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    Post Looking for Veteran Ex - Guild Leaders

    Hello Folks!

    Im Ragnar, leader os GuildlessS Guild and im looking for ppl that have experience with leadership and with will/time to rebuild this guild.
    plz contact me for more info in case of interest.

    Ragnar D Lodbrok

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    Fair tidings, fellow adventurers!
    Out of Hodor (EU) is looking for active members!

    A Whiteside Ridge-based medium sized (90 members) casual guild made of battle-hardened veterans is on a hunt for new members. We focus primarily on PvE content (dungeons, guild missions, world events, nourishing our lvl 50+ guild hall, occasionally raids). Some of us enjoy a bit of PvP too. OoH (see what I did there, haha?), our members are kindly asked to represent OoH as much as possible. User-friendly environment guaranteed! What are you waiting for, then? JOIN US NOW BEFORE THE OFFER EXPIRES!!!!

    Officers to contact: Dammaris (GM), Whiteleaf Gawyn, Kandahla, Radova, Neriell Derpalot, Magic


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    Bold Defenders of Forgotten Myths [BDSM] a EU based guild are looking for members of all levels and experience,

    • Active and friendly community unlike other guild that pack in the numbers and has half the guild inactive we clear our list of member that haven't been on in a month,
    • we have recently started raid training for new raiders to get used to raids,
    • we also have a very useful website packed with all the information and tools we could think of,
    • Full Guild Buffs
    • Full WvW auras
    • Teamspeak 3 Voice Comms
    • Guild Arena
    • Guild Made Jumping puzzle
    • experienced members that are more then willing to help less experienced

    and much more

    feel free to /w me in game FoxLogan.8195
    or visit our site at

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    Any guild on the Ring of Fire server I would like to join one and would like help to understand the game better.

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    Any Aus/OCE Guilds/Servers still in this game? Getting back into it and looking for some peeps to play with.
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    Trying out GW2 and liking what I'm seeing so far. Probably going to be purchasing it next paycheck or next month. Until then I'm F2P & looking for a home.

    -Character name: Plezurenpain
    -Race: lvl 25 Human ranger
    -Guild Type there looking for (Pve,pvp or RP) or all: PvE with some PvP aspects too
    -Server region: NA on the Jade Quarry world

    -Character name: Marbriance
    -Race: lvl 23 Sylvari Guardian

    Would love to find a guild that runs stuff together, is helpful, and possibly raids. I do plan on testing out PvP at some point but that's not a requirement for the guild to participate in.

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    Hi I'm jagakroski I'm recently new to GW2 and I am looking to join a guild. I have a lv80 Elementalist which I currently run WvWvW and dungeons regularly. I also have a necro which I am leveling currently. I'm looking for a casual guild and im on the server aborstone. I would like to regularly do events and contribute to the guild.


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    Balkan Hord [HORD] - je novi Balkanski guild koji ima cilj stvoriti zajednicu dobrih igrača u PvP, WvW, i Pve-u . Tražimo veterane i nove igrače željne izazova , osobno imamo iskustva u sva tri polja , a najviše u WvW i PvP a želimo i raditi organizirane Pve raidove.

    Ono što tažimo je :
    -Da imamo svi dobre buildove da ne budemo budale na kojima se svi lootaju
    -Imamo vlastit Discord koji koristimo za ogranizrane raidove (WvW,PVP,PVE) i za komunikaciju i zajebnciju
    -I da se naravno svi zabavimo i budemo što bolji jer svi znamo da je Balkan najjači

    Za sve informacije javite nam se u gejmu : mika.4523 , maro.2571 i brunar.3905

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    [PvE][WvW][GvG][PvX][Discord] The Dragon Core [DC] International [NA] guild is recruiting anyone

    Guild: The Dragon Core [DC]

    Guild Website:

    WvW Home World: Tarnished Coast – NA Server

    Focus: Laid Back International Guild to enjoying all aspects of the game, PvE, Guild Missions, Dungeons, Fractals, WvW and so on.

    We would like to grow to be a friendly and social guild where any can join us to who just enjoy the game and like to have fun.

    So all are welcome to join us.

    Rules are

    Represent the guild
    Honesty – Being truthful about what you say.
    Respectful – Respecting other people’s feelings
    Helpful – Being helpful to others in learning to command or playing the game.
    Listening – If someone request some help. At least be nice to try to help out or at least respond nicely saying cannot help out right now. Instead ignoring requests from others.
    We are looking for the following below

    We are looking for anyone anywhere around the world in all time zones of all classes, levels and game play to join the ranks of The Dragon Core [DC].

    We are also looking for WvW/GvG/PvP players interested in building a strong GvG/PvP core team.

    Around the clock WvW coverage support

    We will be looking for additional for the following below Co-Guild Leaders, Commanders and Officers

    Co-Guild Leaders - 2 more for better coverage for PvE, GvG and WvW events and help run the guild.
    Officers - 2 more for better coverage for PvE, GvG and WvW events and help run the guild.
    Commanders - 2 or more for better coverage for PvE, GvG and WvW events.
    For Guild Invite by doing one of the following below using your Guild Wars 2 ID.

    Guild Leader In-Game Contact: pointaction.4639 Either by in game mail or whisper or website

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    [Liar] Longtime Guild looking for friendly players. Over 10 Years active

    [Liar] was originally founded as a GW1 guild with a 10 year history and we are now expanding our roster for GW2. We are looking for friendly, teamwork-oriented gamers. We are a diverse group that strives to be inclusive of women, LGBT people, people with disabilities and people of all ethnic backgrounds.


    [Liar] seeks to create an open, social environment where people can play together and enjoy anything cooperative gaming has to offer, especially in Guild Wars 2. We seek active, genial people interested in meeting and playing with others rather than recruiting based on experience or hours played. We recruit from all stages of gaming experience including people playing through the game for the first time to those seeking advanced content. Whether you are new to the game, a gaming veteran, or returning from a break, you'll find a helpful guild at [Liar] dedicated to improving your social gaming experience.


    *Fractals at all Levels


    *PvP Dailies


    *Living Story and Current Event Achievements




    Our guild is centered around voice chat. We encourage everyone to come on and chat with each other while playing. Please have Discord installed and make sure it is working before applying. Please visit our discord.


    There are no experience or hour based requirements. All we ask is that applicants be 17+ years old, have the Discord app installed and running, and play on a North American server. We hope to see you soon!


    Visit our website at and click the "Apply Here!" button on the left to fill out the application.

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