not only posses a high level of knowledge about their class and game mechanics, but also a genuine affection for the people they play with. Violent Impact endeavors to provide the environment where those conditions can be realized.

    Through organization in our own guild, and constructively interacting with the other guilds on our server; our goal is become a force to be reckoned with in Tyria. We will be the spear that pushes into the enemy lines, and the standard for others to follow through the breach. While we do not know quite what is in store for us with regards to end-game, rest assured we will be at the forefront of it.

    Our players come from all walks. Fom the student with surprisingly far too much free time on their hands to the player with a family and full time job. We do our best to accommodate each; and everyone is a valued player here. However, it also almost universally guaranteed that each and every one of them has the following qualities:

    Active – You genuinely enjoy the game!
    An active player isn't necessarily one who is logging in every available minute of every day. We cater to all types of players and their various schedules. Active players don't just log in for guild events, and then are rarely seen until the next event. It's someone who enjoys exploring all the game's content, be it leveling, crafting, gathering, questing, or anything else in between. Sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination.

    Mature – You can take a joke and dish ‘em out!
    Applicants are not limited by age, but they must be intelligent, considerate, and enjoy friendly competition. A sense of humor is an absolute must! In addition, we abhor drama; we’re all here to have a good time together.

    Reliable – You’re responsible and can be counted on!
    Our players are able to follow a schedule. They check the forums frequently, and communicate with members and leaders. We consider communication one of the most important aspects to a successful guild. If you signed up for an event and can’t make it, please let your teammates know! If you plan on being absent for some time, drop the leader or an officer a quick note.

    Skillful – You desire to play at the maximum potential.
    You can do this using your past knowledge and experience of game mechanics, or by investing time to research, test new things, or practice playing your role until you can execute it with precision. You must be the kind of person who pushes the envelope in the gaming world, evolving and adapting to an ever-changing gaming environment.

    Motivated – You want to get things done to better yourself and the group!
    To get something, you must want it first. Players here possess a passion for success and are driven to discover possibilities. Self starters are highly desirable. Be proactive in your play. Don't wait around for a group when you could be getting one started yourself.

    If you feel you fit this criteria, we'd love to meet you.

    1. Head over to and register for a forum account
    2. Submit a quick application to Violent Impact at - Please ensure you use an e-mail address you frequently check
    3. A VI rep will be in touch with you shortly (within 24-48 hours)

    Any recruitment inquiries can be directed to

    Impact Gaming Community (IGC) is a group of skilled players who have gathered together under a single banner to engage in progression oriented game play with a structured and persistent group of players. Each of us has a passion for MMO gaming, but MMOs do not solely define the scope of our game play.

    IGC is presently home to four chapters: Neutral Impact (FFXIV), Violent Impact (Guild Wars 2), Radiant Impact (TOR), Dark Impact (TOR), and Tactical Impact (Star Trek Online). We are always looking to expand into other games and to remain a solid team able to field a formidable presence into whatever game we embark on.

    Notice, we are a community. We're looking for players interested in gaming not only in their current game, but in future and present titles. While our players mainly focus on their respective chapter, we also actively play other games. Future and current releases being played include League of Legends, Diablo 3, The Secret World, Planetside 2, and more.

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    2 experienced gamers are looking for a guild for GW2.
    About us:I'll start with we are 2 brothers who combined have ~2 decades worth of mmo exp. in any role. We enjoy PVP and PVE. We both work / go to school / work alot so we primarily aim to have fun through gaming but we are generally serious when it comes down to progression (we play to win). We are EST time zone people, looking for a guild with similar goals to ours (have fun, own some face) and are laid back play to win type people who like to get things done. We are team players, we dont mind going out of our way to help.
    ATM we are undecided on professions but most likely one will be a thief or ranger and the other(me) is still undecided but open to playing what ever your guild may be light on.
    Our play times are unpredictable due to varying work schedules but we will be highly active generally in the afternoons some mornings.

    -Character name: still not entirely sure.
    -Race: Undecided/undecided
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: PVE/PVP, we enjoy it all
    -Server region: EST
    If you need any further info/want to talk PM me or add me on steam by searching for killingpuppies.jpeg

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    Delusions of Grandeur

    Dearest Tyrians!

    Announcing the official establishment of Delusions of Grandeur!

    We have one basic goal: Making the guild one of the nicest you've ever been part of. We'll do everything we can to make this guild feel like a second family, a home away from home and a fun retreat. That's it really: Family and fun.

    The guild will be run by myself and Snow White, in basically the same way our Guild Wars 1 mmoc Guild has been run. So if you enjoyed that guild and thought the ppl were friendly and helpful, expect the same here! More events will be organised though ofc with the GW2 guild

    There are no specific gameplay goals, but it will most likely focus on PVE and WvW. We're going to go on the same US server as Team Legacy, US NORTHERN SHIVERPEAKS, because they prioritize community building and are part of a huge network of guilds. They will also ensure that WvW is competitive. Despite that they are not elitist at all...hence the community building

    So, if you want an environment that promotes a great atmosphere and treats other members warmly in a spirit of building friendships and having fun drop me or Snow a PM I'm easily found on Steam as well.

    We've now added a forum! Please come and join us at:

    Toodles for now
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    <Circle's End> is recruiting for Guild Wars 2!

    We are a MMO gaming core who have stuck together since I first put an ATI 3D Rage2 video card in my computer and first booted into Windows 95-SE. While we have a dedicated core, we need you (that's right, you!) to fill out our numbers! Join today! Tomorrow is acceptable too, I guess.

    By joining today, you get:

    Access to our 512-man Teamspeak server for you and all your friends
    Access to our 999-man Ventrilo server for you and all your friends, so long as I have the server on. It's expensive to keep that thing going 24/7.
    Pre-launch access to our state-of-the-art website that I made 2 minutes ago on Guildportal
    Monthly BBQs if you happen to live in Southwest Louisiana or New Brunswick, Canada
    And the satisfaction of knowing that at launch, you will be enjoying all the guild perks with us!

    We'll be focusing on WvWvW for the grind to 80, and then adding more PvE to our plate, along with organized PvP.

    If you can't speak English, no worries - neither can most of our Louisianian.... er, Louisianan.... um, people from Louisiana. Seriously though? We need you to speak English.

    "What server?", you ask? We don't know yet. We're probably following Fires of Heaven to their server, and as of yet, they have not made public their choice of server.

    Go to, make a little account-thingy, and send me (Silkspith) a message, or post... anywhere, really.

    Are you still reading this? I like pie. Blueberry pie is excellent, and they're in season right now. Not a fan of the way it stains my tongue though.

    TLDR: Join our guild. We want numbers to faceroll in WvWvW.

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    CLIMACTIC GAMING is a gaming community looking to make a name for itself in the eSports scene.

    If you are looking for a small tight community with a semi-hardcore attitude in PvX and who is willing to train and put in the effort needed then take a look at us.

    We just recently launched our guild rules/rank structure and have a very active player base. Get in on the ground floor of our great guild!

    We have our own website:

    We have our own Mumble Server: Port: 4026

    We have our own youtube channel: theclimacticgaming

    We have our own Twitch Channel: climacticgaming

    Check us out and visit our website.

    sPvP and Tournaments - That's where we'll be. See ya there!

    Application Format (to be filled out on our website):
    In-Game name:
    Real Name:
    Experience with MMO's:
    Play schedule (ie; 20hrs/week Mon-Fri):
    Time Zone:
    Why you'd like to join:

    CLIMACTIC (aka Andre) of
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    Guild Recruiting: Infinity
    World/Server: Dragonbrand
    At the moment our guild is comprised of both Americans and Canadians, but we don't really care where you are from.

    Hey! Are you looking for a guild to play with for Guild Wars 2? Then check us out and apply at

    We are a close nit guild looking to expand our family. As a guild we will be doing PvP, WvW and PVE related activities and are looking for skilled people who also have a sense of humor. No Douchebags allowed!

    Come join us and KICK SOME A$$!!!
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    What is Blacklisted? We are a new guild thats going to be starting up in GW2 but a group that has been together for years We are a helpful friendly community looking to grow. We have much to offer and hopfully you can add to what we have. We play a vast amount of games ranging from Leauge of Legends to DayZ, you name it we probably play it. But now a group of us are branching to Guild Wars 2 and cant wait to start a guild.

    Site info is our site. yes it says exiled but we are a going to be a brother clan to them since thats where "Blacklisted" came from. Your welcome to create an account and go on the fourms. Hope to see you there.

    How can i join?? Simply just go to our site which is posted above create an account and go to the Fourms and the Blacklisted section. the link to the application page is here we will look over your app and get back to you as soon as we can. We dont have many rules just simply dont be a dick to anyone in the community. Once the game launches Recruitment will be eaiser but are not just gonna let anyone and everyone in. The first apps we get in have the best chance at being higher up in our guild.

    What do we have to offer?? We have a full site and fourms Teamspeak3 server and a friendly community. We are a fun group of people looking for people to join our ranks. We can promise you a good time but you wont experience it untill you join us. From all of us at Blacklisted we cant wait to see you.

    What is Blacklisted up to now? Untill launch we are currently in our Teamspeak server which is on the fourms playing Leauge of Legends and some other types of games. Honestly all of us are just biting at the bit to play this game. Cant wait to have you join our ranks.

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    Hello. I'm looking for a guild on probably Desolation, maybe far shiverpeaks. Haven't made my decision yet. Anyway, I'm a hardcore player. I've been playing WoW for 2 years with 5 days/7 raiding nights hardcore. Also played Rift hardcore. 2nd best guild on the server.
    I have ts, mumble, vent, skype, you name it! and im not shy to talk either, so if you have a guild on probably Desolation, please send me a PM!


    OBS: Looking for English speaking guild

    Edit: Been in all BWEs and stress tests.
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    Looking for a guild

    I'm looking for a guild to join. I am interested in doing PvE,WvWvW and dynamic events.

    Character name: dont know yet
    Race: Sylvari
    Profession: Elementalist or ranger
    Server region: any in US would like to join a US-East Coast if i can
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    We are "The Jemiriuie" PvX-Na

    We are "The Jemiriquie"! And are here to recruit. We're a NA casual PvX guild looking for active members. We are a smaller guild that is looking expand for GW2. Our age limit is 18+, and we SWEAR like sailors. So be WARNED!

    "The Jemiriquie" are a guild looking to make a name for them selves, On our server "Jade Quarry" whether in PvP,PvE, or WvW we want people to know who we are. And to do so we need you to join our cause, and make "The Jemiriquie" name a Known one!

    You can get more Information on our

    guild at our website @

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