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    Knights of Faith [AoF] is recruiting!

    The Order of The Knights of Faith [AoF] is based on EU Server Aurora Glade and currently looking for players whom skills are exceptional for PvE/WvWvW or raiding across all servers.

    What we want to offer is:
    - An Alliance - Faith Knights are part of the SGC Alliance on Aurora Glade ( read more in the other threads on the forum)
    - Friendly community
    - PvE Speed runs
    - PvP Teams / WvWvW Teams
    - Events for almost each day of the week
    and much more!

    The only requirement we need is for you to have fun and be an active and friendly and helpful member of our guild.

    *Always be nice to your guild-mates
    *Always respect each other and other players
    *Always be active

    What the Guild needs for now:

    -Team Captains
    - Members

    Website and Forums

    - Forum administrators and moderators
    - Guide and Content Creators

    PS: The AoF is still on its growing phase, so if you don’t have the patience and willingness to help us grow bigger and better, the Knights of Faith may not be the place for you!
    To Apply, you can whisper our leaders and officers in-game:
    Nallatheryth.2301 for now - either whisper or send an email
    Apply via our website - we will contact you quickly

    Our website and forums
    faithknights. enjin. com

    Vanya sulie, Aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha

    Fair Winds, May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown

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    I’m Hacchi from Team Alpha from Thunderguard guild NA servers

    Our Thunderguard is a sPvp centered guild that only requires representing when fighting tournies. We want to progress as a team, have fun and aim for participating on custom tournaments.

    We currently have 3 and 1/2 on Alpha team. Our Engi is more absent now due to irl so we are looking to “replace” him as well as finding a 5th member. As of now we are mainly running me as DPS Guard, We have a Support/Bunker Guard and a ranger (and less often than we would like the engi). We are in need of a good roamer with good sniping/focus skills.

    Note that while we may want a Mesmer/Thief/Ele (that would fit descrip above) all classes are accepted, our teams are not limited to 5 because it’s good to have a pool of good members as we have also an Omega Team. But more on that when we talk in-game.

    We have mumble AND a custom arena.
    Mumble and microphone is required.

    Our website is:

    I strongly encourage that before you even apply there come have a chat with me in game. Joker.6158
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    [FOW] Wisdom Honor And Truth [WHAT]

    WHAT is recruting players for speedruns and guild missions Starters/Rookies/Pros

    Introduction of the guild:

    Our name have a story behind it, from guild wars 1 for thoose who played it if you remember the skills from vanguard race, used a lot for speedclears like DOA, UW, FOW, SOOSC and all the others, it becomes from our dedication since guild wars 1 and we keep the name of the skills to symbolize the meaning of the words.

    Where is our Guild Server?

    - Fissure of Woe

    What are we looking for?

    -Players for speedruns and all guild missions to make sense being part of a guild.

    What classes are we looking for speedruns?

    What classes are we looking for all guild missions?

    -Any class.

    What are the benefits to start doing speedruns?

    -Playing with quality players, loads of money, improoving your skills in another level.

    Now you can think this is hard and you will take ages to reach this level we are looking for, but the truth is, isnt that hard at all you will get our help and advices to reach us faster.

    The only step you need to do is telling to yourself you will make it and will ask for help to the guild
    If you are already hardcore we will appriciate start running together

    Do you want to join?
    - Contact us via game mail or ask for our website ( transfer to Fissure of Woe ) if your in another EU or NA server.

    The Kape.3672

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    Remnants of HopeLight from a few can be a beacon to many
    Guild Name: Remnants of Hope [HOPE]
    Server: Tarnished Coast
    Time Zone: International, primarily North America
    Playstyle: PvX, WvW
    Roleplay: Optional, Light-Medium
    VOIP: TS3
    Recruitment: OPEN

    About Us
    Remnants of Hope was founded on June 7, 2009. Originally a Star Wars Galaxies guild, it moved to Star Wars: The Old Republic at launch. Well known and respected on the Jung-Ma server, we continue to have an active, positive presence in the game.
    At the request of its members, Remnants of Hope has changed into a multi-gaming guild to accommodate Guild Wars 2. Over the past 3 years we have undergone changes but continue to improve with age and experience. We strive to provide an engaging environment for all players to play the way they want. In GW2, we currently have a core group of about 10 members who play daily, with many other more casual players who pop in a few times a week, and we are looking to expand our ranks.

    Mission & Goals
    Remnants of Hope stands for a lot of things, truthfully. If our atmosphere shows anything, it shows our integrity, maturity, respect and our very will to survive. Now that last one might seem a bit extreme, but our undying loyalty to our guild and the loyalty shown by many of our members today have risen from the ashes of what would have kept many guilds down! We are ever evolving and ever improving as we continue to age and grow.
    We aim to serve as a place where people can escape from their daily struggles and stress of life, to simply enjoy their time that they have to spare. Our motivation is to ensure everyone has the best experience that we can offer! As a “Light from the few can be a beacon to many,” we hope to empower our members and prove inspiration to many of the guilds within the GW2 community. We all have one common goal among us and that is a pleasant gaming experience!

    Remnants of Hope wants to give you the opportunity to build your own playstyle. This means we offer PvE, PvP/WvW and RP. You are free to play the way you want! Don’t care for PvE but love PvP? Go for it! Not so hot for either PvE or PvP but want to really immerse yourself in your character through role-play? Not a problem. Whether you’re casual, semi-hardcore, or hardcore, we’re right there with you. We don’t limit ourselves to one thing that the game has to offer, but all fields that we can conquer as an ever-growing community. Our focus is far from linear like some guilds might be, and we will make the best of everything we’re given! Some will learn much more quickly than others; why not have our members help you reach full potential and maximize your enjoyment of the game?

    Roleplay & Lore
    While role-play is not required of anyone who joins, we have many talented role-players and writers who work together to create a brilliant and immersive experience both in game and on our forums. Whether you prefer to weave your character’s legendary tale as part of our turn-based forum role-play or to bring it to action during in-game events, role-players of all types will find a welcome home in our halls. In addition to this, we also promote free writing on our forums and even hold writing contests to share stories both within the Guild Wars universe and beyond!
    What We Offer
    Aside from giving you the freedom to choose your playstyle, we also offer many features to our community:
    Awards system for community recognition
    Highly active Website and forums (dozens of new posts every day)
    Teamspeak 3 server
    Detailed Events Calendar open to all members
    Large community outreach
    Active RP community
    Organized PvE and PvP/WvW
    Family-friendly community and environment
    Dedicated leaders

    Join Us!
    What We Look For:
    Good attitude
    Friendly nature
    Respectful, motivated, and sociable

    In order to join our ranks you need to start the application process, which includes creating an account on our forums and submitting an application.
    Clicking this link! will take you to the RoH forums. To create an account, click on the “Create Account” button in the upper left of the forum page. Once you have received your confirmation email, you can begin your application by visiting the Apply to Remnants of Hope section and clicking the thread titled “How to Join Remnants of Hope.”
    Think of your application as almost a resume. The Recruitment Committee is using the app to get a better understanding of who you are, as a person, and how you would fit with the guild as a whole. So, complete and detailed responses to the questions will better ensure your application’s acceptance.
    Remnants of Hope utilizes a trial membership period, if your application is accepted. This helps to ensure that the guild is a good fit for you and vice versa. More information in regard to what the trial membership period entails will be given to you upon acceptance of your application or upon request.

    Q. I’ve been debating about joining many of the guilds I’ve seen. Why do you believe Remnants of Hope stands out among the rest?
    A. Remnants of Hope stands out in a variety of ways! One way in particular is the members. All of our guildies are very welcoming to newer members; many are easy-going, very patient, and always happy to help anyone who asks. We encourage the creation of ideas and are always looking on suggestions that can improve the guild as a whole: none go unseen or overlooked. You’ll find no cliques here, as all are welcome and all are accepted with open arms. Our Teamspeak has people on at all hours and always eager to engage in conversation! Our forums have a variety of entertainment, from role-playing to simple leisure and casual posting, and best of all — anyone can join in on the experience!
    Q. What kind of guild activities are there?
    A. While we are currently re-organizing our events calendar, we hold in game events such as PvE dungeons, group role-play, PvP, and WvW. Outside of game, we hold cross-guild events to include members of our SWTOR community in activities such as Pictionary, karaoke, and casual gaming nights for activities like League of Legends and Civilization 5. We also have forums that constantly feature writing contests, caption-the-picture contests, and an unbound role-play section where anyone can start closed or open role-plays set in any universe . Additionally we have a variety of forum games such as “Twist My Wish,” “Answer a Question with a Question,” “Movie Linking,” and many more!
    Q. How is the Remnants of Hope moderated and run?
    A. The Remnants of Hope operates in a manner that has proven to be the most efficient. The guild itself is run by a body of four elected members called the Elder Council whose duty is to mediate between members and ensure a welcoming environment for all. An individual elected member, the High Elder, oversees the Elder Council and serves as an advisor to its members.
    Q. How would I go about advancing in rank within the Remnants of Hope if I joined?
    A. Remain active! You can easily get involved with Specialized Departments within the Guild (ie: RP, PVP, Crafting and PVE Department), either as an Assistant to an officer, or even by running for an officer position and winning the election.
    Q. Where do I go for additional questions?
    A. Post here or in our visitor forums! We’re always open and willing to answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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    Good luck recruiting :- )

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    A Guild of Fire and Ice is now recruiting!
    Right now we are a small guild that is trying to hand pick members that will be willing to help our new guild get up and running, We’re looking for members that will help other members new, and old. Our goal is to become a guild that will always be there to help others, from your Personal Story, Living Story, Dungeons, Jump Puzzles, WvW, and PvP, along with anything else members may need help with. We’ll always have a close knit family feel now matter how larger our numbers may get. we’re a laid back guild where anyone is welcomed, and a place where you won’t get snide remarks for asking how to do something, or for asking for help from your guild mates.
    And yes, if you’re wondering our name is derived from Game of Thrones! Now back on subject!
    If you’re looking for guild who won’t judge you, who will be there for you, and will make you feel like part of our gaming family where everyone will have a chance to move up the ranks, then come and check us out!

    Server: Jade Quarry (we are accepting cross server memberships as well)
    Language: English
    How to join: Contact me via whisper, or mail at Antman.2530 or via our website
    Rep Requirement: 110%
    Members willing to help us recruit, do guild missions, donate to the guild’s cause, keep the guild thriving, and help others shall be rewarded.

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    Still looking for a guild that fits your play style and your life stile? Tired of guilds that treat you like your only responsibility is to be on line 7 nights a week? Looking for a family friendly guild that understands that real life comes first? Come check out Grievance! We're a cross game guild with over 3000 members. We have weekly events in Guild Wars 2, our own TeamSpeak server and a bunch of friendly people who can help you get started. It doesn't mater if you're a casual gamer,a hard core achievement hound, a quest loving competitionist, or a relentless World vs World killing machine, you'll find a group of people who share your interests and are great fun to be around. So don't wait for an engraved invitation, check out our guild site (just Google Grievance Gaming since it won't let me post a link yet) and come find us on Devona's Rest.

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    Revenant Gaming is recruiting
    We are a group of mature Gamers looking for similar Players to enjoy games with us we play more than Guild wars if you have other games Come and check us out.

    we are on mumble and will be streaming in the future on twitch.
    revenantgaming . com

    Come on by

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    fort madison,iowa
    just getting into the game currently looking for a guild to join to enjoy the game with i enjoy pve/pvp past exp comes from being a raider on wow
    server currently on is borlis pass leave 2 necromancer pst in via mmo

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    pfft as if you care..
    i just want a guild on IoJ to do guild missions with oh and the buffs

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    Borlis Pass
    Hello everyone, I just started a brand new guild by the name of "Shadowpwn" I don't have any members yet so im just looking for people once I get enough people I will
    start up alot more stuff for it maybe even a website, If you want to join add Z Flash Type or StagnitBow The server im on is Borlis Pass. Thanks for reading this.

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    Ive grown tired of paying for a game i dont enjoy (WoW) so ive decided to try something else, i picked up a Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition for 200 swedish kronors or 20 Euros.

    I dont know ANYONE that plays Guild Wars 2 so if there is anyone here that wants a former Hardcore Raider that played WoW since beta to join their GW2 guild or whatever its called in Guild Wars 2.

    I never tried it i just bought it since it was cheap and no monthly fees and wanted to try something new to spend my time on.

    feel free to contact me through PM so we can trade skype/raidcall/razer comms whatever you use.

    Short facts!
    Age: 27
    Location: Sweden
    Understood/Spoken Languages: Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish, Nerdish
    Occupation: None, im too sick to be able to work.
    Other Current Games: Diablo 3(Hardcore but On a break), PoE (Casual), Hearthstone (Casual), League of Legends (Casual, but love ranked)

    Looking forward to hear from you, because i hear that GW2 has a friendly and active community and hope its true

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    Queensland, Australia
    Trying my hand at seeing if I can get picked up on here.

    -Character name: Dreadian
    -Race: Human
    -Class: Warrior
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: My main desire is PvE in the form of doing the Events and Dungeons for awesome gear. RP and WvW on the side.
    -Server region: Crystal Desert

    Shoot an inbox here
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    ON, CA
    Joining the masses and putting my name here too!! Me and a friend have just started playing again and we're just looking for a guild to hang out with and do PvX/WvW with.

    Inbox me if you wouldn't mind having us with your name or I can send you mine! US

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    Forbidden is no longer recruiting for GW2
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    I forgot to add we're on Darkhaven (forgot about that mattering for WvW) Currently playing Mesmer & Necro also! Thanks again.

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    Dissentient [DIS] on Tarnished Coast(NA)

    Dissentient [DIS] on Tarnished Coast

    Do you enjoy WvW but can’t find a dedicated group to play with? Have you been looking for more out of your WvW experience than just zerging? Are you looking for a fun group of people to join you in your quest for Legendaries, Dungeon Gear and Fractals? We are the synthesis. Dissentient, or [DIS], is a tight-knit PvX community that focuses on advanced tactics and server-wide organization in WvW. We pride ourselves on having a competitive WvW experience while keeping a warm, friendly and helpful atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for active, organized WvW, an active dungeon running community or just a group of friends to enjoy all of what Guild Wars 2 has to offer, Dissentient is the answer.

    Why did we choose Tarnished Coast as our home server? TC is known for three things: Having an active, mature and friendly community; roleplaying (outside of WvW); and never giving up, even if we’re in dead last in WvW. Tarnished Coast is a Tier 1 WvW server, we’re not too hardcore here, but we do enjoy laying a beating on Blackgate and Jade Quarry zerg blobs when they aren’t hiding in their towers. TC provides a steadfast competitive experience where WvW and PvE can meet gracefully. This is exactly what we want to emulate in Dissentient.

    [DIS] Offers:
    > Mature Community, average age: 22-36 (No age requirement to join)
    > Small, but focused community where members are more than just numbers
    > Dedicated and active Guild Forum with private WvW, PvE and PvP discussions
    > Dedicated Guild Channel in TC’s 10,000 slot Server-wide Mumble (hosted by [DIS])
    > WvW Commanders and Training for new members
    > WvW focused Guild, many members WvW every day
    > Dedicated PvE officers that organize weekly events
    > Guild Missions every week
    > Opportunities for advancement within the guild ranks

    What is [DIS] looking for from you?
    > A willingness to participate and learn
    > A desire to be the best
    > Someone looking for not just a guild, but a community

    Come join us as we refocus our efforts on WvW tactics and multi-pronged attacks. Want to bust zergs? Ninja keeps? All the good things about WvW life? Dissentient is the place for you.

    Interested in joining? Check us out at!
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    Charr (Thief)
    PVE focused, but can do PVP and RP
    Serv: Underworld EU

    I've got a few years of raiding in WoW, usually semi-hardcore/hardcore, 4 raiding nights a week with potentially a 5th one added for progress fights. Had a good number of ranks in WoL, overall nice experience but in the end I got burned out.

    I've been a year away from raiding, but decided I just miss the experience and the social interaction, and GW2 seems interesting. Just dinged 80 and I'd like to have a go at the end game content. I haven't done any dungeon until now so I'm keen on getting my feet wet and start progressing. If there's a PVE focused guild that could use a thief, please pm me. Cheers.

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    Kyliah Bladeborn
    Stormbluff Isle

    I just want a guild to do stuff with. I recently started playing the game again and have done nothing but follow around the world boss zerg and do a little WvW/PVE. I'm still pretty much a rookie, though I have a lot of experience at other MMOs. I've not done any of the dungeons in this game as I have had noone to do them with. All of my friends stopped playing within 10 levels

    .I'm a very laid back gamer, and I don't take well to people angrily shouting even during raids/more hardcore content, so none of that please.

    I'm online most days.

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    Guild Wars 2
    Home World: Yak’s Bend
    Guild Name: World Avengers
    Guild Member’s Website:
    In-Game Contact: pointaction.4639 (I have 12 characters so I will be on one of them)
    Focus: Laid Back Guild, Enjoying all aspects of the game, PvE and WvW
    Quick Notes: We would like to a friendly and social guild where any can join us to who just enjoy the game and like to have fun. We have TeamSpeak too. We welcome all to join us.

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