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    Hi all,

    An 80 warrior, 80 Mesmer and 80 engineer looking to join an active PVX guild that runs things from around 3-12 server time. We are looking for a guild with friendly people that know what they are doing and actually log on often because we are fed up with running dungeons with pugs and/or careless players. The three of us are mature players and will not bring any kind of drama for that is one thing that we cannot stand in a guild. We are looking for a guild that prefers to use TeamSpeak 3l but are open to using something else such as vent

    We are also open to joining a guild that is not on Sorrows Furnace as long as we know that we will be joining a guild that will be active, mature and will be on a server with a large population.

    You can contact me by sending me a PM here or contacting either Vasteric or Kroknah in game. Thank you!
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    Salt of the Earth ( Fort Aspenwood )

    A family friendly Christian PvE and WvW guild

    We welcome Christians and Non-Christians alike

    I know your time is precious, so I'll try to be to the point! What makes a guild special? Is it the accomplishments over time of the guild? Is it the number of members? Is it doing all the content in a guild as fast as possible?

    I'm not sure about you, but I would answer all those with a 'No'. What makes a guild special is the people in it. It doesn't matter if the guild is 50, 100, or 200+ strong. If no one knows each other on a personal level then over time that guild will be lost in memory.

    This guild has three goals

    Strengthen Christians in their walk with Christ

    Bring seekers to Christ should they so choose. We will not force anything on you, you are welcome to game with us if all you want is a clean family friendly environment

    Recruit people that want to game with each other for fun, and to get to know each other like an online family. Over my nearly 10 years of playing MMO's I only really remember 3 guilds and all 3 were because you were treated like an online family not a number or a slot filler.
    Our guild is small right now, but we have big dreams and we are in Guild Wars 2 for the long haul.

    If you are interested then check out our website at or pm / send an in game mail to Solitude (adonai.4230) or Sparro (Sparro.2380).
    Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you in game!
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    Fallout is recruiting!

    Guild: Fallout
    World: US - Isle of Janthir
    Playstyle: PvX

    We currently have over 290 helpful and active members and all guild perks and bonuses, including the 250 slot guild bank.
    We have constant guild dungeon runs, an active guild chat and organized guild wide WvW events. We are also absolutely drama free.

    We are currently looking for laid back gamers that are friendly and love teamwork. Hardcore and casual players are welcomed to join us, as we aim to build a close knit community that is enjoyable for all.

    If you feel this could be the guild for you then please check out our recruitment page for more info.

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    Remnant RMNT sponsored gaming looking for mature players on Northern Shiverpeaks

    Northern Shiverpeaks

    We are a very diverse group of mature players from all over, merging as one to play as a team. Casual and hardcore gamers alike. We accept anyone who is positive into our community! Currently we are sponsored by a few very good companies who provide us with products we award to our players through monthly contests. Please see for more info. If you would like to join feel free to signup on our forums or message an officer in game.
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    The Velvet Army

    The Velvet Army

    A new guild with unfortunately not much to say about but I will try my best to elaborate. When I first started playing Guild Wars I was amazed by the fact that you are able to dye your items; come Guild Wars 2, a game where one already has a good set of dyes for free I had already developed a certain armour style for my characters, a style that shows, a style that may not always reflect my skill but none the less makes things more ‘chill.’ If you are interested in joining a guild where style matters and wealth is rather trivial then this is the place for you. Like many other guilds we do plan to run instances despite being primarily WvW but assure you that by the time you rank up in my army neither of these will be difficult endeavours.

    The Velvet Army is a place where individuals with ambitions look up to individuals who have already reached them, and with no doubt a place where the lesser of the equation advance swiftly.

    With plans for an extensive crafting network offering significant discounts to guild members, and perks already on offer to those that advance in rank anything is possible, so join my guild today and have a good time!

    Disclaimer: All of this is really on offer however the guild operates in a rather militaristic hierarchical way primarily; thus, advancing may happen rarely and if it does is made rather official involving the sending of rare/exotic items to promoted member and the witnessing of the whole process by a senior officer.

    Visit us on to find out more.
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    Hi, I am an active EU player, currently residing on Gandara. I have been looking for an active guild for a long, long time. I play a level 80 Norn Guardian, and I have 52% World Completion at the moment. Sidenote: I am loving the game just as much as I did at release, still having a rush going through the zones.

    What I am looking for is an active, fun guild, consisting of friendly members, who run dungeons together, but most importantly do things like running around in a big group clearing events. I have been lurking around in Straits of Devastation recently, guildless, and there are group events all over the damn place. But close to no other players to be found nearby. And it plagues me, as I feel I miss a lot of the great, cooperative stuff you are supposed to do as a guild.
    The guild should most preferably be located on one server only. I am of course willing to change server, depending on which EU server your guild resides on.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    The Unnamed Recruiting!
    Looking for players for dedicated tournament-teams and overall sPvP
    English speaking, EU based, on Blacktide server

    www dot the-unnamed dot com

    Are you looking for a stable and organized guild to do sPvP with? Do you want dedicated PvPers with multi-game experience in team based PvP to practice strategy and tactics with? The Unnamed wants to offer you a new home where you can grow as a player and where your input will be valued as part of the team.

    We are currently running two successful stable tournament-teams that places no.1 more often then not, and are now looking to set up a third team. We practice regularly at least two times a weak with well developed strategy and concepts. We also have a base of semi-casual sPvP players and want to grow that base a bit bigger to foster our common growth as a PvP based guild and offer the best environment for our players.

    The Unnamed is an old guild with a long history. PvP have always been the focus with games like SWTOR, Rift and Warhammer Online under the belt. English is our language but we are spread out over Europe so even if we go for quality in players over quantity you will seldom log-in to en empty guild-chat.

    In GW2 we have been a noticeable presence in WvW and starting to make a name in sPvP. As players seldom want to leave the guild, even if they focus on other games we have smaller groups of members that play games like LoL or CS, alwyas with the PvP action at heart!

    Please get in touch with us! Visit the-unnamed dot com. If you fill in a good enough application we will be happy to offer you a two week trial with our tPvP teams!

    Feel free to contact Luxiom.8279 in-game!


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    For guilds, please include your guild name, website, region (NA/EU ect.), and whatever other information you would like to share.
    AURA (Gandara - EU - PVX)

    Click Here to Visit Us Now!

    ::> VIDEO ADVERT <::

    Hi ya,
    Thank you for taking the time to view our Guild Advert, and congratulations on taking the first step towards finding the perfect Guild for you!.

    ** ABOUT US:
    We are an EU Guild that plays mostly during the time zones of GMT-2, GMT-1, GMT, GMT+1, GMT+2.
    AURA was first born in 2004 within Guild Wars 1 & following 6 years of success, AURA finally went into hibernation with a promise of a return & reunion for Guild Wars 2, The community flame was not extinguished though as many of us kept in contact through games like Aion, Star wars, Minecraft & WoW to name a few. Now GW2 is active, AURA like the dragons across Tyria has re-awoken and is currently recruiting again.

    During our time in GW1, we received recognition and praise from both GWonline & Gameamp..
    2006-Member Vote: "One of the most Successful Guilds in GW " by other guild wars players on GWOnline.
    2007-Member Vote: "One of the most friendly & inspiring guilds in GW to date. " by other guild wars players on GameAmp.
    For GW2 we hope to re-achieve this plus alot more...

    At AURA we consider ourselves part of an online-family instead of just being members of a guild & our guilds policy has always been one of Honesty, Maturity & Kindness at all times to all players, even towards those outside of our online-family. Unlike other Guilds out there, we DO understand that you have a "real life" and therefore can not be active 24/7.
    "We never leave family behind!"

    Please feel free to check out our Site -: Click Here! :- (Non-Members only get limited access)

    Many Community Events but not too many you get no "Me Time!".
    Full Support in Guild Wars 2
    Access to the community TS System
    Fun & Laughs.
    A stress-free, fun environment where you can play with friends.
    Advice, Support and Guidance within seconds of asking.
    Access to our community forum.
    Friendly, Helpful players who are always eager to help or chat.
    And Much Much more..

    So be smart & don't join a normal/regular PvX Guild that promises you the world and abandons you once you join them, join a Guild that will make you feel Welcome, Comfortable and Confident..
    It doesn't matter if your new to MMO's or an experienced player, we can guarantee that you will always find Support, Help, friendly chat, lots of laughs just 1 call away.

    ** HOW DO I JOIN?:
    Please visit our Site -: HERE! :- & follow the 2 step instructions, that's it, it's as simple as that...

    Thank you for taking the time to read our Guild Advert and we hope to see & hear from you soon...

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    [EU][sPvP] Competitive tPvP in the week-end ? Read it !

    Hi guys !

    Maybe you have heard of me, maybe not, this is my story : I'm actually a 19 years old student (engineering studies) from France. I love MMOs, especially the PvP aspect and the competition, the theory-crafting, tactics, optimization, ... I would like to play the GW2 tPvP at a very high level with some fixed team (i'm actually about 85% tournament win rate), but this is my problem : my availability. Indeed, my play time is concentrated in the week-end : it not prevent to be competitive, to play as much as week-days players (12h a day is possible :P), but it is hard to find mates.

    So my project is, for the begining, to create a week-end top players friendlist in order to create (or to join !) a roster later. What qualities are needed ?

    - Big week-end play time (Friday night, Saturday afternoon + night, Sunday)
    - Optimization (knowing your class AND the other classes, etc)
    - Communication skills (and of course a mic)
    - Age : 18+ (need mature players)
    - Capacity to receive criticism and to be constructive
    - Competitive attitude
    - (Playing on EU serv :P)

    You are a PLAYER or a TEAM interested by the invitation ? Fell free to contact me on this forum (PM), IG (Hawatak.8049 - Sangoria) or by mail at : sangoriagw2 "AT" gmail "DOT" com.

    Thanks guys, and see you in game !

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    Looking for Guild

    I have a 73 warrior on CD server and I'm looking for a guild that is active most nights after work (cst time). I'm mostly looking for people to party up with who do both PvE and PvP.
    I've been a gamer since EQ1 and played WoW for years as well. I've tried some other MMO's recently, but I'm playing GW2 now, and will for a while.
    I'm laid back, but very reliable and helpfull and enjoy the social aspect of the game as well, so I'm looking for a guild that has an active Vent as well.

    I'm not opposed to switching servers for the right group of people.

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    [RAGE] Is Recruiting ! WvW/PvX on Dragonbrand

    We are a small tight nit group, who would like to get bigger. Dragonbrand is our home.

    Some brief information about R A G E...

    RAGE is a WvW focused guild in Guild Wars 2. But we really want to support PvE and sPvP activities. We just need people like you to help lead those roles!
    we welcome players from around the world and all time zones.
    We are Team Speak 3 guild. We require a mic and high activity on TS3 so we can come to known you!
    Leader: Colfy

    What do we expect from Members in RAGE?

    We really want someone who wishes to dedicate themselves to the continued growth of the Guild. Someone who serious minded, mature, wants to have fun, and make new friends within our ranks. Elitist really have no room in RAGE as we are looking for people not pixels.

    What does RAGE Coalition offer Me?

    RAGE is a Community Guild. We are about working together and sharing the load of leadership. We are very patient people that enjoy chatting and having a good time, and because of this we find that we do tend to be very careful about the people who wish to join our ranks.

    We try very much to avoid the classic Raid Guild mentality, we believe everyone deserves equal rewards and strive to ensure everyone is having a good time while playing the game. At the same time we will be determined to impress the Guild Wars 2 world by our good attitude and friendly atmosphere. We do take our gaming very seriously, but not at the expense of your fun. Most of all we can offer you friendship and conversation.

    What are we seeking exactly?

    Good attitude and a lot of enthusiasm.
    Ability to work cooperatively with others.
    Can communicate well with mic. We use Teamspeak 3.
    Patience is a must for teaching or learning.
    Someone who is intelligent and has a lot of ideas. Guy or girl, doesn't matter. If you have passion to build to strong community that is built upon the ideas of helping each other and one another, that is perfect.
    Being age 18+.
    Someone who is not shy about sharing their ideas and thoughts.
    Someone who wants to seek friends online and try to make relationships with people. Not treat people like names and use the anonymity of the internet to brush people aside without emotion.
    Isn't obsessed with being the very best at everything.
    Thick skinned, sometimes things can be said during the heat of a battle.
    The willingness to cope with different personalities, no two people are alike.
    Likes to laugh, tease, and have a great time. Serious minded when needed.

    Interested? The Next Step

    If you are interested, visit our webpage and fill out our new Application Form.
    Please note that the application does take a little time to process.
    More information, Contact Unwon/ Unfunky on Dragonbrand.

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    Server: Underworld
    Location: Europe
    Style: PvE / PvP / WvW
    Requirements: None

    We are a Guild Wars 2 Gaming Community, founded on May the 18th of 2012 by Veni and Hardist. We are a friendly, social, mature, helpful and active guild, currently 40 members strong. If you wish to know more about us, then you can find all information you need on this website.

    What is the "Touch of Darkness" exactly?
    We are a guild existing of 40 members currently and we're looking to expand to at least 50 - 75 members to have a solid, active playerbase online every night. We are playing anything and everything, and helping each other out whenever and wherever we can. That is our "motto", a friendly, social and helpful guild. We have been looking into WvW lately aswell and it's safe to say that we are loving it. It's nice though if you have a guild consisting of 100+ members and you're all going into the WvW at the same time, but that's not what we want, we do not want to be hardcore. Instead, we would like to build a close-knit family guild so to speak, where everyone knows everyone, where we have social and friendly chats going on every night, and without having hundreds of members online at the same time. So if you wish to be in a big guild, we're unfortunately not the guild for you.

    What can The Touch of Darkness offer you?
    For starters, like already said, we're friendly, social and helpful. A lot of guilds promise the same thing, but in practice it's different a lot of times. We help out where we can, if someone is asking for help, and we do not tolerate any "unfriendliness" in our guild. Also, there are guilds out there with 100+ members, but only a handful of them are actually helping other guildmates. We're not like that. If you need help and ask for it in the guild chat, you're getting help. We are also open to any ideas you might have, wether it be ideas for the guild in-game, or for our website, we're open to any suggestions, and we listen to our guild members. After all, without you, there wouldn't be any guild. We understand and respect that. We try to get and keep everyone involved, which is important to make a successful Guild.

    What are we looking for?
    We do not have any age restrictions, but ofcourse we are looking for mature people. We do not recruit the player, but we recruit the person behind the player. Ofcourse we encourage people to fill out an application on our website, but as for now this is not needed yet, an introduction is more than enough. The only thing we ask from our members is to show respect to anything and everything. Mature behaviour in any kind of chat in -and outside of the game. No provoking, no flaming whatsoever. We do not need to explain this more. As for the rest, we do not have any rules, you can login -and out whenever you want, and we understand that real life comes first. We encourage people to live their lifes before logging in to the game. Don't get hung up on this game too much like the rest of us.

    Anything else?
    If we have your attention, please take a look at the following template. Although this is not mandatory, we encourage people to fill out the application form so we know already a little something about the person we're about to recruit. If you are looking for a small / medium sized guild, and become a part of a "family", then we suggest you give us a shot and get to know us. If you're looking for a large, hardcore PvP / WvW guild, we're not the guild for you.

    And as always, if you have any questions whatsoever, you can contact me directly via e-mail or simply send me a PM here.

    hardist [at] touchofdarkness [dot] com

    Application Template

    Thank you for reading our introduction and we hope to hear from you soon!

    ~Touch of Darkness

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    Joemighty Was Here - Gaming Community opens recruitment

    Joemighty Was Here

    GW2 Server: Far Shiverpeaks (EU)
    Location: EU

    Hi there,

    We are Joemighty Was Here, a European Gaming Community.
    We are a group of old school gamers and we have played together for over six years.

    We are at the moment looking for new (groups of) players to join our community
    so we can grow larger and support even more games.

    The currently played games are:
    - Diablo 3
    - Minecraft
    - Guild Wars 2
    - Starcraft 2
    - World of Warcraft

    We try to organize as many events in these games as possible.
    To reach that goal we use our website and our private teamspeak server.

    We're currently looking for new members to play with us in Guild Wars 2.
    Our aim is to participate in WvW and dungeon runs, while having fun on TeamSpeak.

    Interested in joining our gaming community?
    Check out our website at

    Regards and hope to see you soon!


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    Alysseum is located in Far shiverpeaks and we are located in Europe

    Our focus within the guild is mainly PvE especially with the upcoming dungeon Fractals of the Mist.
    Alysseum is a small guild guild and i am not looking to expand it more than 15 active players.
    We're not hardcore and that will never be our intention, you can still be casual and have a fairly good progress rate.
    We are looking for a few more people to finish the roster for the upcoming dungeon, however we do have some requirements.
    It's very important that we find synergy between us otherwise it won't work out.

    • You are not afraid to communicate, you are a vocal person.
    • You are open minded, you can adapt and learn.
    • When given criticism we expect you to handle it and not take it personal.
    • We're using Skype as voice chat.
    • You have a good understanding with your proffesion and have previous gaming experience.
    • You're not easily offended, your threshold is somewhat more than average.
    • You don't have anger management issues, frustration is fine but there is a silver lining between pure anger and frustration.

    Provide us a bit of information about yourself, keep it short and relevant!
    Whats your name IGN?
    How old are you?
    Where do you live?
    When can you play, when are you available?
    How many hours have you put into GW2 so far? Type /age ingame.
    When are you available to play?
    What's your previous experience with gaming?

    You can either PM me or contact me ingame Hab.6801

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    Key words for those doing searches through this topic: Semper Dius, WvW, WvWvW, PvP, Gandara, EU, Europe

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    About Twisted Mindz

    Twisted Mindz is a global community which is motivated and backed up by a great staff. In a nutshell: A solid organization here to help you with your gaming goals. As a community we are looking forward to fun-filled gaming experiences and working together to improve ourselves in game content. The member base of our community covers people from all over the world, making us 'Global' in the true sense of the word. However, for convenience we all speak and express ourselves in world's #1 language -- English.
    For more information on the guild, what we offer, application process and whatever you want to know... ..You can always PM any member of the staff in one of our games or send a private message on the forums. We can communicate via Skype or Teamspeak if you want a talk!

    Expectations and goals:

    Right now we are fully geared for the new content Fractals of the Mist (Exotic). We are aiming to get as far as we can in FoTM while perhaps forming a Tpvp team(s) if interest is shown. In this context we are looking for friendly, open-minded soulmates, casual as well as hardcore gamers, willing to develop together and help the guild to move forward.

    We want to build up a faithfull, trustable and above all an honest community. Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our officers if you have any in-game problems or you don’t feel comfortable about whatsoever. In order to prevent people from ragequitting the guild and to figure out if we match, you gonna have to run through a 1 week trial phase. During that time you should mainly show activity within the guild (representing us, guild chat, voice chat server, instance runs, basically activities together).
    Of course we agree to the importance of real life occupations like studies and work. Being inactive for a certain period of time is not a problem, just drop a message on the forums when you are going away and when you will be back. If you vanish without a trace we cannot guarantee your stay, especially if we are low on space.
    Currently all classes and levels are welcome to join us. Anyhow please check our website regulary since we are posting recruitment infos there as well.

    What we offer

    Multi-Gaming: Twisted Mindz is currently set in Guild wars 2 and we have our own Minecraft server. We do hope on expanding further in a near future.. As a Twisted Mindz member, you are automatically part of any of the games we officially play. Simply sign in to the Roster, download the game and enjoy!
    Good Community: We hope to catch new members from all over the world, they should simply share Activity, helpfulness, kindness, dedication and competitive abilities. Surely you will be able to find like-minded people here and help the community grow.!
    Forum: You should also keep an eye on our forum. Here you will be able to check our game sections for all your needs like strategies & guides, find the latest guild news and talk about a wide range of subjects. We are currently working on a site for the community, meanwhile we will have a temporary one for recruitment
    Teamspeak: We have a 50+ user 24/7 voice chat server on Teamspeak. Usually you will always find someone to chat with there. Details can be found on the website.
    Competitive in PvP: We seek to have quite a few people among our ranks who wants to kick some asses P.
    Active in PvE: Right now, this will be our main focus in Guild Wars 2. We try to gear up our members and also get as far as we can in the new content, Fractals of the Mist. Anyhow that also includes your will to change builds in case it’s necessary to help the guild to improve.
    New to a game? No problem!: Every of our games will have a resource section. There you will find useful informations, updates, guides, links and advice from our players to help you out for a good start.
    Events: Twisted Mindz will frequently host events, both in-game and on forum. Participate and you might be able to win nice prizes for one of our games.
    Staff & Structure: What makes Twisted Mindz different from other one-day guilds is the fact that we have a professional officer team and a solid guild structure with people that have more than 8 years mmo experience.
    Twisted Mindz in Minecraft
    Main focus is and always will be GW2
    Minecraft is the secondary game of the community wich is lead and played by 2 other community members that do not play Guild wars 2. We are using a dedicated server to host the Minecraft server and it can hold up to 75 players.

    Joining Twisted Mindz

    Simply go on our website , make an application and you will receive an answer within 12 hours.

    Being part of the Staff

    As you probably figured out already we are a new community.
    Right now we have 2 staff members in Guild wars 2 , 1 in Minecraft and 1 Server admin.

    Needless to say, we will need more staff members!
    In-game Officer in Guild wars 2
    Class leaders in Guild wars 2
    Minecraft Moderators
    Forum Moderators
    Public relation manager for each section
    to give a few examples...

    The bigger the community gets the more of them will be needed.
    Once there is a position that has to be filled we will post it on the forums.
    But if you are already interested in one of those positions, let us know!

    (Note that we are still working on a community-wide and section-wide ranking structure)

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    The Sentinels [SENT] - Storm Bluff Isle - Recruiting GW2, PvX

    Well Hello!

    Sentinels is a mid-sized guild with a mix of www, and pve'ers, ranging from casual to hardcore. Thought we are always recruiting to add to the fine folk in The Sentinels.

    Guild Name: The Sentinels
    Guild Tag: [SENT]
    Server: Stormbluff Isle
    Type & Focus: Semi-Hardcore PvX
    Language(s): English
    Voice Comms: Mumble
    Number of Members: 300
    Guild Leader(s): Cosian
    Recruitment Status: Open
    Minimum Age: 18

    And now for some lovely marketing stuff:

    "The fate of an entire guild should not rest on the shoulders of one person, nor should the decisions that affect the entire guild be left solely to one favored group. A successful guild is a brother- and sisterhood whose members understand how they can work together." - Kurgan & Dagothar, founding fathers of the Sentinels

    As a guild, we've been around the proverbial MMO block for many years and traveled together though many games. If there is one thing we learned, it would have to be the fact that the fun is had gaming with people you enjoy gaming with ... regardless of the game itself. As such we put our emphasis on people as opposed to a particular skill set they may bring to the party. This philosophy has served us well since 2007.

    Our members are extremely excited about the prospects of GW2. For the first time in a long time our members won't have to make decisions of which server type to play on, whether they like Empire or Republic, Guardian or Defiant ... We will be achieving a critical mass here in GW2 and have no doubt we will be exceeding our 150 member RIFT launch.

    With the Sentinels you will find friends to experience GW2's dynamic content and dungeons with. You also will find groups of 'take no prisoner' PvP players intent on making our mark in Competitve PvP and WvW. I am confident that those that know us from major games such as RIFT, SWTOR, and AoC would agree that we are contributors to community, a factor in any PvP content we engage in, and always strive to interact with our fellow server players in an honorable fashion. We cannot wait to see you all in GW2!

    You can ping me in game for more information: nidaleejohnson.3816

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    What is Honalee?

    Well we're not the next best rock 'em sock 'em PVP guild. Nor are we going to lay claim to the title of dungeon masters extraordinaire. We're not some 100+ mega guild ready to lay waste in WvW and we're definitely not in the running for most any other superlative out there you can think of.

    Simply put, we're just a fun-loving little community of like-minded gamers and friends looking to grow. We place no requirement on how you play other than to respect, enjoy, and invest in our community. All facets of the game will be supported, from world events and dungeons to sPvP and WvW, but we won't pretend we'll dominate in any of them. We simply provide a tight-knit, casual, and mature community in which to share your gaming experiences and anything and everything in between.

    The Members

    We're a predominately American guild but welcome any member from any timezone that wants to join. Our guild had and has internationals playing with us and we appreciate and respect their company and contributions.

    Our History

    Our core group of the community has played together for the past 4 years and hopped around to different games, mostly residing for the past 3 years in a few WoW private servers. The exact chronology is a bit more convoluted than that but feel free to read more on the website or simply chat with us to find out more and get to know us better.

    Who are we looking for?

    We're simply looking for folks that want to join our community and have fun together. We ask that you have a certain level of maturity as we're all predominately adults and use this guild and game as a vehicle to 'escape to Honalee', if you will, and have some relief from the general stress of life. Due to this, we ask for applicants to be 16 years old or older. We realize this can unfortunately exclude the occasional rare mature under-16-er but from our past experience we've found it's been sadly not worth our while to do otherwise. Exceptions can be made at times for family members.

    How to join?

    Look around our website a bit (some forums have been made readable without having to sign up) and if you're still interested in joining, sign up and apply for membership. Hope to see you in the land of Honalee!


    Got any further questions or just want to chat? You can email me at welcome(dot)to(dot)honalee(at)gmail(dot)com or ask for my Skype name at that email address to voice chat.

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    Champions Of the Gods

    Champions Of The Gods is a WvW-orientated guild who focus on organized, skill-based WvW rather than being part of the zerg.

    COTG has an illustrious history in MMOs. We started in Vanguard, and progressed to Warhammer Online, through Rift and SW:TOR, but we now call Guild Wars 2 home, long term. Our main aim is to have fun, while focusing on becoming a feared and revered force in WvW, and building strong relationships both amongst our own members and other guilds.

    Our members are mature and open-minded, with a range of a nationalities (mostly European) and ages. We have a good, friendly core group of veteran gamers who bring experience from years of PvPing in a wide range of games. As members of COTG we are aware of the guild we represent and conduct ourselves as such to those in and out of the guild.

    Before joining we ask that you understand and accept the following:

    While we are a “casual” guild, we like our members to be active when they can be, as being online and part of the group is the only way to improve together.

    For best results in WvW communication is key. As a guild we make use of Ventrilo and forums, and we expect our members to make use of both.
    With this in mind we expect our members are able to understand, speak and write English.

    If we notice someone doing something wrong, we tell them. This is done in the most constructive way possible.
    If you are not able to take criticism then we are not the right place for you.
    We want to improve ourselves and one of the ways to do it is to be able to take criticism and retain a good mood.

    You must have a good sense of humour and not take offence easily.
    We ask that our members are mature and open-minded people, who still enjoy themselves even when on a losing streak – not that we intend to have too many of those…

    What we expect from you:
    If you can accept the above, and can see yourself spending several hours a week with people like us, then we only ask a few more things:

    Most of us are located in the EU, and prefer it if new members are also.
    Be able to play 14+ hours a week (2+ a day) between 1700 – 2200 GMT (or more if you like!)
    We expect you to be able to understand and speak English
    That you have Ventrilo installed and setup ready to use.
    A microphone! While we respect that some people do not talk a lot, being able to tell us we are walking into a trap, or that you’re dead, is advantageous.
    To put in effort and strive to improve yourself and your team.
    To use our forums. Some information is posted on the forums rather than distributed In Game, So being able and willing to check our forums is a must.

    What we give you:
    Other than a good time and some laughs, you can expect us to provide a friendly atmosphere and a place to improve your game-play/team-play through activities and advice.
    We provide WvW teams most weekdays, and on weekends we provide some PvE content (Dungeons or Events) to get your PvE fix.

    If you think this is the right place for you, and want some good fun while kicking ass then please head to our website and apply to join.
    You may be required to take a “recruit” rank for a set time, don’t be offended this is just a “get to know” period, and lets people know you are new.


    Champions Of The Gods [COTG] Guild Leader
    In Game Contact:"Lawran Monea" or "rakol.6382"
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    [EU] The Unnamed are recruiting SPvP members

    The Unnamed Recruiting!

    Looking for players for dedicated tournament-teams and overall sPvP

    English speaking, EU based, on Blacktide server, but members from other servers are welcome.

    Are you looking for a stable and organized guild to do sPvP with? Do you want dedicated PvPers with multi-game experience in team based PvP to practice strategy and tactics with? The Unnamed wants to offer you a new home where you can grow as a player and where your input will be valued as part of the team.
    We are currently running two successful stable tournament-teams that places no.1 more often then not, and are now looking to set up a third team. We practice regularly at least two times a weak with well developed strategy and concepts. We also have a base of semi-casual sPvP players and want to grow that base a bit bigger to foster our common growth as a PvP based guild and offer the best environment for our players.

    The Unnamed is an old guild with a long history. PvP has always been the focus, with games like SWTOR, Rift and Warhammer Online under the belt. English is our language but we are spread out over Europe so even if we go for quality in players over quantity you will seldom log-in to en empty guild-chat.

    In GW2 we have been a noticeable presence in WvW and are starting to make a name in sPvP. As players seldom want to leave the guild, even if they focus on other games we have smaller groups of members that play games like LoL or CS, always with the PvP action at heart!

    Please get in touch with us!

    Visit our recruitment page at:

    If you fill in a good enough application we will be happy to offer you a two week trial with our tPvP teams!


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