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    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a guild that will be active during 8PM - 12AM PST. I haven't decided on a race/profession yet, but I tend to make plenty of alts. I have 10 years of MMO experience. While I have done the "hardcore" 5-7 nights of raiding thing before, I am more interested in a casual fun guild to run some PvE and PvP content with.
    Send me a PM your guild could use another.

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    Looking for a guild to start with, didnt play beta so im fairly new, played the first one for a good year. I will be playing hardcore for the first month, over 10 hours a day, then I will be going back to my main game, WoW when mop hits. In a top 100 world guild, so for a month ill disappear to raid and do that, then come back to pvp and see whats up. Will prob make a ranger, main is a hunter in wow. Send me a message on here, ty.

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    Hey everyone, I didn't get in on the Beta, but I am a quick learner and have been playing WoW for 7 years, looking for a later night crowd if possible. I have a good sense of humor, get along with just about everyone and I just straight up love gaming. I'm 26 and have a business that can have me coming and going at late hours, but I'm a very responsible and dependable guy given the chance. If at all interested in having me, PM me tomorrow before I get my head start going!

    PS. I'm west coast!
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    -Character name: Most likely Brusalk unless it's taken
    -Race: Norn
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: PvE/PvP
    -Server region: NA

    I'm mostly looking for a group of people who are interested in doing PvE/PvP while mainly focusing on enjoying the game. I raid hardcore(ish) in WoW so I'm mostly interested in GW2 as what I'm doing when I'm not raiding. I've been playing various MMOs for 7 years and I tend to know what I'm doing. Having a mumble/vent/w/e server to hang out on and chat is a major plus as I don't enjoy just typing all day long.

    PM me or something I guess :P

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    Any GMT+8 guilds recruiting?

    I live in Japan and would like to play with people in my time zone. I will play engineer and I'm looking for a sPvP/tournament guild, only!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mustadio View Post
    Any GMT+8 guilds recruiting?

    I live in Japan and would like to play with people in my time zone. I will play engineer and I'm looking for a sPvP/tournament guild, only!
    Since there is only 1hr time difference between Japan and Australia I suggest you play on the unofficial Oceanic server, Sea of Sorrows.

    Edit: Misread your question. Check out this site for guilds playing on that server:
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    SWG is proud to be part of and have made a TS3 server just for that server to do WvWvW content. Love PvP? come join us and play with lots of people from Jade Quarry

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    Fresh to the guild wars universe. But experienced gamer, played wow since release. Have had numerous first realm kills and have climbed the pvp ladder in vanilla and current platform to glad.

    North American Region, looking for a PVP/PVE guild, who focuses mostly on PVP.

    Maturity is a must, not fond of people begging for help 24/7. Once and a while, but not kids complaining all the time.

    PM me, currently I am on Dragonbrand server NA.

    About me: 24 years old, university student, experienced gamer, available often, no class on fridays EST Time zone.

    Have skype/vent, willing to get any other software needed.

    PM Me or reply to topic citing my name.

    Thank you for your time.

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    - Haven - of Blackgate

    Hello fellow citizens of Tyria!

    Are you looking for some competent players to run explorable mode dungeons?

    How about a nice atmosphere to shoot the breeze?

    Do you like structured PvP?

    In Haven, we can provide all these requirements, along with many, many others!

    We are located on the Blackgate server if you want to come check us out. Feel free to send me a PM - Bhelen Iceblood

    Website coming soon!

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    Gday guys, Im an australian looking for either west USA based or australian based guild on Sea of Sorrows server I'm looking for a hardcore guild doing PvX absolutely everything and while the game is new and understandably may get to slow start I am looking for a guild that plans to do hardcore PvE and sPvP specifically. My prior experience in MMO includes hardcore raiding in WoW, including officer roles within the guild, raid leading as well as guild leading.

    Please contact in game or send me a mail in game to character "Zanthrax" for more information. Thank you!
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

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    -Character name: Kristalynn
    -Race: Sylvari
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: PvE, MAYBE PvP and/or RP, but mostly PvE =)
    -Server region: Dragonbrand

    A friend talked me into buying the game, and I'm glad I did, I do PvP some but I LOVE PvE and PvE will be my main focus. My husband may join in at a later date. I would like a guild where I won't feel so outcast and a nobody, I want to make friends =D
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    Hey there!

    I'm the co-foundeder of an exciting new guild called Backpedaling to Africa. We're a group of real life friends who love Guild Wars 2 and wanted to make a guild to group and play together more easily. We are PvP and WvW fanatics but also love the PvE Guild Wars 2 has brought. If you're looking for a small-knit guild who frequently joke with each other over Skype and with a goal to simply enjoy ourselves, you've come to the right place.

    We don't have anything complicated like these other guilds. No Mumble, website, forums, etc. Although we would be willing to expand into those in the future! Simply PM me or request in-game for an invite from "Scoots," "Solereavr," "Mervill," or myself, "Charrnobyl" on Jade Quarry for an invite.

    Thanks for taking the time to read! Also the secret behind our guild name will only be revealed when we're the best guild on the server

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    Cool Bubulum Stercus <BS>


    Server: U.S Blackgate
    Number of active members: 15
    Type: PVX, Semi-hardcore

    Important note: You may ask to join the guild in-game, just message me or the guild leader. You will be a recruit until you apply on our website. See you in game!
    Me: plexxis
    Guild leader: Starlama

    Bubulum Stercus is a semi-hardcore guild with members primarily based in North America. Our name might be BS, but we take our gaming seriously. BS calls the Black Gate server home, and we plan to make a huge splash on the Guild Wars 2 scene. BS is going to focus on all aspects of Guild Wars 2 (PvP, PvE, sPvP, WvW). Our guild will have dedicated officers that focus each of these avenues. No matter what your interest, we will strive to provide the best and most competitive gaming environment possible.

    Bubulum Stercus offers weekly Guild Events! Events will be related to PvX, but there may also be fun events with FREE player rewards (GOLD, ITEMS, MATS, etc.). Rewards offered to members and higher.

    BS offers a "WANTS AND NEEDS" forum section to its members and higher. Any guild member can request items or mats that may not be supplied in the guild bank or are too costly on the Trading Company market. If the guild can fulfill the 'want or need', we will do so. If the want/need is an item or mat that is considered extremely valuable, the guild will do its best to help the player obtain the desired item/mat, or they may sell it to the player at a price lower than the lowest price on the Trading Company. The selling price must be a fair price that both parties agree upon. Should we find a guild mate purposely scamming or ripping off other members, they will be removed from the guild.


    RECRUIT - Initial level of BS. Recruits will be promoted to members once they have filled out the BS application and when they are approved by an Officer.

    MEMBER - Full member. Able to participate in Guild Events. Members will have access to the Guild Bank, once it is established, and have access to the website forums and chat. Promotion to Veteran comes with all officer approval.

    VETERAN - Long time guild member/founding member. These players are representing Bubulum Stercus to the fullest. They will have full access to all in game storage. They will have first priority for all in game PvE and PvP events. They will be able to participate in special in-game Veteran events.

    OFFICER - Right hand men/women of the Guild Leader. They are the trusted officials of the guild. A BS Officer is only affiliated with and always represents Bubulum Stercus. They are responsible for all aspects of guild management. They will have full access to all in game guild functions and full website access. This rank is appointed by the Guild Leader.

    We are a guild that plays every aspect.
    We will have sub categories in our guild

    WVW(world pvp)

    In our PVP category, all players that wish to play pvp can enlist, though the people that are the best in pvp in our guild can choose to be of higher rank in our pvp section which all of the higher ranks of pvp can organize a team of selected people to display our guild as top tier pvp'ers when playing competitively. Though, anyone in our guild can team-up and pvp.

    In our PVE category, again, all players can jump in on organized raids and dungeons. Though, for the serious PVE'ers, their will be a system to organize the best raiders to strategically clear content which will display our guild as top tier pve'ers. All players can participate in raiding and do dungeons and again casual players can just jump in at anytime and play with other players!

    In our WVW category of the guild, all players can jump in! If you don't know what world pvp is yet, be sure to look it up on youtube or on the guild wars 2 main site, basically, it is pvp but it runs a week long and their are 3 different alliances compromising of 100's of people on each alliance that battle to conquer the battleground!

    This is a premium guild wars 2 dedicated guild and all players are more than welcome to enjoy the game with us! We are a casual to semi-hardcore to hardcore guild. We say this because our guild focuses on every aspect of the game, from players that just want to jump on and have fun to players that will play to be the best.

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    Moon Of Shadows

    Hello Guys.

    Moon of Shadows is recruiting players from Henge of Denravi server. We are a very friendly and helpful guild focused on experiencing everything Guild Wars 2 has to offer. We currently have about 40 members and we are very active!

    Our Current ranks are:

    *Shadow Initiate
    *Shadow Acolyte
    *Shadow Moonie
    *Shadow Weaver
    *Moon Maiden
    *Shadow Knight
    *Moon Priestess
    *Shadow Lord

    We will start doing some events and more once everyone gets more familiar with each other and the game itself. If you want to join you can whisper me in-game to Zilong or just send me a Personal Message here.

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    Guildname: SOLID guild [SLID]
    Server: Piken Square (EU)
    Focus: All that the game has to offer.

    You can also follow us at Twitter and Facebook

    SOLID was created by Damma and I played World Of Warcraft for approximately 7 years, raiding as rogue. Been guildleader, officer, core raider in the past so bring a lot of experience. I hope to make SOLID a quality over quantity guild where we all have fun and are known on the server for being skilled, friendly and active. Piken Square is the unofficial official RP-server and we will have dedicated guild RP as well as PvE and PvP.

    Read more in the general forums on our website where you can also find our application form.
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    [PTX] PainTrain is a founding member of the Ascension Alliance. We formed the alliance to create an organized, democratic and effective WvW alliance and server community. We’ve spent months advancing our preparation methods, tactics and execution to become one of the best guilds and alliance within the game. We’ve proven this with every campaign and battle we’ve fought thus far since Beta 1 and we’ve shown our following community that we respond and care about the future of GW2.

    Due to inconsistencies in philosophy, difference in focus and vision of what a democratic alliance should be, PainTrain has left the Ascension Alliance. Our vision moving forward is to start fresh with a dedicated group of guilds who wish to be on the same level and have equal decision making power with transparency in communication.

    We would like to bring on and welcome new guilds to our server, share these methods, tactics of planning and help these guilds execute with great success, to help our server, not only become competitive but become one of the best the game has to offer.

    We are looking to organize like minded guilds that are organized, devoted WvW and bring a strong community ethic of respect and cooperation to not only other guilds on our server, but the community as a whole. These guilds can be located anywhere throughout the world as long as they have these common goals and are able to carry out their operations successfully. All global regions are invited.

    In doing so, PainTrain is proud to announce the formation of the Devona’s Legion Alliance.

    Guild Leaders:

    A meet and greet for potential guilds will be held on Thursday, Sept 13th @ 8pm EST on the PTX Teamspeak server :

    We will be discussing what is needed from each guild and our direction as an alliance. If you can make it, please be attend!

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    Guild vs World {GvW] on the underworld server EU

    We are a small packed guild with experienced mmo players, our focus is on having a small core group of players 2-3 (groups) that run dungeons and 5v5's.

    What are we looking for: Active and experienced players to expand our roster with, we are not a hardcore guild but expect loyalty and being social. Tho we are not hardcore doesn't mean we are not productive and thereby also need exceptional players.

    If your interested in more information visit our webpage at:
    our /w one of our officers in game: Dreday, The Holy Reconing, Nocte Vigil (mrsexycookie)

    We use TS during our dungon runs, so a mic is req.

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    The Netherlands
    Guild: [BM] Blood Monks
    Server"[EU] Fissure of Woe

    We are a casual, social PvX guild. Started out as a few friends known from different games, and as that is Gw2 will not get full dedication. We have a Ts client at our disposel where quite a few of us are found on regurarly. We are not rushing anyone to 80, we do experience the game as a big lvoely journy.

    Our playtimes are usely the standard evening and weekend times.

    Interested give fiona Turi a poke on Fissure of Woe and get settled in.

    Ps its late that i write this so do not expect someone now to be online there =P
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    The Guilty Gamers Multi Gaming Community is openly recruiting!

    We Are All Guilty Here!

    The Guilty Gamers are a multi game community with players for:

    Diablo 3
    Guild Wars 2
    Team Fortress 2
    DOTA 2

    We are a very active gaming community, and looking for active members. We have servers for CS:S, CS:GO, CS:1.6, Minecraft, and Team Fortress 2. We also have a Teamspeak 3 server, active forums, and are all over social media and Youtube.

    The Guilty Gamers are on Guild Wars 2, and are looking for active MMO members to join and participate in the fun! We do events, leveling, and anything else you can bring to the table for Guild Wars 2, as well as any other game.

    As an upcoming gaming community we have no restrictions on joining, so no matter what age, what race, what class, whatever you wish to be stop by and join the action! We do monthly contests, and giveaways, we hold open events for games, so no matter what you play come visit us and submit your application now to become one of the Guilty Gamers!

    Our Facebook:
    Steam Group:

    Visit us on Teamspeak 3:

    and check out our main site:
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    Server: Swamp of Sorrows
    51 Elementalist

    Still looking for an OCEANIC guild. Will spend my TOME OF INFLUENCE on it if it is a High ended PvP guild

    Who is the top guild so far....?
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