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    Post Looking for Veteran Ex - Guild Leaders

    Hello Folks!

    Im Ragnar, leader os GuildlessS Guild and im looking for ppl that have experience with leadership and with will/time to rebuild this guild.
    plz contact me for more info in case of interest.

    Ragnar D Lodbrok

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    Fair tidings, fellow adventurers!
    Out of Hodor (EU) is looking for active members!

    A Whiteside Ridge-based medium sized (90 members) casual guild made of battle-hardened veterans is on a hunt for new members. We focus primarily on PvE content (dungeons, guild missions, world events, nourishing our lvl 50+ guild hall, occasionally raids). Some of us enjoy a bit of PvP too. OoH (see what I did there, haha?), our members are kindly asked to represent OoH as much as possible. User-friendly environment guaranteed! What are you waiting for, then? JOIN US NOW BEFORE THE OFFER EXPIRES!!!!

    Officers to contact: Dammaris (GM), Whiteleaf Gawyn, Kandahla, Radova, Neriell Derpalot, Magic


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    Bold Defenders of Forgotten Myths [BDSM] a EU based guild are looking for members of all levels and experience,

    • Active and friendly community unlike other guild that pack in the numbers and has half the guild inactive we clear our list of member that haven't been on in a month,
    • we have recently started raid training for new raiders to get used to raids,
    • we also have a very useful website packed with all the information and tools we could think of,
    • Full Guild Buffs
    • Full WvW auras
    • Teamspeak 3 Voice Comms
    • Guild Arena
    • Guild Made Jumping puzzle
    • experienced members that are more then willing to help less experienced

    and much more

    feel free to /w me in game FoxLogan.8195
    or visit our site at

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    Any guild on the Ring of Fire server I would like to join one and would like help to understand the game better.

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    Any Aus/OCE Guilds/Servers still in this game? Getting back into it and looking for some peeps to play with.
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