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    Greetings fellow MMO-C forum goers.
    I'm here to try and drum up some new members for our Guild Wars 2 guild.

    So, who are we?
    Seal of Fate (SoF) is an English speaking guild on EU Gandara server. Made up of a group of former and current WoW players that have picked up Guild Wars 2 and wanted to stick together in a guild - our WoW guild has been around for over 7 years, and we want the same stability and camaraderie on GW2.
    Inevitably, there has been some attrition following the game's release, so we're looking to bolster our small core of regulars with some additional players with a similar mindset.

    We're not huge and we're not hardcore. What we are is bunch of reasonably nice people who want to run dungeons and level alts with people we know and like, with an active guild chat.
    Age-wise, we're mainly in our mid twenties to mid thirties, we enjoy some silly humour but none of us have the time or patience for bickering or drama - please bear that in mind before speaking to me.

    Sound interesting? Good, then contact me in game - my tag is Kerath.7351 - or chuck me a PM here on MMO-C.
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    Thumbs up

    I like the idea. so +1

    ---------- Post added 2012-12-21 at 10:31 AM ----------

    Immortalls Guild on Seafarer's Rest is recruiting

    Guild Name: Immortalls

    Guild Age: 5 days

    Member Count: 6

    List Professions In Search Of : All

    Summary of Guild

    Website : apparently not allowed to post links.....WTF?! immortalls . enjin . com / home or immortalls . shivtr . com

    Contact Info (In-game, or other preference): Sthaphi or use the guild site

    Guild info and focus:

    First thing you should know about that this guild main intention is to provide an environment where players can find easily party to do events/dungeons/WvW/etc.
    The only requirement is that you have to represent the guild while you search for party in guild chat and while doing the actual event/dungeon/etc. Other than that you are free to do whatever you want, basically not represent the guild. If you don't respect this basic rule then you will be kicked because we are afterall Immortalls.
    This being said if you want to join complete the application form on the website or PM in-game and you're in.

    Party, party, party....

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    Okay. Recently returned to the game (okay, returned tonight, lol it's still recent) and found the guild I'm in to be inactive......which isn't a suprise, as it's an IRL friend guild and we mostly returned to WoW, and other games, after the Halloween Event.

    I'm a level 74 Warrior, and basically without a guild. Or should I say, I'm happy to add a second, or third guild. I'm on Anvil Rock (US), and I'd like to stay as the few friends who remain active play there. I also have pretty much every Profession at level 20 or higher, so if you'd like me to play something other than Necro/Thief, I'd be happy to swap.

    Oh, and I'm a PvEer....
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    Looking for Sanctum of Rall guild.

    Hi, I'm currently a member of a small group of former-guildies guild, but we're so small we never really have anything happening.

    Since this game supports membership in multiple guilds, I'd like to find another guild located on Sanctum of Rall that supports casual unscheduled gameplay yet still features regular guild events, either scheduled and signed-up on website or just spontaneous. Things like dungeon runs, map zergs, etc.

    In case it matters, which I don't think it should for the kind of guild I'm looking for, I have:

    L80 warrior - 400/400 armorsmith/weaponsmith (with one draconic box pattern)
    L51 elementalist - 300 tailor
    L31 thief - 225 leatherworker

    Just looking for a friendly, casual guild where when I login, I'll actually see some guild chatter and people saying stuff like, "hey anybody wanna run X dungeon?"

    *** Sanctum of Rall guilds only please, I'm not looking to move my account to another realm.
    Perenolde-US: Mousetracks - L90 NE rogue | Drugard - L90 HU paladin | Ceinwein - L90 NE hunter | Mychamois - L90 DR shaman | Background - L90 HU priest | Dodgecharger - L90 HU warrior | Jeaine - L90 HU warlock | Syryna - L87 HU DK | Kttysoftpaws - L1 NE drood

    Quel'dorei-US: Lastyearsman - L57 OR DK | Seksilexi - L29 UD rogue | Prettypretty - L12 BE hunter

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    Exclamation [GW2][PvX]Godlike Gaming Guild[Sea of Sorrows]

    Godlike Gaming is a clan that has been around for awhile and we have been playing games together for years, this will be the first time that we are allowing new recruits.

    In GW2 we like to do everything we can, our guild is all about having fun and making sure you have the tools to do that with other people, We enjoy Jumping Puzzles just as much as Hardcore PVP/PVE, I am a commander, We enjoy doing holiday events together. It doesn't matter if you think you're the worst player in the world or the best, we don't care. We just want more people to have fun with.

    We have a vent, but we only allow access to those that have earned our trust. We also have a clan-wide mumble but we are having some technical difficulties with it's sound quality right now but once we have it up and running properly it is a 88 slot mumble that can be used by anyone in the guild.

    If you're looking for a solid home and a guild family like environment then we are the guild for you, It doesn't matter if you're new if you prove yourself to us we will treat you with the respect you deserve, our older members will not get any better treatment than you. When you join us you join our family.

    IF you're interested Email
    [email protected] w/
    Character Name:
    Tell us about yourself:
    What you're looking to get out of this:

    We play other games besides GW2, We're currently also playing:
    Counterstrike: GO
    Natural Selection 2
    Borderlands 2
    Torchlight 2
    Teamfortress 2
    and some others.

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    We are recruiting for wvw now:-

    * Website:
    * Recruitment Status: OPEN for dedicated WvW players (Open to all races/classes.)
    * Region: UK/EU (Anyone outside of these regions can still apply.)
    * Age Requirement: Applicants must be 18 or over.
    * Play-style: Semi-Hardcore / WvW
    * Guild Leader: Benki
    * Officers: Aeonax, Bladeh, Kaboom, Papaganoosh, Phoru, Snort

    About Us

    The Unnamed is a semi-hardcore European Guild looking to recruit for WvW players. Since beta when being on Desolation, we have moved to Gunnars Hold and then to Blacktide before coming back to Desolation which we believe to be the most consistent server for players and WvW. Our recent move here our focus is 100% on recruiting a WvW force large enough to take on the other zergs and blobbing bastards of tier 1. We've been on tier 1 in Blacktide before so we've already fought these people before!

    Back on GH and BT we roamed WvW in force and did our part in contributing to the WvW effort. We decided to move over to Desolation because the WvW community didn't feel strong enough for us on BT, and although we had an unbeatable server it was at the sacrifice of the good fights that we are now back to return to our old, yet new home server. We wish to build our numbers up and settle in to our new home in Desolation, helping with the coverage of the WvW maps and contributing to our new server community.

    Since regrouping on Desolation we have made it our main goal to focus on WvW in 2013. As of late old and very experienced players that have been a part of The Unnamed before in Warhammer Online are flooding back to GW2 to join us in our efforts. As it stands we don't WvW on a strict nightly basis due to our smaller numbers, with our official WvW nights being Tuesday and Thursday, but we hope to expand upon that and be present in WvW every day once our roster gets bigger.

    If you want to be a part of a guild and community of players who care about WvW and work well as a team while having a good laugh along the way, then The Unnamed will suit you just fine. We are semi-hardcore and we take our WvW seriously, though we also like to have fun with it as well, so we can also be laid back and a great laugh too. We also stick by a rule that real life always comes before in-game.


    - When in WvW you must be present on Mumble to listen to commands
    - You must always represent The Unnamed when in WvW
    - If online, you are required to join our compulsory Tuesday night WvW (RL commitments will be excused)

    A Brief History

    The Unnamed, originally a UK based guild, has been going strong for 5 years, and was formed by a group of friends and previous members of a former guild for the release of Warhammer Online. When WAR came out, we started off small but within 6 months of the game's release we grew huge, recruiting players and several smaller guilds resulting in us having some of our finest Open PvP players to date. We became a large force and influence in the RvR and through one of our Commanders, Bladeh, we made a name for ourselves.

    We branched off into other MMO's such as Aion, FFXIV, Rift and SWTOR. None of these games suited us as a guild and when our core members heard about GW2 and the promises of WvW, we knew that it would take us back to our glory days.

    Additional Information

    As well as a sub-section for Guild Wars 2 on our forum, we also run a Mumble server for us to play games together on. People are on there most nights and it's a very friendly environment full of laughter and banter. There are members on every night, with a large amount in the WvW channel within people also in other channels exploring PvE content.

    How to Apply

    To apply, make an account on our website and then head over to our WvW application form:

    A response may take a few days, as our Commanders are usually very busy with leading, so please be patient when waiting for acceptance!

    If you are an old member of The Unnamed then simply message me, Benki, on our website and we can sort you out from there.

    Benki, The Unnamed Guild Wars 2 Leader

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    I got refused because of my post history here by a guild :S Anyone want me lol?

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    This is the Legion of Order

    First rule of fight club…wait that’s not it…::: scrambling through papers::
    Ah yes…here it is.

    We don’t have any major rules just be kind and courteous to your fellow man/woman (guildie). We are looking for people who are casual to hardcore. We do have mumble chat for raids, pvp, wvw, or just to hang out and chat. I would like for the guild to be able just to help one another and have a good time. Talking about anything and everything is welcomed. We also have a website as well. We do have 70 plus members but we are not looking to be a guild about quantity. We want quality individuals with different personalities that just get a long or know how to resolve differences. We are trying to revamp and revitalize a once great community. If you have any questions just let me know.

    You can reach me at: One Aeon.1276

    Website: yes
    Recruitment Status:Open for people who are into dungeons, pvp, spvp, wvw, and just to be part of a friendly social community.
    Region: United States but all regions are welcomed!
    Server: Blackgate
    Play Style: For the casual and hardcore
    Guild Leader: Tanlayen
    Officers: Kirov, Pizzaman, Drackooner, Danceingman,

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    Guild Name : Applied Tactics [ATac], part of the Axis of Insurrection guild Alliance [AoI]
    Server : Blackgate
    Timezone : NA
    Focus : WvW
    Guild leader : Nexusmav
    Co-leaders : Reyana, Deuce, Wreck Havock
    Active Officers : Toohot, Bakuon, Oddbot

    Applied Tactics [ATac] has now moved to Blackgate, with its allied guilds since the beginning of GW2, under the Axis of Insurrection. We are now starting again a recruitment and training period for people aspiring to play competitively in WvW on a daily basis.

    We wish to grow our numbers to where we have at least 20-30 WvW players active during NA prime time on weekdays. We are also doing independent recruitment for ATac's new division, the Open Field Unit, (under the same guild tag and chat as the main ATac) for more hardcore players who wish to push their WvW play a step further.

    We will provide training, challenge and great fun for players who want to delve in high level WvW action. Our guilds does not accept multi-WvW representation (representing other PvE guilds for occasional dungeon runs is somewhat tolerated, but not encouraged). Every member of our guild is part of a tight knit family and many of us now call each others friend. When we took the decision to transfer to Blackgate this very week, only a handful of still active players decided not to pay 20$ or 36g. to transfer with us, that's how close we all are.

    ATac is an organized guild with stellar commanders and proudly part of one of the strongest and longest lasting guild alliance in GW2, with guilds such as [Work], [VI], [DR] and [OnS].

    I'm representing the Open Field Unit (a.k.a. OFU), a new project within ATac developed by officers Toohot and myself, Oddbot. By the way, any Axis of Insurrection member, even if not in ATac, is welcome to be part of the Open Field Unit without the requirement of joining ATac. Here is what it is about:

    Introducing the ATac Open Field Unit

    Who are we?

    The Open Field Unit (a.k.a. OFU) is a division of Applied Tactics [ATac]. It is composed of people who share an interest for medium/large scale open field skirmishes strategies and are willing to evolve in a structured environment.

    What is our purpose?

    We are the strike force of ATac. This group will be extensively trained for zerg busting so we can provide superior firepower to our commanders and help them deal with the most extreme situations. We strive to be among the bests and to fight the bests, while not shying away from battles that can be won by superior skills and coordination. While open field combat is our main focus, we will of course also be coordinated with other commanders and play the game for score. When/If the time comes, we will also represent ATac in GvG battles.

    Who can join us?

    Anybody willing to learn as long as you are ready to conform to the rules. Candidates should also look forward to play mostly during NA prime time.

    What are our commitments?

    First and foremost, you are a proud member of ATac and its allied guilds under the Axis of Insurrection [AoI]. As such you must abid and follow the rules set by our guildleaders and follow directives of the council members and officers.

    On top of that, as a member of the OFU, you'll have to agree to the following:

    - Unless told otherwise by the group leader, you must take part to the Call To Arms which is currently scheduled everyday from 9pm to 11pm EST. This does NOT MEAN that you have to play daily. It means that IF you play during those hours, you have to be in WvW and run with the group. Exceptions can be made as long as you discuss it with one of your leaders. The CTA may be waived from time to times, to give players a deserved break.

    - You have to learn the basic SOPs, battle plans and strategies that will be submitted to you. A weekly training session will be scheduled in order to help you understand and practice those. Members will have to be disciplined in combat and follow very closely their commander. Obviously, you are welcome to share and promote your ideas to help the group improve.

    - You won't be imposed a specific build, as long as you can justify its usefulness, but you will have to follow guidelines and requirements for your character in order to ensure an optimum group synergy. This division of ATac will heavily enforce a particular type of meta that may change as we learn new concepts and techniques.

    - People can be recruited directly into the OFU and invited to stay should they be a good fit for the group. Should their preferred playstyle not fit the unit after all, members will be directed towards other competitive WvW opportunities within ATac. Members excluded of the OFU may still be standing members of ATac and all members of ATac are not automatically admitted into the open field unit.

    If you guys are interested about joining us, post here or drop a tell to either Oddbot or myself.

    See you on the battlefield!

    (Original text by Toohot)
    More on [ATac] itself:

    Applied Tactics is a reformation of a Guild that represented Infamy Gaming from BWE1-BWE3. We have since detached ourselves from the E-Sports Organization and formed our own entity, now known as the Guild Applied Tactics. 'ATac' for short, is a competitive Guild focused mainly on WvW, as well as end game progression content that may be available in GW2. As a Guild, our main goal in aspects of PvP are to dominate and lead our particular server of choice to a top ranking in WvW, as well as compete in major tournaments held by both ArenaNet.

    We offer our members a fully functional webpage (Enjin) including forums, a 100 slot TeamSpeak server, and a solidly organized and structured WvW focused Alliance: Axis of Insurrection. ATac is an organized and team oriented Guild that made our bones by establishing ourselves as a tactical force that aimed to outplay the 'zerg' of WvW, and having a structured system of play for all of our squads/teams. Our member base is 30-40 active members strong, and focuses on team play, communication, and most importantly having fun with a competitive yet laid back atmosphere. We accept all from the most competitive of players of those who want to learn and grow as an aspiring WvW player. Though our main focus is and will always be PvP, we believe in forming a bond and creating a community of all types of players to be successful at our focus game (Guild Wars 2).

    WvW - We are looking for team oriented players, with great communication skills, who are willing to put forth dedication to playing and learning the strategy and tactics (metagame) behind WvW to compete with servers that vastly outnumber ourselves. Infamy will be striving to be known as a figurehead Guild of our server, and known to the other servers as one that can hold out and siege against twice our numbers. If you want to be part of an organized Guild who apply themselves to GW2 and it's community both in and out of game, and one that will be looked at as a driving force for the server we play on, we want you to apply for our WvW Division!

    Small Groups/Guild Mergers - Are you a small group or Guild looking for a competitive WvW focus place? Had bad luck with recruitment but want to keep everyone together and not break up your tight nit Guild? Have a group of friends who are all planning on playing the game for hardcore PvP, but don't have a Guild or don't want to create one to call home? ATac is looking to recruit you and all of your friends/guild members! If you think you and your group fits the criteria mentioned above and below, contact us on our forums under Recruitment.

    (Original text by Miz)
    Contact me by guru forum message box

    For the Open Field Unit, contact these players ingame :
    Oddbot (not Obbdot as the forum account name)

    For a more general ATac application, contact in game :
    Syni Kal
    Or apply directly at: applied-tactics.c0m/

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    Caster Cleave Plus One [CCPO], New guild, Northen Shiverpeaks

    Howdy, my name is Brewstone and I’m here representing
    Caster Cleave Plus One [CCPO].
    We’re a fairly new guild looking for players.

    Why you should join us:
    1. We have earned over 2000 influence in less than a week with only two players. (We’re dedicated.)
    2. Our name is pretty cool. Who doesn’t like cleaves of casters?
    3. Ranking is simple. Guild leader, admin, member, trial, punishment. (With cooler names of course.)
    4. Northen Shiverpeaks is an awesome server. We dominate everything we do.
    5. We are currently in the process of leveling alts. (So we can help you level characters as well.)
    6. We have a guild website:
    7. We plan on expanding to fill our player’s desires such as WvW, PvP, and PvE.
    8. We spent over an hour working on our emblem. It looks really rad.
    9. We have an admin named Brewstone and our guild leader is a pretty cool guy as well.
    10. We’re fairly mature players looking for other fairly mature players. We’re currently looking for more people to fill admin slots as we progress and the earlier you join the better chance you have.
    11. We have Skype, a free comunication service that allows us to chat with each other. For free.

    How to join:
    Simple, head on over to and submit an application. In addition you could mail either Brewstone.3267 or ethanbjorn.6254 in-game and ask for an invite.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at our guild and we hope to see you in game.

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    [PG] Phoenix Gathering, Ehmry Bay - looking for players of all levels!

    The Phoenix Gathering

    Hello, and thank you for checking our Guild! We are the Phoenix Gathering, a Guild stablished at the Ehmry Bay server on Guild Wars 2.

    The Guild was created in February the 10th, 2013. The reason we named the Guild as such ties down to events happening in each of our lives. We wanted “something new”, “a new beginning”. And thus came the image of the Phoenix, which represents the infinite cycle of life, death and rebirth.

    We are willing to accept members of any level and experience in the game. We focus on making a close-knit group of friends who want to explore all that the game has to offer as a whole group. People often have problems that may set them apart of old friends or groups. True to a Phoenix nature, we offer a new start for those willing to. If you’re looking for a place to call home and to make new friends, the Phoenix Gathering will welcome you with open arms.

    Players interested in joining should contact Alesera Salamander, Yue Rei, Vulasuw, David Phoenixclaw, Zephrius Tepes or Kys Windrunner.

    We also offer TeamSpeak access, as well as having a dedicated website for our members.

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    Good day all

    Who are we? Stay Gold Ponyboy [GOLD] on the Northern Shiverpeaks server

    We started small, and have grown as of right now to just over 190 members, a good chunk active daily.

    We're looking to increase our size, and bring in some new faces to bring back the multiplayer in MMO.

    There aren't any real rules to the guild. Don't be a douche and have a sense of humour

    There's several 80s, but a lot of alt playing as well. Dungeons/fractals are desired but with the lack of players it really has hampered our ability to do so. WvW is also something that we have a small group that go in and play together, but without a larger force working as a whole we really haven't been able to do much other than roll with the zerg.

    If you're looking for a home without crazy strict rules and just somewhere to hang then I hope that we can provide that for you.

    I just set up a mumble server so we have that at the disposal of our guild members.

    Guild Bounty missions have been unlocked so we're growing to ensure great success!

    Thanks a million

    lordmordane.4067 in game, or check our website at

    edit: the most active players are eastern (toronto area, yeah we're canucks and usually on in the evenings, but hopefully we can get people on at all times depending on recruitment

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    Heroes of Tyria [HOT] is now recruiting active members of all levels to join our ranks!
    Our Guild was formed around Real-Life friends that met playing older MMOs, such as Dark Age of Camelot, WoW and Star Wars Galaxies. When those got old, we broke off into other games, all the while staying close friends. Now that Guild Wars 2 is out, we are back together, while bringing together a lot of the new people we have met in our other gaming adventures. We are a medium sized, friendly, helpful, semi-casual guild that really wants to stay that way. We have been in/helped run those massive guilds before in other MMOs, and we know that it isn’t always fun to get lost in the shuffle.
    We also have plenty of room for advancement! Some of our most active recruits (not necessarily on all the time, but always participating when they are) have already been promoted to Officer Status.
    We Offer:
    - Nightly Dungeon Runs
    - Meta-Event Groups
    - Guild Missions
    - WvW Commander
    - Voice Chat (Ventrilo)
    - Website w/ Forums
    If this is a guild that you think would be a good place for you to share your gaming adventures, please feel free to go to our website and fill out an application, or shoot me an ingame mail/tell if you want more information.

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    Arizona, USA

    Hedonism [HEDO]- Ferguson's Crossing PvE Guild - Community First


    1. The doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good.
    2. Devotion to pleasure as a way of life.

    We are a small, new guild on the Ferguson’s Crossing server. Our members are respectful, friendly, and helpful. Our focus is to build a supportive, fun community and we welcome players of all levels and abilities who want to build their GW2 home with us.

    You may find our guild grows more slowly than most. For us, building a strong community atmosphere within our guild is more important than rushing in and being the first to conquer everything as quickly as possible. Since we try to make sure all of our members are of a similar mindset, our membership process is sometimes slower than most. But in the long run, this ensures a stronger foundation and loyal and longtime following.

    Why the name Hedonism? This is just a game to us, not a way of life. Real life has enough stress and mess and the name is a reminder that the purpose of playing a game is to have fun.

    Web Site: hedo. guildportal. com (can't post links yet)

    Server: Ferguson's Crossing NA

    Time Zone: Pacific, Arizona (late night players are common)

    Focus: PvE, Dungeons, Achievements, Mapping, WvW

    Voice Chat: C3

    In Game contact: myenchantedlife.3729

    What we are asking of you:

    Be courteous and respectful to each other and willing to help when someone asks.

    If you sign up for an event with a specific start time, please be focused enough to be prepared and on time, but don’t take yourself so seriously that you can’t laugh when a group wipes.

    Know that everyone has room to learn more (even you and me) and deserves to grow in a supportive environment.

    Should go without saying but here it is anyway: Respectful language in guild chat and voice chat is a must and extends to grouping with others and map chat while you represent this guild. Your actions reflect on all of us. No hate speech of any kind will be tolerated.

    What to expect from the Guild and the Leadership:

    The focus of the guild is PvE, but we will make accommodations for those interested in dabbling in WvW and PvP by sponsoring events both for play and for getting achievements.

    No one wants to make a mistake, but then again, no one is perfect either; therefore it’s important to recognize that and not treat every mistake or innocent comment like the end of the world.

    The rules apply equally to all members. If you feel that there is an issue that requires attention that isn’t being handled properly we encourage you to contact the guild leader personally in whispers or via the Guild website so we can resolve the situation promptly.

    Our long term goal is to build a casual but focused community like we outlined above (respectful, helpful, etc.) whether that community is five people or 500 people isn’t as important as the atmosphere of the guild.

    We want you to play the game the way you want to. Whether you want to get the most awesome gear you can or if you want to spend every day doing jumping puzzles, no one will ever make you feel bad about it.

    Above all, we just want people to have fun.

    If you like what you see and want to apply or, if you have any questions, please drop me a message in game (myenchantedlife.3729) or through Guild Portal, (hedo dot guildportal dot com) we'll talk and see if Hedonism is the right guild for you!

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    Mini Mes Recruiting AUS/NZ Players on Isle of Janthir

    Home World: Isle of Janthir
    Guild Name: Mini Mes
    Guild Website:
    In-Game Contact: ArwenTinuvie.5089, OzzMaverick.2093, Moose.6294, PvtPublic.4567 (or apply on our website)
    Focus: Exploration, Questing, Dungeons, PvP & WvW
    Quick Notes: Mini Mes is a new Australian and New Zealand guild
    . We are currently looking for members who primarily play in the AU/NZ time zones. Internationals are welcome as long as they speak English. We are looking for mature [ age 18 + (exceptions can be made), laid back, good humor, no drama, and who understand that people have a life outside of the game] and friendly players of all levels/classes to actively represent our guild. We take part in all aspects of the game and are willing to assist new players with leveling. Once we have enough active members we will be scheduling dungeons/raids/WvW/Guild events around the core members (most active) gaming times. A guild forums are available on the guild website and a Teamspeak 3 server is available for all members to use.

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    [Yak's Bend] [PvX] [Liar] 5 year old Adult Guild Looking for friendly gamers

    Liars Cheats and Thieves [Liar] is a former GW1 guild with a 5 year history and we are now expanding our roster for GW2. We are looking for friendly, teamwork-oriented gamers ages 17 and up.



    [Liar] seeks to create a friendly, social environment where people can play together and enjoy anything cooperative gaming has to offer, especially in Guild Wars 2. We seek active, friendly people interested in meeting and playing with others rather than recruiting based on experience or hours played. We recruit from all stages of gaming experience including people playing through the game for the first time to those seeking advanced content. Whether you are new to the game, a gaming veteran, or returning from a break, you'll find a helpful guild at [Liar] dedicated to improving your social gaming experience.



    Visit our website at and click the "Click Here To Apply" button on the right and fill out the application. Forum Registration can be found just below that button, but you must be confirmed as a member before being able to read and post in the guild section.


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    [EU] [PvX] [Whiteside Ridge] Fary Tail [FT]

    Server: Whiteside Ridge
    Location: Europe
    Style: PvX / WvW
    Website: www dot farytail dot tk

    Fary Tail a fun and friendly PvX Guild is looking for you! If you are kind, mature and loyal with a heart for casual play, come and join us. We have our own website, forum and Mumble server.

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    [RiOT] The Civil Rebels - EU RoS PvX

    WELCOME to [RiOT]…

    About Us:

    Hello, we are the Civil Rebels [RiOT] a Guild Wars 2 PvX guild… currently playing on the Ruins of Surmia server which, we hope to be for the foreseeable future. We do not take ourselves too seriously and enjoy a lot of fun in the game with regular weekly events for both PvE and WvW.

    The guild came from humble beginnings from Guild Wars 1 and first joined the Aurora Glade server. Due to high population causing various problems with our game play, RiOT transferred to the medium populated Seafarer’s Rest server and contributed to that server’s rise to Tier 1 WvW.

    It was on Seafarer’s Rest (SFR) that RiOT absorbed several guilds of renowned fame from GW 1, helping to create a singular reasonable sized guild of mixed ability that could enjoy the full offerings of GW2. However, the re-opening of free transfers to medium sized servers while SFR was top of tier 1 saw an influx of bandwagon players that contributed to lag and wait times throughout the server. This coupled with a change in tactics by Vizunah Square that encouraged blobbing of 50+ people created huge lag problems in WvW. It was decided that our best course of action would be to transfer to a new server so that both our PvP players and our PvE players could continue to enjoy the game. We found the Ruins of Surmia the most welcoming and we left to start a new life on a medium sized server that would allow play with minimal lag.

    RiOT encourages PvE and PvP and to reflect this, our officers are divided between PvE and PvP for our members to best call upon the necessary people for help in enjoying their GW2 experience. We use a community Teamspeak3 server so that we get to know each other much better than just chatting in Guild chat. This server is designed for both PvE and PvP.


    is a PvX guild that encourages players to play all aspects of the game. Our PvE activities include dungeons, dragon slaying, temple events, fractals, super adventure box, jumping puzzles, guild missions, orich ore gathering, and storyline. We have weekly PvE events and guild missions to reflect people’s interests.

    WvW / sPvP

    RiOT has quite a good reputation for its WvW activities with more than one well known commander but there are also an increasing number of members who enjoy sPvP and more than willing to set up an official sPvP team. In WvW RiOT was noted as one of the main SFR guilds before we left tier 1. We have weekly WvW events where everybody is encourage to take part regardless of skill level. These events differ between semi-serious and just for fun, so everybody is welcome regardless of skill. We also seek to create GvG events with other guilds from rival servers.

    The Future is RiOT

    We are always welcoming to new recruits regardless of skill level and interests. We strive to be helpful, friendly, and to have fun. Tell us your interests and we will work with you to achieve your goals and to raise the level of our game. The future is YOU!!! The future is RiOT!!!

    To Join:

    Visit our website:

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    Gandara EU PvX Guild [InZ] Insignia Zero

    Insignia Zero is a new PvX guild with long term goals that is being built from the ground up and wishes to expand with like-minded players.

    Who can join ?
    Becoming a member of Insignia Zero is not based on your skill at MMORPG games, your win/lose ratio in PvP or activity in-game. As long as you show a willingness to be flexible, posses a basic level of proficiency with the class of your choice, the drive to learn more about Guild Wars 2 in every aspect and you are a team player, you are always welcome to join.

    Why join us?
    In addition to a nice, friendly and active community? We are there to help new and old members. We are open to assign officer ranks to people who show dedication to the guild. Essentially, if you’re looking to achieve something in this game, we’ll help you do it. We are a group of players who believe in the spirit of the game and bring our personalities with us. In expanding the guild we are looking for people who; are willing to play in a team oriented fashion, test and develop their skills against others, share their knowledge of tactics and gameplay, but most of all respect others in their abilities and personalities. We also know out of own experience, real-life comes first at all times, therefore we have no mandatory activity or events!

    How to join ?
    No application needed ! Instead we just ask you to introduce yourself on this forum: Contact one of us in-game: MinorDetail.9204, Galaxy.3217 or Elshagan.6342.

    Planned activities
    • Regular PvE
    • Daily sPvP
    • Weekly WvW try-outs
    • Weekly tPvP

    Note: Insignia Zero has recently moved its focus to Guild Wars 2, planned events may vary over time due to activity.

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    Are you looking for a guild in Darkhaven that is WvW focused?
    Are you looking for a guild that at least tries to help each and every member?
    Are you looking for a WvW guild that uses tactics and skill to overcome foes?
    Are you looking for a guild to have fun with and call friends?
    Well look no further! We are here for you.
    We are [RioT] and we are a WvW guild that does many things.

    • Focuses and Goals
    • WvW is what we primarily do and our goal is to make our guild one of the best, and our server the dominant power!
    • Another goal we try to enforce is helping each member as best we can! Maybe the member is trying to be a commander? Or maybe trying to get a legendary weapon! We will do what we can to help.
    • Improving our characters and our gamer experience: making it more fun.
    • PVE is still important in some areas: Guild Missions (Bounties, Rushes, etc.) Also when it comes to Farming for materials to craft (Armor, Legendries, Precursors, etc.). But it will only be used to help make us stronger for WvW

    • Main Rules
    • We are a 100% rep
      1. No guild Commander can rally his guild mates if the guild isn’t even representing to see his calls for battle!
      2. No announcements will be heard if the members don’t focus on the guild enough to care to even represent!
      3. No new member will take a guild where over half the membership is representing another guild or inactive, seriously.
      4. We are on a special TeamSpeak! The need for representing other guilds when the help is all around you is irrelevant.

    • Join us on TeamSpeak
      1. As previously stated, we have a special TeamSpeak. We are based on the Public DH TS3. Where us and other guilds both PvE and WvW are located; As well as visiting guilds with their own focuses.
      2. You do not need to have a microphone just the capacity to listen, and type if you have questions. Do not be afraid to talk or type either, we will not bite.

    • Personality
    • Attitude – Helpful, Looking to join a guild where his/her say matters! And we value opinions and critics
    • Mature – We can take a joke, but we will not tolerate hateful or argumentative tones in this guild. On that note we realize if you are a commander and you are used to barking the orders…it’s acceptable, just don’t get out of hand.
    • Fun! – The members in this guild love to have a good time. Even under the most demoralizing circumstances we will always find a way to laugh and enjoy this game!

    If you are still interested!! Feel free to contact any of these members: (Mail, Whisper, Sign up on our website or respond to this post with “Character name” so we can communicate. )
    Jaicen Kane (Jaicen)
    Celes Moon (Mooncaller)
    Mirajan Straus
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